Chapter 117: Surrender, Girl

I Am Overlord

If this was on land, Xiang Shaoyun would have many methods at his disposal to dodge the attack coming from behind him. But here on a floating plank, he was completely helpless. But that did not mean he would be defeated just like this. Just as Fang Qing'er's sword was about to strike him, lightning energy surged out of his body to form a lightning barrier that protected his entire body. He had actually given shape to his energy and formed a barrier!


Fang Qing'er's sword struck the barrier covering Xiang Shaoyun's back, sending him flying. His foot seemed to be stuck on the plank, as the plant remained under his foot even as he streaked through the air. After flying a long distance, he finally landed back on the river with the plank beneath him, his figure swaying about, having barely avoided falling into the river.


Xiang Shaoyun was still injured, however, as he coughed up a mouthful of blood after landing. That was due to him erecting his barrier too late. If he had erected it earlier, he wouldn't have been injured. He only had himself to blame for being overconfident. As for how he had managed to give shape to his energy when this was supposed to only be doable by those in the Transformation Realm, the story started during the time he had first returned from the Hundred Beast Mountain Range.

After he had returned from the Hundred Beast Mountain Range, Xiang Shaoyun was at the seventh stage with combat prowess comparable to those in the Transformation Realm. His offensive power was already comparable to a Transformation Realm cultivator, but his defensive power was far weaker. Thus, he had been in secluded cultivation trying to give shape to his energy as well.

After all, he was not a regular Astral Realm cultivator. He was blessed with the innate purple lightning, and his first star was filled with lightning energy. His physical body was also extremely powerful after his rebirth. He was comparable to Transformation Realm cultivators in every aspect.

To give shape to his energy, he had to activate the lightning energy within his body and form a resonance between the lightning energy and his 360 acupoints, controlling the energy to swirl around his body. With that, he would be able to give shape to his energy and form his own energy barrier. That was easy to say but not easy to do.

Xiang Shaoyun was only able to do that after spending an entire month trying, which nobody was aware of. If it wasn't for the sake of Martial Hall Palace's honor, he wouldn't have revealed it today.

"Transformation Realm! Xiang Shaoyun is also a Transformation Realm cultivator! How is he growing so fast? Half a year ago, he was still a third-stage Basic Realm cultivator!" a disciple cried out in alarm.

"This is too crazy! It has only been half a year, and he has advanced by two realms? Is his physique really only a five-star physique? I feel like he is more likely to have a six-star physique instead."

"No matter what, he is the pride of the Martial Hall Palace. Perhaps he can really reverse the situation for us."

"Don't get too excited. His opponent is no pushover either. We still don't know yet who will win."


"Transformation Realm? That is not possible! Why is he emitting only the aura of a seventh-stage Astral Realm cultivator? Is he some super genius capable of comprehending the power of presence and giving shape to his energy at the Astral Realm?" Luo Lin muttered to himself in shock. He felt like he was having difficulty thinking right now. He found that he couldn't be sure what this kid's cultivation level was anymore.

Even Tan Guanghua and Jie Shi were just as confused. On the river, Fang Qing'er's eyes were filled with excitement as she dashed along the river toward Xiang Shaoyun. She was getting excited after finally meeting an opponent she could fight with her full power.

"What an interesting little girl. I am definitely making you my maid." Xiang Shaoyun's battle intent started surging as well when he sensed Fang Qing'er's excitement. A purple aura swirled around him, and the projections of a purple dragon and a tiger appeared around him as his kingly presence roiled out.

"Surrender, girl," Xiang Shaoyun shouted. Then, he stepped forth, crushing the plank beneath him. He was stepping on water as he dashed toward Fang Qing'er.

After reaching the Transformation Realm, people would be able to start using the lightness skill. The so-called lightness skill was in fact a method of coursing one's energy through the 365 acupoints, activating one's energy so as to make one as light as a cloud, leaving no footsteps even when stepping on snow.

With that ability, one would be able to float slightly and even jump higher as well. This was part of what set Transformation Realm cultivators apart from those in earlier realms. At this level, one could be considered to have finally become a proper cultivator. Since Xiang Shaoyun had already exposed his strength, he decided to stop messing around. His kingly presence crashed down at Fang Qing'er like a berserk hurricane.

Fang Qing'er had a sudden sensation that Xiang Shaoyun had transformed into a king. The majesty he was emanating gave her an urge to immediately bow before him. Fortunately, she was someone with firm willpower. She unleashed her own presence and was barely able to suppress the urge to bow. She then shouted as energy rippled out of her body, and she slashed with her sword, unleashing the most extraordinary attack she had unleashed thus far.

Clear Sky Expanse!

Instantly, it was as if ten million swords had appeared, all thrusting straight forward. The dazzling swords seemed to have destroyed everything in the air, creating an expanse of clear sky.

The power erupting from her caused all the disciples to open their mouths wide in shock. They could clearly sense the might of this attack and that it was seemingly unstoppable. Everyone doubted if Xiang Shaoyun could even survive it.

Golden Wolf Sword Technique!

Facing this attack, Xiang Shaoyun did not retreat. He mustered all his power and raised his Golden Wolf Sword as he faced Fang Qing'er's attack head on. His sword energy shot out and transformed into a golden wolf. A vicious aura started spreading as the wolf crashed into Fang Qing'er's sword attacks.

This was a wolf king, a mighty and powerful wolf king. With pure strength, it crushed every single sword energy it encountered. It was at this moment that Fang Qing'er could no longer resist the kingly presence and was sent into a retreat. She coughed out a mouthful of blood which sprayed all over the river before her body finally started sinking into the river.

Just as she started sinking, a figure darted over, wrapped his arm around her slender waist, and stopped her from sinking into the water. Fang Qing'er looked up, and a handsome face entered her vision. When she looked into the pair of eyes as captivating as the milky way, she was momentarily stunned.

"You sure smell good. If you fall into the water, you will only be giving those bastards a free show. I can not allow that," said Xiang Shaoyun after taking a deep breath.

One ought to acknowledge that Fang Qing'er was really good looking and also had a good figure. In fact, her beauty was totally comparable to Gong Qinyin’s, with the two each beautiful in their own way. The crowd from both ships were stunned as they witnessed what was happening. Never had they expected that Fang Qing'er would be defeated just like that.

They had also not expected that Xiang Shaoyun would actually arrive and save her right before she fell into the water like a Prince Charming. The sight of the two standing on the river with Xiang Shaoyun's arm around her waist looked like a scene out of a beautiful painting. After a momentary stun, the young men of Gateflag Academy fumed.

"Release Senior Sister Fang, or I will kill you!"

"This kid deserves death! He dares to touch Senior Sister Fang? She is my goddess!"

"Damn it! Senior Sister Fang has been defeated? No, this is not real!"

"Release Senior Sister Fang, or I will fight you to the death!"

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