Chapter 113: This Young Master Shall Trample on You One by One

I Am Overlord

The Gateflag Academy disciples were cheering happily when someone from the Martial Hall Palace suddenly jeered at them. Of course they couldn't take it. Over the years, the two parties had been fighting openly and maneuvering covertly against each other without being able to determine a clear victor.

Now, they had finally obtained a clear victory against the Martial Hall Palace. The Martial Hall Palace was supposed to lose the courage to remain prideful. But there seemed to still be someone who feared nothing among them. Was that person trying to court death?

"Boss, he said he's going to kill you with one finger. Will you take that lying down?" Xia Liuhui asked.

Xiang Shaoyun had an urge to slap this fellow to death. He was the one who had courted this trouble in the first place, but now he was shifting the trouble to him? But since his underling couldn't stand the Gateflag Academy's attitude, as the boss, he had to back his underling up.

Xiang Shaoyun stretched lazily and said, "Killing me with one finger? Ohhh, I'm sooo terrified!"

"If you are terrified, shut your mouth. Some words can't be easily said," a strong reply came from the other ship.

Luo Lin did not do anything and allowed his disciples to keep jeering at the Martial Hall Palace. A victory over the Martial Hall Palace like this was rare. They should savor it well.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to say something, Tan Guanghua looked at him and berated, "Stop messing around! Even in defeat, the Martial Hall Palace has the courage to accept it. What is the point of bickering like that?"

Xiang Shaoyun met Tan Guanghua's gaze and said, "Vice palace master, stay out of this. I am definitely going to teach them a lesson."

Acting like a reckless fool, Xiang Shaoyun first disrespected Tan Guanghua before pointing at Luo Lin. "Hey, old dog! After defeating us in a match you proposed on the spot, you are now hoping that the Martial Hall Palace will help you snatch a spot in the top 10?"

Luo Lin frowned and shouted, "Impudent! You dare scold me?"

Xiang Shaoyun rolled his sleeves up, placed both his hands on his hips, and shouted, "So what if I scold you? Old bastard, feel free to send all your disciples my way. I will trample over each and every one of them. Let me see how capable you are to dare dream of making the Martial Hall Palace obey your commands." 

That badly infuriated the Gateflag Academy. Their vice principal had been scolded openly like that, and this fellow was actually looking down on them that much. How could they bear with his insults?

"Vice principal, let me, La Liufeng, go teach him a lesson!" said a youngster. This was the same youngster who was shouting at Xia Liuhui earlier. This La Liufeng was none other than the youngster who had been scared away from the Hundred Beast Mountain Range by Xiang Shaoyun not long ago. The moment he laid eyes on Xiang Shaoyun, he had been thinking of a way to take his revenge. Now, an opportunity had arrived. He would not let it go.

"Ok. Just be sure to not kill him. Crippling him will do," Luo Lin said, fury on his face. He wanted nothing more than to personally slap this Xiang Shaoyun to death himself, but due to his status, doing that would embarrass him even more.

La Liufeng stepped forth, pointed at Xiang Shaoyun, and shouted, "Get your ass over here! You dare insult us? I, La Liufeng, shall trample all over you!" 

It had been a while since Xiang Shaoyun had last seen La Liufeng. This fellow had advanced to fourth-stage Astral Realm from first-stage Astral Realm. That was quite a fast growth.

Xiang Shaoyun dug his ear and said, "Why should I fight you? It's not like I stand to gain anything."

The moment he said that, the Gateflag Academy people started heckling at him again. They now had an impression that this guy was merely someone with a big mouth but was in fact a coward who did not dare to fight.

But that was not the case for the Martial Hall Palace people. They were clear how strong Xiang Shaoyun was. Just a few months ago, he had defeated Li Tianba who was an eighth-stage Astral Realm cultivator. Would someone like that be a coward?

Tan Guanghua was about to stop Xiang Shaoyun when Jie Shi started talking to him through voice transmission, "Just let him be. Maybe this will change things for the better."

Since Jie Shi was saying that, Tan Guanghua decided to not do anything as well. In any case, they had already lost the bet. They had nothing to lose now.

"Coward, what do you want? Feel free to say it! I will grant your wish!" La Liufeng shouted.

"So the Martial Hall Palace has to obey the Gateflag Academy after losing the bet earlier, right? Well, if you lose, just cancel that arrangement," Xiang Shaoyun replied.

"Impudent! That is something we have decided upon! How can we cancel it so lightly?" Luo Lin said unhappily. He then shot Tan Guanghua and Jie Shi a gaze. "Is this the kind of disciple the Martial Hall Palace breeds? Someone who would pester endlessly upon losing? If you are going to take defeat with such bad grace, you shouldn't have agreed on the bet in the first place." 

Before Tan Guanghua and Jie Shi could reply, Xiang Shaoyun's voice rang out again, "Old bastard, our vice palace master and first elder were simply trying to not embarrass you too much. If they had sent me out earlier, none of you guys would be my match. What? You don't believe that? Fine, I'll allow him to fight me with three of his other fellow apprentices!"

Xiang Shaoyun was behaving like an ignorant but reckless fool, giving his opponents an impression that he was just an idiot. Did he not see a Transformation Realm expert among the Gateflag Academy disciples? He still dared to brag like that? It would seem like there were no limits to how much a person could brag. But one had to admit that those words of Xiang Shaoyun’s were very effective at infuriating the Gateflag Academy’s people.

"That kid is too cocky! Not only is he scolding our vice principal, he is also provoking all of us! I can't stand him anymore!"

"Vice principal, agree to it! We shall torture him to death! That will show him!"

"Yeah! We need to teach him a good lesson. We can't allow someone like that to get even more cocky!"

"We have already defeated their three strongest disciples anyway. There is no need to bear with this kid's insults. Let me go out and crush him!"

The Gateflag Academy disciples started shouting in rage, each of them wishing nothing more than to rip Xiang Shaoyun apart. At this moment, Lu Xiaoqing arrived beside Xiang Shaoyun and said anxiously, "Shaoyun, don't let your emotions get to your head!"

"Step aside. There is nothing scary about them," Xiang Shaoyun said. He then gave the Gateflag Academy people his middle-finger before saying, "Come! Come if you dare! I, Xiang Shaoyun, shall allow you to send anyone you want against me. If I get myself killed, the Martial Hall Palace will definitely not further pursue this matter. But if I win, cancel the agreement earlier."

"Fine, you said so yourself. Don't blame us if you get killed!" Luo Lin said.

He could see that Xiang Shaoyun was merely a seventh-stage Astral Realm cultivator. Even if he could punch above his weight, he would at most be able to match someone at the eighth stage. There was nothing to fear.

"Come and face your death!" La Liufeng hopped onto a plank impatiently and shouted while pointing at Xiang Shaoyun.

Luo Lin couldn't even stop him in time. Thus, he could only sigh inwardly, Liufeng is a disciple with decent prospects. It will be beneficial for him to be taught a lesson, I guess. In any case, that big-mouthed kid has personally allowed us to pick anyone we want to send against him anyway. One defeat won't matter to us.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to jump off the ship, Gong Qinyin suddenly appeared beside him and said, "If you can cancel the agreement, I will consider the grudge between us over."

Earlier, Gong Qinyin wanted to step forth and do battle as well. But she was only at the seventh stage. Even with her trump cards, she would only be able to fight a ninth-stage Astral Realm cultivator, not a Transformation Realm cultivator. Xiang Shaoyun's courage to put his life on the line had caused her to look at him in a new light.

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