Chapter 136: I Like the Fiercest Tigress

I Am Overlord


A massive and damp tongue licked Xiang Shaoyun's face.

"Thank you, boss. If you had not brought me out here, I wouldn't have obtained the inheritance of my ancestor," said Little White gently.

That was right. If it wasn't for Xiang Shaoyun, Little White wouldn't have left the Hundred Beast Mountain Range at all. He also wouldn't have obtained the demonic core, the tiger's tooth, and the white tiger inheritance. All three of those were obtained thanks to Xiang Shaoyun.

Hearing those words, Xiang Shaoyun regained his courage. He hugged Little White's neck and said, "We are brothers. There's no need to thank me." He paused slightly and continued, "Little White, there are still a few treasures there. Go take a look. They will definitely be very helpful to you too."

Little White did not even bother to look and said, "Those were left behind by my ancestor, so they will definitely be helpful. But I also know that you need them more than me, boss."

"Do you mean you are going to give me all of them?" Xiang Shaoyun got so excited he couldn't even breathe properly anymore.

"That's right. Just take whatever you need, boss. The only thing I need is my ancestor's teeth," Little White reaffirmed.

"Well well, your boss won't be holding back, then," Xiang Shaoyun said gleefully.

Soon, both him and Little White arrived before the puddle of gold liquid. He then sank into thought, thinking of a way to harvest these treasures.

"Boss, I will swallow the blood of my clan. You can have the pure leftover gold lunar liquid and the vicious tiger gold lotus. But you can only store them for now. It will be too wasteful to use them with your current cultivation level," Little White said before opening his mouth and sucking in the gold liquid.

To be precise, he was absorbing the white tiger bloodline mixed in the gold liquid. Only pure gold lunar liquid and vicious tiger gold lotus were left in the puddle. Both these and the top-quality goldsteel stones by the side would occupy more than 10 square meters of space in Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea.

Xiang Shaoyun had no choice but to give up some of the ordinary goldsteel stones and vicious gold stones to make enough space for the treasures. His initial plan was to dig these treasures out with his Overlord Skyslaying Saber, but the plan changed since Little White was going to help him dig everything out instead.

Little White walked to the skeleton and roared. He then licked it, and finally, he tore two of the sharpest teeth off the skeleton.

White tiger's teeth!

The teeth were the most important part of a white tiger's body, the part where they could best unleash their innate prowess. Little White did not swallow the teeth immediately. Instead, with the teeth in his mouth, he swiped the teeth around the puddle. Not even the top-quality goldsteel stones could resist the sharpness of the teeth as they were immediately sliced apart.

What terrifying teeth, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

These white tiger's teeth were as good as the best of weapons.

"Boss, all ready," said Little White after he separated the entire puddle and its immediate surrounding from the ground.

Xiang Shaoyun did not waste any time as he immediately pulled everything into his astral cosmos sea. With the entry of the gold liquid, the astral cosmos sea seemed to have gained some vitality. It also started to emita gold radiance, like a sun appearing amid the stars in his inner body.

Xiang Shaoyun then moved the Overlord Skyslaying Saber into the gold lunar liquid, using the liquid to nourish the saber, which would be very beneficial for the saber's recovery. The moment the saber soaked in the liquid, it immediately reacted. The presence of dragon and tiger hovered out as the mystical power contained within the liquid nourished the saber. The blade of the saber looked even more lustrous, and the cracks on the blade started closing up. Xiang Shaoyun did not notice, as his attention was on the white tiger skeleton.

"Little White, are you going to just leave your ancestor's skeleton here?" Xiang Shaoyun asked while rubbing his hands.

"According to demonic beast custom, it should be given a sky burial," Little White said.

"Sky burial? How so?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Dissolve the corpse, allowing it to return to nature," Little White explained.

"W-wouldn't that be a waste?" Xiang Shaoyun said.

"Yeah. That's why I am planning to put it away. It will be useful when I start accepting followers in the future," Little White said honestly.

This was a white tiger skeleton, a divine object that the various tiger species would dream to have. Not only could it upgrade the bloodline of demonic tigers, it could also strengthen their innate abilities. Little White understood how valuable this skeleton was. He would naturally not waste it.

After all, the demonic beast customs were different from human customs. Humans would bury the dead as a sign of respect, but for demonic beasts, only the demonic core and some unique parts of a dead beast were worth keeping. The rest of the corpse would usually be returned to nature.

"Haha, that is a good idea," Xiang Shaoyun laughed. Expectation filled his face as he said, "Little White, actually, that backbone will be very helpful to me. How about—"

Without a second thought, Little White flew over with the tiger teeth still in his mouth and sliced the backbone off the skeleton. With the removal of the backbone, the skeleton collapsed.

Little White then shouted, "Boss, come take it!"

Xiang Shaoyun was incredibly touched. He had never expected that Little White would give him the backbone without so much as a thought. No words could express how touched he was right now.

Ultimately, Xiang Shaoyun only took a small portion of the backbone. After all, the entirety of the backbone was too thick and long. He did not need that much to repair the Overlord Skyslaying Saber. Thus, there was no need to take more. The rest of the skeleton was swallowed by Little White. That's right. Little White opened his mouth and swallowed the entire skeleton.

"Have you formed an inner cosmos?" Xiang Shaoyun asked in astonishment.

Little White nodded. "Yes, it is the devouring cosmos, the first innate talent I have awakened after my evolution."

Based on what Xiang Shaoyun knew, this ability was similar to the humans' astral cosmos sea. He asked, "So can you assume human form now?"

Little White did not waste his breath saying anything. Instead, he directly transformed. Soon, a white-haired, resolute-looking young man appeared before Xiang Shaoyun. His handsome face and his flawlessly proportionate, symmetrical, and sturdy body caused even Xiang Shaoyun to feel envious.

"Boss, this is my human form," Little White said as he scratched his head awkwardly, seemingly not used to this form.

"Haha, you look so handsome. Countless tigresses will be smitten when they see you," Xiang Shaoyun said and roared with laughter as he patted Little White's shoulder.

"I am not interested in any regular tigress," Little White said firmly.

"Do you mean you like a fierce tigress instead?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"I like the fiercest of tigresses," Little White affirmed.

"Wow, you sure are amazing." Xiang Shaoyun raised his thumb. Inwardly, he mused, Demonic beasts sure have a unique taste.

"Boss, should we leave now?" Little White asked.

"Yes, it's about time we leave." Xiang Shaoyun nodded. He looked at the vicious gold aura above them and said anxiously, "But can we even leave?"

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