Chapter 137: It Is Jin Wo's Honor

I Am Overlord

A thick layer of vicious gold aura gathered above them, separating them completely from the outside world. This layer of vicious gold aura was the work of the white tiger prior to his death. And it was precisely this thick vicious gold aura that had caused everything in the Golden River Valley to turn gold in color. Not even the river was spared, which was how the gold serpentine crocodiles had come into existence.

"Boss, get on me. I'll bring you out," Little White said after transforming back into his tiger form.

Xiang Shaoyun hopped onto Little White without hesitation as he thought smugly to himself, I did hope that Little White would one day evolve into a pure white tiger. Now, he has really evolved into a white tiger. I will look so cool riding him now!

Little White flapped his wings and soared up. When he approached the layer of vicious gold aura, the aura immediately split and opened a tunnel for him to pass through. Through the tunnel, Little White flew to the outside world with Xiang Shaoyun on his back. After they left, the opening in the layer of vicious gold aura closed again.

Once again, Xiang Shaoyun and Little White were back at the Golden River Valley's surface. Suddenly, they noticed that a large number of Demon Kings in human form were staring at them.

"Shit! They are all transformed Demon King gold serpentine crocodiles!" Xiang Shaoyun cried out in alarm.

"Fear not, boss. I'm here," Little White said nonchalantly before roaring at the Demon King gold serpentine crocodiles. "Roar!"

The tiger's roar carried with it the majesty of the king of beasts. The roar frightened the gold serpentine crocodiles as an intense instinctual fear rose from the depths of their hearts, forcing them to bow.

"Greetings, your highness the prince." The gold serpentine crocodile clan leader was the first to kneel down before Little White.

With his lead, the other gold serpentine crocodiles all knelt down and cried out as well, "Greetings, your highness the prince."

The gold serpentine crocodile clan leader was certain that a Demon Emperor was residing beneath the valley. After all, the roar earlier had killed a large number of Demon King gold serpentine crocodiles.

The tiger before them was only a Demon King, but his roar was very similar to the first roar they had heard. Thus, this tiger here was most likely the descendant of a Demon Emperor. Therefore, it made complete sense for them to address the tiger as prince. They were doing this to express their sincerity in pledging their allegiance to the Demon Emperor.

"That's a smart choice. Alright, rise," Little White said with his head raised proudly.

Little White had obtained the white tiger inheritance, and among the inheritance was the memory of the white tiger soul. He was thus naturally aware of the story behind the gold serpentine crocodiles. It was completely within his expectation that these gold serpentine crocodiles would pledge their allegiance to him.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, joy covered his face as he said, "Well done, Little White. You are actually able to subdue the gold serpentine crocodiles." After a momentary pause, he continued, "Ask them about the current situation of the valley. Also check if the competition has ended."

The deadline of one month had ended a long time ago. Xiang Shaoyun needed to figure out the latest news. He did not really care about the competition result, but he was worried about the Martial Hall Palace people.

The gold serpentine crocodile clan leader gave Little White a simplified explanation. By the side, Xiang Shaoyun heard everything clearly. In his shock, he interjected, "The humans have all retreated, and only the King Realm cultivators are still trying to occupy the Golden River Valley?"

"That's right. If the vicious gold aura had not spread around the valley, the humans would have occupied the place by now," the gold serpentine crocodile clan leader replied. He paused slightly before looking at Little White. He said, "Your highness, what should we do? Should we beg for the emperor’s help to eliminate all the human invaders?"

Instead of replying, Little White looked to Xiang Shaoyun and asked, "Boss, what do you think?"

Xiang Shaoyun sank into a short contemplation before he said, "Will they listen to you?"

"Yes. They wouldn't dare disobey me!" Little White said confidently.

"Ok. Get them all to leave for now. They can just come back after everything is over," Xiang Shaoyun proposed.

Xiang Shaoyun knew humans all too well. The harder it was to obtain something, the more they would want that thing. They were definitely aware that there was a great secret here. Without figuring out what the secret was, they would not give up.

If the gold serpentine crocodiles remained, death would be their sole fate. Xiang Shaoyun did not give them that advice because he pitied them; he gave them the advice out of respect for Little White. Of course, he had his own agenda in mind as well. And after Little White told the gold serpentine crocodiles what Xiang Shaoyun told him, the gold serpentine crocodiles grew anxious.

"Your highness, we do not fear the humans!" said the gold serpentine crocodile clan leader indignantly.

"Bastard! Are you disobeying me?" Little White yelled furiously.

The gold serpentine crocodile clan leader quickly replied, "I dare not."

Little White spoke again, this time with a milder tone. "The humans have almost endless reinforcements. Do you think you have enough numbers to keep resisting? I am only telling you to leave temporarily. When the humans leave empty handed, you can come back again." 

"But won't they disturb his majesty the emperor?" the gold serpentine crocodile clan leader probed carefully.

"Hahaha, they can try," Little White replied, seemingly hinting at something.

It gave the gold serpentine crocodile clan leader the impression that the Demon Emperor was staying behind to face the human reinforcements alone. He was endlessly grateful when he reached that assumption and quickly said, "I'll tell the kids to leave."

Soon, the gold serpentine crocodile clan leader commanded the various Demon Kings to each lead a group of gold serpentine crocodiles out of the valley. Since the gold serpentine crocodile possessed the characteristics of both goldwater serpent and gold crocodile, it was entirely possible for them to move back into the river. So long as they remained hidden in the river, they would not have to worry about the humans.

"Tell this gold serpentine crocodile to stay behind," Xiang Shaoyun said.

He could see that this gold serpentine crocodile was the leader of all the gold serpentine crocodiles. And this gold serpentine crocodile was also the strongest of them. He naturally had to keep a Demon King of this caliber at his side.

Presently, apart from growing strong himself, Xiang Shaoyun also needed a large number of followers. Otherwise, he would have a hard time reclaiming his possessions in the future fighting alone.

"You may stay by this prince's side from now on," said Little White.

"It is Jin Wo's honor to have that opportunity," said the overjoyed gold serpentine crocodile clan leader.

Demonic beasts were strictly segregated according to the level of their bloodlines. The gold serpentine crocodile only had a mid-tier bloodline, while the white tiger had a top-tier bloodline. It was glorious for a gold serpentine crocodile to be able to become the follower of a white tiger.

"Ok. Pack up. We will leave immediately," Little White said.

Jin Wo nodded and returned to his nest. He started packing his belongings such as his goldsteel stones, gold serpent fruits, and gold orchids. He offered a part of them to Little White as a sign of respect. Little White had no need for them, but since Xiang Shaoyun needed them, Xiang Shaoyun told Little White to accept some.

Xiang Shaoyun was even able to obtain a complete gold-serpentine-crocodile skin. This was the skin Jin Wo had shed during his previous breakthrough, and it was at least a tier-7 king-grade material.

"Since my king armor had been destroyed, this serpentine crocodile skin will serve nicely as a replacement. With this skin and some top-quality goldsteel stones, I can even forge several king armors. In fact, I will have enough to even forge a pair of gloves," Xiang Shaoyun said, satisfied with his harvest.

Then, they left the valley from a different exit. Not long after they left, the reinforcements of the Cloud Margin Pavilion arrived.

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