Chapter 130: White Tiger Demonic Soul

I Am Overlord

Within the cave.

This place was still filled with vicious gold aura that swirled about without stop. Each strain of this aura was capable of slicing apart even the defense of a King Realm cultivator. Thus, nobody could enter the cave.

Beneath all the vicious gold aura was an empty space. It almost felt like someone had created this space using the vicious gold aura as its natural borders. Within the space, a massive skeleton lay on the ground. The skeleton was a few dozen meters long and more than 10 meters tall. It had the shape of a tiger, evidently the remains of a demonic tiger that had been dead for an unknown amount of time.

On the forehead of the skeleton was a bead as large as two adult human heads. The bead was currently emitting rays of golden radiance. This was a demonic core, an extremely large demonic core.

Generally, a regular Demon King's demonic core would be as large as half a fist. As for this demonic core here, it was more than 10 times larger than that. This alone served as proof of how fearsome this demonic tiger was when it was alive.

Currently, the skeleton seemed to have turned alive. The projection of a tiger was hovering above it as if it was the dead tiger’s soul. The projection seemed to have appeared from within the demonic core. In truth, this was the soul of the demonic core. Humans had human souls while demonic beasts had demonic souls, and the demonic core was where a demonic soul resided.

The soul was in the form of a massive white tiger. On its forehead was a golden "king" character (王). The "king" character was so very dazzling, the tiger eyes seemed capable of penetrating a person's very soul, and the tiger fangs were sinister and dreadful. This was a true white tiger. Apart from the gold "king" character on its forehead, its entire body was purely snow white. 

Presently, Little White was roaring against this white tiger soul. His blood seemed to be boiling as he roared with all his might, trying to restrain the instinctive fear he was feeling. Unfortunately, he did not have a pure bloodline. Before a true white tiger, he was so very tiny, no different than a cub. Before long, the pressure from the white tiger soul caused him to sprawl on the ground, unable to budge.

Before this white tiger soul, Little White was akin to a helpless baby. This white tiger soul only needed to lightly touch him and he would be dead. Fortunately, this white tiger had been dead for many years. The only reason the demonic soul remained here was because the power within the demonic core had not fully dissipated. It had been lying in wait for someone carrying the white tiger bloodline to appear so as to pass on its inheritance.

"Ahh, screw it, I suppose. Little fellow, you only have half of my clan's bloodline, but there is an indication that your bloodline is slowly returning to its roots. Fine, I will give you everything I have left. I can only hope that you won't bring shame to the white tigers. The white tigers are the king of beasts, with the dragons being our sole opponent. The other races are nothing before us," said the white tiger soul with a sigh. 

After saying that, the white tiger's remaining power returned to the demonic core. Then, the demonic core hovered toward Little White. So long as Little White swallowed the demonic core, he would be able to obtain the inheritance of the white tigers.

"Thank you, ancestor," Little White thanked respectfully before opening his mouth and swallowing the demonic core. Right this moment, a strain of gold radiance shot out of the demonic core toward a young man not far from them.

"Since fate seems to have brought you and this human together, I will give him a helping hand as well. Let's see if he can survive the white tiger's ire," said the white tiger soul.

After swallowing the demonic core, a boundless energy started coursing all over Little White's body. His body swelled while a clump of vicious gold energy formed a golden cocoon around him. The cocoon was formed of pure power, one that nobody could hope to approach.

On the other hand, Xiang Shaoyun seemed to be in a rather bad state. He was badly injured and was lucky to still be alive. Just like that, the strain of energy from the white tiger soul drilled into his forehead.

"Roar! Roar!"

The white tiger soul was an outsider in Xiang Shaoyun's body. Within him, the white tiger soul roared, jolting the consciousness of his soul awake.

"W-what's going on? You're not Little White!" Xiang Shaoyun's soul cried out in alarm when he saw this white tiger soul.

"I am a white tiger, the king of beasts! Lowly human, bow before me!" the white tiger soul commanded.

"Oh...are you really a white tiger? The species occupying the second place of the beast ranking?" Xiang Shaoyun asked in astonishment. He was certain this white tiger before him was the real deal. After all, the pressure he was feeling from this white tiger was far superior to Little White's.

"Of course...wait, what? What do you mean by second place? We, the white tigers, are the king of all beasts!" the white tiger soul replied resentfully.

"But I thought dragons occupied first place? Don't you even dream of scamming me! I'm a well-read person!" Xiang Shaoyun retorted.

"Bullshit! Us white tigers are the masters of the heavens. We are capable of tearing the dragons apart, swallowing the vermilion birds, and stomping the black tortoises into mincemeat! We are feared by all beings under heaven!" the white tiger soul roared furiously.

The roar caused Xiang Shaoyun's vision to blur and for a humming sound to linger in his ears. He had a sensation his soul was going to disperse from the might of the sound wave.

"Human kid! Take the wrath of the white tigers! White tiger's ire!" the white tiger soul stopped talking and started emitting a boundless vicious gold aura that rushed forth toward Xiang Shaoyun.

The white tiger's ire was a product of the combination between vicious gold energy and tiger's presence. The two joined and transformed into a storm that proceeded to sweep forth toward Xiang Shaoyun. Even a single strain of the white tiger's ire was sufficient to slice Xiang Shaoyun's soul apart, which would only result in his death.

At this critical moment, a dragon and a tiger charged out of the Overlord Skyslaying Saber in his astral cosmos sea and started guarding Xiang Shaoyun's soul. The Overlord Skyslaying Saber was a spiritual weapon. That was why it could automatically protect its owner.

Unfortunately, it had been too badly damaged. Otherwise, its presence of dragon and tiger would not have been so weak. Even so, it managed to buy Xiang Shaoyun some respite. Given time to think, he immediately realized that he was currently in the space within his head. This was his turf. Here, he had the home advantage. And if his soul was destroyed, he would most certainly die.

"I need to strike back!" Xiang Shaoyun clenched his teeth. He did not want to die. Not at all. He had to think of a way to deal with this white tiger soul if he wanted to stay alive.

"Roar! Roar!"

The dragon and tiger guardians were finally torn apart by the white tiger's ire, causing the Overlord Skyslaying Saber to lose some of its luster. It had already done its best.

"Without your guardians, what can you do now? Lowly human, die!" said the white tiger soul coldly before the white tiger's ire swept forth once more.

"You want to kill me? Dream on! Gift of instincts! Gift of visualization! Activate!" Xiang Shaoyun was left with no choice but to unleash everything he had.

Instantly, the space within his head turned into a pitch black space. The darkness covered everything, including the white tiger soul. The white tiger soul roared as it started struggling. The darkness must be pushed back.

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