Chapter 116: I'll Blush

I Am Overlord

Naturally, Tan Guanghua and Jie Shi were unaware of the conclusion Luo Lin had reached. In fact, they were currently filled with regret. An extraordinary youth like Xiang Shaoyun was right there, but they had sent three other disciples out only to be humiliated. Were they blind? If Xiang Shaoyun had not insisted on challenging the Gateflag Academy, this confrontation would have ended with their complete defeat. Fortunately, Xiang Shaoyun was now standing there trampling his opponents, defeating several Gateflag Academy disciples in a row, and filling their hearts with satisfaction.

"Girl, are you coming or not? Do you want me to go up there instead?" Xiang Shaoyun started heckling again.

Fang Qing'er nodded before lightly stepping on the floor, gracefully fluttering off the ship and landing on the river. Instead of standing on a plank, she directly stood steadily on the water. This was also an ability only available to those at the Transformation Realm and above.

Fang Qing'er was not even a regular first-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. She was already in the second stage. Xiang Shaoyun was able to see that much. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to so easily defeat Mo Zhu and Chen Xin.

"After comprehending the power of presence, it won't be hard for you to break through into the Transformation Realm in the future. Unfortunately, you are showing off too much. Do you want to join the Gateflag Academy? I will grant you a chance to be my follower," Fang Qing'er offered nonchalantly.

Her charm was indeed enough to captivate numerous young men. But Xiang Shaoyun was no ordinary young man. He had a heart of steel, and he was also a person with a wide worldly experience. Fang Qing'er was not enough to captivate his mind.

"Haha, I offered to make you my maidservant, and you offered to make me your follower. Why don’t we make a bet? If I lose, I will be your follower and will obey all your commands. If you lose, you shall be my maidservant. What do you think?" Xiang Shaoyun laughed heartily.

Everyone was filled with doubt when they heard this, Is Xiang Shaoyun even stronger than Fang Qing'er?

"Qing'er, ignore his provocation. He is only trying to disturb your mind. He won't be your match. Just get it over with," Luo Lin said. No matter how he looked at it, Xiang Shaoyun was a mere seventh-stage Astral Realm cultivator. He refused to believe Fang Qing'er would suffer defeat here.

Fang Qing'er stared at Xiang Shaoyun and said solemnly, "If you lose, be my servant."

Having said that, she dashed toward Xiang Shaoyun. Stepping on water, her lithe figure moved like a water fairy, and her palm shot out toward Xiang Shaoyun's chest with lightning speed. With her astonishingly fast attack, one ought to acknowledge that she was worthy of her identity as a Transformation Realm cultivator.

Even though Xiang Shaoyun had stayed vigilant all the while, the attack still nearly hit him. He quickly slanted his body to the side to barely dodge the attack. Even so, the cloth on his chest was still ripped apart.

"What an unruly girl. You're actually ripping my clothes off in public? I will let you know that I am not a loose person," Xiang Shaoyun replied seriously.

At first, Fang Qing'er was unaffected by his words. Just as she was about to follow up with another attack, she heard his final sentence and was so infuriated she almost fell into the river from her anger.

"If you insist, we can get a room. I will let you rip my clothes to your heart's content there. I'm too shy to do it in public like this. In fact, I'll blush!" Xiang Shaoyun said bashfully as he pulled some distance from her. This time, not only Fang Qing'er was infuriated, even the people on both ships were commenting on Xiang Shaoyun’s shamelessness.

"I hope your actual strength is comparable to the prowess of your mouth," Fang Qing'er said as she stamped the water. She spun in midair and sent kick after kick toward Xiang Shaoyun. Her attacks crashed forward with an imposing momentum, creating numerous ripples in the water.

Such continuous attacks weren't something ordinary Astral Realm cultivators should be able to stop. With Fang Qing'er attacking at full power, Xiang Shaoyun could no longer stay as calm. His eyes focused, and he steadied his footing before repeatedly punching the air before him.

Bang! Bang!

Punches and kicks met again and again, causing muffled sounds to ring out repeatedly as two different astral energies spread throughout the battlefield. The impact forced Xiang Shaoyun to step backward repeatedly; his figure swayed on the plank, as if he was going to fall into the river soon.

"Time for your defeat!" Fang Qing'er bellowed and released her presence, which then pressed down upon Xiang Shaoyun. Even as she did so, she did not stop sending kick after kick.

Attacking with physical attacks and presence at the same time was an ability unique to Transformation Realm cultivators. Facing a two pronged attack, Xiang Shaoyun still maintained his calm. After all, Fang Qing'er's presence was completely ineffective against him. He was only busy thinking of a proper way to completely overwhelm the girl.

No matter how fast Fang Qing'er kicked, Xiang Shaoyun's fist would be there. Even facing the strength of a second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator head on, he still appeared relaxed. Everyone started to suspect that Xiang Shaoyun was already a Transformation Realm cultivator.

"How is that possible? How is that possible? That kid is obviously only a seventh-stage Astral Realm cultivator. How can he block Qing'er's attack?" Luo Lin was incomparably shocked.

On the other hand, Tan Guanghua and Jie Shi were already bursting with joy. Xiang Shaoyun was a super dark horse surpassing all expectations. 

After a series of failed attacks, Fang Qing'er finally retreated and pulled open a gap between her and Xiang Shaoyun. She stared at him with her unblinking eyes, her heart no longer calm.

"Keep it coming, girl. You are quite strong. In fact, I was nearly sent off the plank earlier," Xiang Shaoyun said. If he hadn't undergone the cleansing of lightning, granting him a valiant body, he would not have a combat prowess comparable to that of a Transformation Realm cultivator. That was his ultimate trump card, his true strength.

"Your combat power is indeed surprising, but you are still not my opponent," Fang Qing'er praised before she unleashed her next round of attacks. This time, she did not fight Xiang Shaoyun in melee range. Rather, she palmed at the empty air repeatedly, creating numerous waves on the river. The waves then combined to form a massive tidal wave that roiled forth toward Xiang Shaoyun.

The massive amount of water blocked Xiang Shaoyun's vision. At the same time, a massive power was hidden within the wave, making it an attack difficult for Xiang Shaoyun to block.

Xiang Shaoyun controlled his plank and moved farther away before his palm shot out and dispersed the wave crashing down at him. The wave was completely dispersed, but Fang Qing'er was nowhere to be seen.

"Time for you to lose!" Fang Qing'er had unknowingly appeared behind Xiang Shaoyun, her slender sword slashing down toward Xiang Shaoyun. It turned out the wave attack was merely a distraction. This was her actual attack.

"Shit!" Xiang Shaoyun also understood he had been tricked.

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