Chapter 123: Forced Into an Impasse

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun and Little White both stared at the newcomers vigilantly. It was already clear they had not come with friendly intentions. When Xiang Shaoyun finally got a good look at the newcomers, he found that he knew none of them.

"Are you sure you got the right person?" Xiang Shaoyun asked calmly.

There were seven of them, and all of them had mighty cultivation levels. Two of them were already in the Transformation Realm. As for the other five, even the weakest was an eighth-stage Astral Realm cultivator. In the Battle of Towns, such a group could already be considered an extremely powerful group. Xiang Shaoyun studied them carefully and was sure he had never seen these people before.

"It's fine if you don't know who we are. You only need to hand over your jade plate and break your own legs, and we will be done here," said the person who had spoken earlier.

The speaker was a youth dressed in black. He had a robust body and a ruthless expression on his face. After he spoke, he waved his hand and ordered the people around him to move on Xiang Shaoyun.

They were clearly here to rob him without giving him any explanation. Xiang Shaoyun could see that these people were not about to spare him. He naturally couldn't sit there and allow them to do whatever they wanted even if he was currently badly injured.

"Let me pluck his head off his body," said a young man. Eager to perform, he moved ahead of his companions. Dashing forward, he swung his pair of scythes straight at Xiang Shaoyun's neck.

Double Dragon's Feast!

He was attacking to kill, not intending to spare Xiang Shaoyun at all. Xiang Shaoyun did not do anything. Little White was the one who jumped forth to face the incoming attack.


Little White thunderous roar rumbled out and stunned the attacker with a shocking soundwave. Then, Little White's merciless paw clawed the attacker's chest, digging a chunk of flesh off the chest to reveal the bones and internal organs within.

"AHHHH!" With a miserable wail, the young man died.

"Bastard! Everyone, attack together!" the youth in black cried out. After giving the command, he dashed forth and led the attack. He was a Transformation Realm cultivator. Although he was only at the first stage, his cultivation was enough to let him defeat many disciples in the competition.

Like a nimble snake, his black sword pierced through the air straight toward Xiang Shaoyun's neck. At the same time, the other Transformation Realm cultivator also slashed his blade at Xiang Shaoyun. The other four cultivators surrounded Xiang Shaoyun and Little White, preventing any escape.

"I don't care who you are. Since you want to die that much, I'll grant you your wish," Xiang Shaoyun roared. Ignoring the pain all over his body, he drew his Overlord Skyslaying Saber and raised it, the saber erupting with the power of innate purple lightning.


The saber attack arrived like a sudden lightning bolt from a clear sky with an unstoppable might. The youth in black was greatly shaken by this attack, but he was still a Transformation Realm cultivator. Clenching his teeth, he pressed on and faced the attack. He felt terrible after meeting the attack head on.

The innate purple lightning was terrifyingly powerful and directly burned his entire body black. He was sent flying far away before crashing on the ground. Even on the ground, his entire body twitched repeatedly, looking extremely sorry.

The two companions beside the youth in black were scared shitless by what they saw. Just as the two were distracted, a purple trail streaked across the air, followed by two severed heads.

After killing the two, Xiang Shaoyun clenched his teeth and was about to continue attacking the youth in black when a fresh fountain of blood burst out of an old wound on his arm. He nearly dropped his saber in pain. Forcing himself to fight at full power had worsened his injuries. These were the injuries he had sustained when killing gold serpentine crocodiles. If he kept on fighting, he would be in an even worse condition.

"Little White, let's leave," Xiang Shaoyun said.

Little White wasn't any better off than Xiang Shaoyun. He bit a head off one of the attackers before jumping back to Xiang Shaoyun. The two then fled.

"Damn it! He is already so injured yet is still so powerful. No wonder the Gateflag Academy people are willing to pay to have him killed. They won't be able to run far. You, stay behind and look after them. I'll chase after them," said the other Transformation Realm cultivator that was still uninjured.

He left the other uninjured person behind to look after the others while he went after Xiang Shaoyun alone. The reason he went after them was because of the heavy injuries Xiang Shaoyun and Little White had sustained. If he was able to kill Xiang Shaoyun, not only would he obtain Xiang Shaoyun's points, he would even obtain the reward Gateflag Academy was offering for Xiang Shaoyun's head.

Xiang Shaoyun's vitals were protected by his king-grade armor, but his four limbs were badly injured. His aura was growing increasingly unstable, as he could no longer suppress his cultivation base, which was trying hard to rush into the eighth stage. But this was not the time for a breakthrough.

"You won't be able to escape!" shouted the young man hot on his tail.

A short while later, Xiang Shaoyun arrived at the edge of a deep canyon that was more than 10 meters wide. It was also so deep the bottom couldn't be seen. With his injuries, it was impossible to jump over the canyon. As if to make matters worse, he could see gold serpentine crocodiles in his immediate vicinity, blocking all other paths. This left him with nowhere to go.

"Hehe, run, keep running. Why are you not running anymore?" the Transformation Realm cultivator smiled gleefully.

At present, the gold serpentine crocodiles were attacking Xiang Shaoyun and Little White. Because the Transformation Realm cultivator had arrived later, the gold serpentine crocodiles ignored him.

He was in no rush to attack. Rather, he stood there waiting for the gold serpentine crocodiles to further injure Xiang Shaoyun and Little White. If Xiang Shaoyun and Little White were outright killed, it would be even better.

To his disappointment, Xiang Shaoyun and Little White were still fighting on valiantly and were able to kill the gold serpentine crocodiles attacking them. But because of the battle, their injuries worsened.

One of Xiang Shaoyun's arms had a fractured bone while the other had a long wound on it. Both his legs were filled with bloody cavities, and his entire person was soaked red with blood, looking to be in an extremely terrible shape.

Propping himself up with the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, he kept his back straight and stared at the young man that was leisurely walking toward him. Numerous expressions flitted through his eyes.

" only...question is...which academy are you from? Why are you after me?" Xiang Shaoyun spoke with great difficulty.

"You are already a dead man. What is the point of telling you?" the young man sneered.

"Sure, come on then. We shall see who is the actual dead man," Xiang Shaoyun said, a ruthless glint surfacing in his eyes.

By his side, Little White was also roaring furiously. But his injuries were even worse than Xiang Shaoyun's. He couldn't even stand anymore.

"Haha, fine, you are going to die anyway. I'll let you know. You are going to die in the hands of Sun Songli." The young man roared with laughter before darting forward. He attacked with his full power.

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