Chapter 115: The Boss Is Undefeated

I Am Overlord

Lin Yuan's heavy attack was suffused with a large amount of astral energy that flooded the space above Xiang Shaoyun with green radiance, not giving Xiang Shaoyun any chance of surviving the attack. Everyone was curious if Xiang Shaoyun could survive such an attack that was crushing down on him like a mountain.

The Martial Hall Palace disciples grew anxious when they saw the attack. They stared at the ongoing battle with their eyes wide, praying that Xiang Shaoyun would survive. Facing the incoming saber, Xiang Shaoyun's eyes turned sharp as well. He shouted and drew his Golden Wolf Sword before meeting the saber with his sword.

Cling! Clank!

A series of sparks were created in the air, and the impact created numerous ripples on the river’s surface. After his attack was blocked, Lin Yuan did not continue attacking. Rather, he did a somersault midair and landed on the other plank. Upon landing on the plank, he controlled the plank and glided across the water toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Sky Blinding Woods!

Lin Yuan was indeed worthy of being one of the top three young geniuses of the Gateflag Academy. The moment he attacked, he unleashed an earth-shattering might. He swung his saber, sending out a boundless saber energy that proceeded to form an entire forest large enough to block out the sunlight, not allowing even a ray of sunlight to pass.

From this, it was clear he possessed enough strength to face any peak Astral Realm cultivator. Those with cultivation levels lower than Lin Yuan’s would not dare to easily take on this attack of his.

On the ship, Luo Lin nodded. He could almost see Xiang Shaoyun's defeat already. As for the Martial Hall Palace people, they all stared at the ongoing battle nervously, not willing to miss any detail of it.

However, what they saw wasn't as exciting as they had expected. Facing the attack, Xiang Shaoyun's eyes grew in power as two lightning currents shot out of them. The trajectory of Lin Yuan's attack was bared before his eyes. Also shown to his eyes were the tiny openings in the attack.

"Break!" Xiang Shaoyun crouched slightly before thrusting his sword forward.

The sword was launched from an extremely tricky angle that made it hard for others to even see where the attack had come from.


The stab wasn't aimed at Lin Yuan's vitals. Rather, it was aimed at the incoming saber and shifted its trajectory, causing the attack to instead strike the river.


The attack created a spectacular wave of over 10 meters long that crushed forward. After the stab, Xiang Shaoyun followed up with a kick.

Gale Winds Kick!

This was a first-grade battle technique, but when used by Xiang Shaoyun, the attack moved at lightning speed and struck Lin Yuan before he could even react. Lin Yuan was strong but not strong enough for Xiang Shaoyun. Like the two before him, he fell into the river.

"No! That is not possible!" Luo Lin cried out in shock.

"Well done! Well done!" Tan Guanghua and Jie Shi shouted at the same time.

They were aware that Xiang Shaoyun was an extraordinary person who even managed to obtain Elder Zhen Peng as his follower. But they had never expected that Xiang Shaoyun had actually been hiding so much strength. If they had sent him out in the start, things wouldn't have gotten so bad for them. Fortunately, it seemed like there was a chance to reverse their defeat after all.

"My boss is amazing! My boss is undefeated!" Xia Liuhui started cheering in excitement, as if Xiang Shaoyun's victory was his own victory.

"Shaoyun is great!" Lu Xiaoqing said, her eyes filled with emotions. At the same time, the bitterness in her heart deepened. What she saw only proved that the gap between her and Xiang Shaoyun had only grown. What should she do?

Even Gong Qinyin was looking at Xiang Shaoyjn in a different light as she thought, Is master correct that my talent is incomparable to his?

Once again, Xiang Shaoyun fixed his gaze on Fang Qing'er with a perverse light in his eyes. "Girl, come on down here. They are too useless. It doesn't matter how many of them come, the result will be the same."

"I, Liao Hao, shall be your opponent!" offered the youth who had defeated Lu Yanchao earlier before Fang Qing'er could give a reply.

"Senior Brother Liao, let me help you!" offered a different youth. Apart from the two, a third person also stepped forward and joined in without saying anything.

"Hey, this is too shameless, Gateflag Academy," the youths of Martial Hall Palace started complaining resentfully.

"He was the one who told us to send everyone we want," Luo Lin replied.

Tan Guanghua and Jie Shi both remained silent. They focused on Xiang Shaoyun, trying to ascertain if he had any way out of this. This time, he would have to face three opponents at once. On top of that, he had to battle on water. That would not be easy at all.

"Oh? Finally, more of you are willing to come. Alright, time for you guys to piss off as well," Xiang Shaoyun roared; a trace of solemness covered his face, and his voice rumbled on like a fearsome thunderclap. At the same time, the projections of a dragon and a tiger appeared midair.

When his three opponents sensed his terrifying presence, they were immediately assailed by a stifling sensation stopping all the attacks they were just about to launch. Xiang Shaoyun took this chance and attacked, swinging his Golden Wolf Sword around and causing blood to spray everywhere.


Splash! Splash! Splash!

Three miserable wails rang out in the air as the three fell into the river. Everyone sank into silence once again. Their eyes were wide open in shock, as if their eyeballs were going to pop out soon. Nobody had expected that Xiang Shaoyun would be able to so easily defeat the three opponents before sending them into the river.

They felt like they were dreaming. More importantly, the presence Xiang Shaoyun emanated during that moment gave them an urge to kneel before him. That was something they found hard to believe.

"Splendid!" Tan Guanghua called out gleefully.

By his side, Jie Shi was filled with joy as well. Words could no longer portray his current joy. As for Ye Tianlong who had always disliked Xiang Shaoyun, he felt extremely uncomfortable, as if he had just swallowed a fly.

That damnable power of presence! Ye Tianlong cursed inwardly.

Wu Mingyang from the Wu Clan also similarly hated Xiang Shaoyun. Even though Xiang Shaoyun was currently winning glory for the Martial Hall Palace, it only served to increase his desire to see Xiang Shaoyun dead.

If I can't think of a way to kill him, in the future, the Wu Clan will suffer, Wu Mingyang thought gloomily.

"Trash! You are all useless!" Luo Lin was fuming.

He had never expected that this kid would be so powerful, capable of using the power of presence only those at the Transformation Realm and above could use. There was even a chance that this kid was in fact a Transformation Realm cultivator. He was confused as to why the Martial Hall Palace hadn’t sent this kid out in the first place. Was this some sort of trick? Were they planning to let their opponent taste joy before desperation?

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