Chapter 131: Ninth-Stage Demon King

I Am Overlord

The dark space within his head was akin to a trap capable of freezing everything within it. It had appeared as a result of the combination between the gift of instincts and gift of visualization.

But to be precise, both the gift of instincts and gift of visualization had in fact originated from this dark space. This was a type of incorporeal power, one that seemed to be innate to Xiang Shaoyun. In fact, he himself had no idea how he came to possess this power. He only knew that he had experienced something similar before when he had accidentally activated this dark space and had eventually survived whatever danger he was facing at the time.

The white tiger soul roared fearfully but was completely helpless. Just like that, he was completely covered by the dark space. The white tiger soul had been knowledgeable when alive. When he saw the darkness, he roared in shock, "This is the Imperial Nether Clan's Nether Soul Domain! Damn it!"

Only a small part of the white tiger soul was sent into Xiang Shaoyun's body. This small part struggled relentlessly in the dark space yet was unable to break free. Instead, his vicious gold aura was completely submerged and suppressed by an indescribable power.

"Roar! Roar!"

The white tiger soul was indignant. If he had sent a larger portion of his power here, this Nether Soul Domain would not be able to trap him. Eventually, the white tiger soul stopped struggling and transformed into a mild clump of vicious gold energy that looked like a docile tiger cub. He no longer tried to harm Xiang Shaoyun.

"Imperial Nether Clan? Nether Soul Domain? What are those? Why have I never heard of them?" Xiang Shaoyun sank into deep thought. His instincts told him a great secret was hidden behind this dark space. Unfortunately, he was completely clueless as to what the secret was.

"Forget it. It's pointless to think too much. I should first focus on absorbing this power," Xiang Shaoyun stopped thinking and started circulating his cultivation technique and drew the white tiger soul's power into his nine stars. He wondered if he should split this clump of energy among his nine stars, but he eventually decided against it.

"I already have a lightning star. I might as well create a golden star as well," Xiang Shaoyun muttered as he reached a decision to store the entirety of the white tiger soul's power in his second star.

The moment he deposited the white tiger soul's power, the second star started flickering as it tried assimilating this new source of energy. But this new source of energy contained the white tiger's ire, an innate power of the white tigers. It was terrifyingly destructive, pushing the second star to the brink of destruction.

Learning from the experience he gained when absorbing lightning energy, he immediately pulled out a portion of the white tiger soul's power and redirected that portion to the astral cosmos sea and the Overlord Skyslaying Saber.

The astral cosmos sea was capable of absorbing all sorts of energy. So long as the energy was of a reasonable amount, the astral cosmos sea would be able to expand its storage space using the supplied energy.

As for the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, it already contained the power of dragon and tiger. Thus, the white tiger soul's power was compatible with it and served nicely to replenish the saber's lost power, causing it to once again shine with a bright luster. With the split of the white tiger soul's power, Xiang Shaoyun felt much better.

The second star slowly grew larger, and the energy contained within grew bountiful. The excess energy leaking out of the star coursed through his body like a river of stars, flooding his meridians and enlarging his acupoints.

Xiang Shaoyun had just broken through not long ago, but the energy within him reached saturation once again. Mid eighth-stage, late eighth-stage, peak bottleneck after another was broken through until finally, he reached the ninth stage. Even so, his cultivation still continued to grow.


Outside the Golden River Valley, the King Realm experts of both humans and gold serpentine crocodiles were in a massive battle. The reason for the battle? The humans wanted to occupy the Golden River Valley while the gold serpentine crocodiles naturally disagreed.

Thus, a battle had erupted.

Although many gold serpentine crocodile kings had been killed by the disastrous sound wave, they had after all occupied the valley for many years. Years of growth here had given birth to a ninth-stage Demon King among their ranks.

The moment this Demon King appeared, two humans were killed while He Luo, Mo Chage, Young Lightning King, and the others were forced to retreat from the Golden River Valley. No matter what, the gold serpentine crocodiles viewed the Golden River Valley as their territory. Thus, they would not tolerate humans occupying the valley.

Fortunately for the humans, the ninth-stage Demon King stayed in the valley. Otherwise, many more humans would have been killed.

"Back then, we allowed the gold serpentine crocodiles free reign over this place. Nobody had ever expected that they would actually grow this powerful," sighed He Luo, who was looking quite sorry right now.

The ninth-stage Demon King had hit him earlier and destroyed the king armor he was wearing. Fortunately, he was quick on his feet. Otherwise, he would have died in the valley.

"That might be related to the secret of the Golden River Valley as well. The secret can't be kept hidden any longer. It is time we exterminate the gold serpentine crocodiles," said Young Lightning King as he licked his lips.

"I wonder who from the pavilion will come this time. If the vice pavilion master, the Lightning King, can come personally, we will no longer have anything to fear," said someone flatteringly.

The Lightning King was the master and adoptive father of Young Lightning King. He was a peak King Realm expert, and was only half a step from the next realm.

"I doubt my godfather will come for something like this. He is busy breaking through," Young Lightning King said, a worshiping gaze in his eyes. He did not admire many people, and his godfather was one of the few people he actually admired.

"That is great news! The vice pavilion master will most certainly succeed in breaking through!" said the flatterer.

Even He Luo smiled and said, "The vice pavilion master is a peak expert who can hardly find a match. He is also so talented even the old pavilion master admired him. It is very likely that his breakthrough will be a success. Poli, with an Emperor Realm expert backing you, nobody would dare provoke you in the future."

Mo Chage disliked the Young Lightning King's arrogance, but facing the adopted son of an Emperor Realm expert, he was also forced to lower his head. "Congratulations. Our Cloud Margin Pavilion will thus gain another peak expert."

Meanwhile, many gold serpentine crocodile kings had gathered near the newly formed hole. The ninth-stage Demon King gold serpentine crocodile transformed into a tall and slender human. He had a pair of triangle eyes, a head of snake-like hair, and was dressed in a set of crocodile skin armor. His entire person emanated a thick demonic aura.

A large number of Demon Kings stood around him, all of them had also assumed human shape. Looking at the gold serpentine crocodile corpses around them, their faces were filled with fear.

"Clan leader, that tiger roar came from here. It feels like there is a tiger emperor down there," said a Demon King with an anxious expression.

The gold serpentine crocodile clan leader remained silent. He grabbed at the empty air, causing a gold serpentine crocodile corpse to fly into his hand. He then tossed the corpse into the hole. The instant the corpse entered, the vicious gold aura within sliced it to shreds.

The gold serpentine crocodile clan leader's pupils shrunk at the sight. With a hoarse voice, he said, "The gold serpentine crocodile clan has only become strong after having our physique altered by the nourishment of the vicious gold aura. Without the vicious gold aura, there wouldn't be any gold serpentine crocodile clan of today. Revered tiger emperor, if you can hear me, please accept us as your followers."

He then knelt down before the hole.

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