Chapter 122: Hunting Gold Serpentine Crocodiles

I Am Overlord

I need to end this quickly, thought Xiang Shaoyun. At that thought, he started using his unique footwork to travel amid the five gold serpentine crocodiles, slashing his Golden Wolf Sword left and right as he dashed in their midst.

Golden Wolf Sword Technique! Full power!

When a cultivator flawlessly executed a battle technique, the might of the battle technique would be further amplified. Sword energies streaked across the air accompanied by wolf howls, and the severed heads of all five gold serpentine crocodiles went flying.

But after unleashing the attack, the Golden Wolf Sword was also completely destroyed. The gold serpentine crocodile's skin and flesh were too tough for the sword. If it wasn't for Xiang Shaoyun's strength, the sword wouldn't be able to even penetrate their skin. Thus, severing the heads of the gold serpentine crocodiles became the Golden Wolf Sword's final mission.

Right this moment, an even larger gold serpentine crocodile arrived. This gold serpentine crocodile did not attack the moment it arrived like the other gold serpentine crocodiles. Instead, it fixed its eyes on Xiang Shaoyun and stuck out its tongue every now and then like a snake. It studied Xiang Shaoyun as if it was aware he was a powerful opponent that it shouldn't lightly attack.

When Xiang Shaoyun's gaze landed on the gold serpentine crocodile, it even started retreating. It would seem like it had no intention of battling Xiang Shaoyun.

"Hey, don't run. You're my dinner!" Xiang Shaoyun darted forward and stabbed his broken Golden Wolf Sword at the gold serpentine crocodile.

Other disciples would flee without a second thought when encountering a gold serpentine crocodile at the Great Demon level. But instead of fleeing, Xiang Shaoyun was instead pursuing the beast. This was the result of the difference in their strength.


When Xiang Shaoyun's sword struck the gold serpentine crocodile, he failed to penetrate the beast's skin, and a loud clang rang out. This gold serpentine crocodile's skin was even more durable than even a tier-3 weapon, causing Xiang Shaoyun's broken sword to break again.

In its pain, the gold serpentine crocodile counterattacked and spat a golden beam at Xiang Shaoyun. Xiang Shaoyun flipped his body and stepped to the other side of the gold serpentine crocodile's body before striking out with his fist.

Lightning Bolt Fist!

Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation with this fist technique had reached the mid stage. His fist shot out, carrying with it the power of his innate purple lightning, and created an explosion when the fist landed. The electrical currents burned the gold serpentine crocodile's skin black. The gold serpentine crocodile wailed and twitched in pain, creating a mess of its immediate surroundings.

Xiang Shaoyun was not going to spare this gold serpentine crocodile. He went behind the crocodile, hugged its tail, and started slamming the gold serpentine crocodile around.

Bang! Bang!

Xiang Shaoyun repeatedly slammed the crocodile onto the nearby boulders, killing the crocodile ruthlessly. With the death of a Great Demon, his points grew again. In only two days, he had already accumulated 660 points. This was a speed not many disciples could compare to.

After killing the gold serpentine crocodile, he did not continue traveling. Rather, he stopped and roasted the gold serpentine crocodile. He had exhausted a large amount of energy today. It was time for some replenishment.

After Xiang Shaoyun finished eating the gold serpentine crocodile, he found with astonishment that within his body, strains of metal energy were streaming into his stars. Although they were extremely thin strains, they were incomparably pure. With his inner gaze ability, he was able to see everything clearly.

This is not the first gold serpentine crocodile I’ve eaten, but this has never happened before. So only gold serpentine crocodiles at the Great Demon level will create such pure metal energy? Xiang Shaoyun pondered.

Although these strains of metal energy were very thin, they still replenished a sizable chunk of his energy. They had also increased the intimacy between him and the metal element.

Demonic beast meats are capable of increasing one's vitality. But this is the first time I have ever sensed flowing energy from consuming beast meat, Xiang Shaoyun continued pondering as his mind wandered to the rumors he had heard about the Golden River Valley’s secret. That secret must be related to the large number of gold serpentine crocodiles here as well.

He gazed at Little White and found that Little White was enjoying the meal as much as he was. Evidently, Little White had sensed the strains of metal energy too. He recalled what Little White had said earlier. This was a place where Little White had sensed an intimate aura. Perhaps a fortuitous encounter was waiting for him somewhere in the Golden River Valley.

Xiang Shaoyun sat cross-legged in meditation, pushing his cultivation level to the completion of seventh-stage Astral Realm. At this point, he could break through at any time he wanted. But he still suppressed his breakthrough and continued building his foundation. Rushing was never a good thing. 

The next day, he got Little White to swallow the gold orchid. He wanted to help Little White grow quickly as well. Currently, Little White was already a Great Demon and was no weaker than Xiang Shaoyun.

But for Xiang Shaoyun, that was far from enough. He wanted to help Little White become a Demon King as soon as possible. At that time, he would be able to soar through the skies just by riding Little White. Traveling would be much easier then. Little White did not bother holding back when Xiang Shaoyun gave him the gold orchid. He required a large amount of energy to grow, and the gold orchid was indeed very useful for him.

Xiang Shaoyun resumed his travel, and the deeper he went, the more gold serpentine crocodiles he met. Moreover, the gold serpentine crocodiles he encountered were getting stronger as well, slowing his advance considerably. He had a sensation that he was heading to a gold serpentine crocodile lair. Even so, he did not regret his choice. Only bitter battles would properly temper him.

Three days later, Xiang Shaoyun had accumulated 2,500 points. This was his gain from slaughtering a large number of Great Demon gold serpentine crocodiles. His body was riddled with wounds while his clothings were completely soaked with blood.

If it wasn't for the king-grade inner armor he was wearing, he would have died long ago. The gold serpentine crocodiles were no pushovers. They had fearsome defenses and violent attacks. Any carelessness when facing them would result in death.

Today, even Little White was forced to join in on the battle. When Little White enlarged his body, he looked mighty and formidable and was no less fearsome than the gold serpentine crocodiles. He could be seen darting about as he battled the gold serpentine crocodiles he encountered, his body emanating a violent aura.

Just like that, three tier-3 (Great Demon) gold serpentine crocodiles were bitten to death by Little White. Despite his victory, his body was riddled with wounds. Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun was no longer fighting bare handed, and had just severed the heads of two other Great Demons with his Overlord Skyslaying Saber before retreating with Little White. He was clear that if he continued advancing, he would most likely encounter late-stage Great Demons.

Yes, Xiang Shaoyun wanted to temper himself and obtain the hidden fortuitous encounter, but he was also certain that staying alive was more important than anything else. Both he and Little White hid at a concealed spot and started healing themselves with their backs to a boulder.

Both of them were currently in terrible conditions. If they were ambushed right now, things would get troublesome. But instead of some gold serpentine crocodiles, disciples of a different academy found him instead.

"Hehe, found you. You are truly quite capable, huh? You can reach this deep in the valley?" a sinister voice rang out.

Because of his injuries, Xiang Shaoyun had been paying close attention to his surroundings. Even so, this person had been able to arrive without him noticing it. That proved how good this newcomer was at concealment.

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