Chapter 138: Ziling Sect

I Am Overlord

The Nine God Provinces was made up of nine regions. The nine regions were respectively the Eastern Pass, Western Desert, Southern Wasteland, Northern Border, Central Region, East Divine Island, West Demonic Cave, South Divine Devil, and North Illusionary Sea.

Each of the regions was extensively vast and made up of numerous prefectures, cities, and towns. Each region was inhabited by millions and millions of populations of different races. Different organizations also filled the various inhabited regions and were classified into nine tiers. 

Tier-1 organizations were the weakest and lowest of all, and their existences were generally not acknowledged. Tier-2 and tier-3 organizations were better off, as these were mostly the organizations populating the smaller towns such as the various clans. Upon reaching tier-4, an organization would start being acknowledged. 

As for the tier-5 and tier-6 organizations, they were naturally much more powerful. As these organizations were more powerful, it was natural that their influence spread across larger swathes of lands. As for tier-7 organizations, they were famed and well-known organizations that were the elites of the various regions. As for the tier-8 and tier-9 organizations, they were basically legends. Sitting on their thrones, they overlooked the Nine God Provinces and were extremely feared.

Organizations such as the Martial Hall Palace and the Gateflag Academy were basically tier-1 organizations whose existences were not even acknowledged. As for the organizations in Cloud Margin City, these were tier-2 organizations. As for the Cloud Margin Pavilion which also acted as the main cultivation academy of a city, it was considered a peak tier-3 organization that had a chance at becoming a tier-4 organization.

The Cloud Margin Pavilion had Emperor Realm cultivators in their ranks yet was still a mere tier-3 organization. One could only imagine how frightening the higher tiered organizations could be.

At a certain mountainous area within the Western Desert.

Towering mountains littered the mountain range while numerous pavilions and buildings stood erect in the middle of the mountains. The peak of the mountains were filled with mist, and from far away, the entire mountain range looked like a painting of paradise.

Numerous cultivators could be seen flying in the air, roars of land and flying beasts resounded without stop, the verdant and lush trees swayed gently in the air, and a certain fragrance filled the air. The mountain range was also filled with swirling purple radiance, which gave it an incredibly auspicious appearance.

A massive gate that was about 100 meters tall stood at the mountain range's entrance. On the door, the words "Ziling Sect" could be seen.

As a tier-7 organization, there was no doubting Ziling Sect's position as one of the most powerful organizations in the region. In fact, it even had a chance at becoming a tier-8 organization.

Unfortunately, the number one expert of the sect, also founder of the sect, Xiang Yangzhan had gone missing after battling a super expert of the region, the Death Magistrate, Shangguan Wusheng. The battle happened at a forbidden zone, the Wumo Pass. Nobody knew the result of the battle, as both of them had vanished afterwards.

Some claimed that both of them had died in the battle. Some claimed that they were both trapped in the Wumo Pass. Some also claimed that Shangguan Wusheng had killed Xiang Yangzhan.

The Ziling Sect originally had a hope of becoming a tier-8 organization within 1,000 years, but the disappearance of Xiang Yangzhan had struck a heavy blow to the sect. Apart from that, an internal disorder had also erupted within the sect. Some traitors took the chance to try killing Xiang Yangzhan's sole son and took over the sect.

Because of that, even more resources of the Ziling Sect were exhausted, causing this sect that originally stood a chance at becoming a tier-8 organization to barely be able to remain a tier-7 organization. Within the Ziling Sect was a mountain called Shaoyun Peak, and on the mountain was an incredibly luxurious estate.

The building occupied half the space halfway up the mountain. Within the spacious estate, several refined pavilions could be seen. Each pavilion was constructed from wood over 1,000 years old. These pavilions were exquisitely designed; the dragons and phoenixes carved into the beams and pillars made the pavilions look incredibly exalted. 

The courtyard of the estate was filled with rock gardens, springs, booths, jade platforms, and so on. Every part of the estate looked like it was something out of a painting. When walking in the estate, each step one took made one feel that a new scenery would open up before one's eyes. Looking at the estate from different angles gave one different sensations as well, and the estate as a whole seemed to be designed to give one the epitome of pleasure.

It was such an elegant estate that was completely devoid of people, looking bleak and desolate. Occasionally, the wind whistled through the estate, lifting the dead leaves off the ground.

Today, a young man and a young woman had arrived at the long-abandoned Shaoyun Peak. The two emanated flawless grace, looking like immortals who had descended upon the mortal world. Hand in hand, the two stepped into the estate.

The young man looked to be about 18 years old. His face was as fair as the purest white jade, his eyes akin to a luminous pair of moons. Body tall and straight, his bearing was so impressive one would never be able to forget him after only looking at him once.

The young woman's face was as pretty as a blooming flower, her eyes were as clear as the clearest pond, and her skin was as fair as snow while her bearing was graceful and subdued. Revealing a clear outline of her flawless figure, her gorgeous silk outfit fluttered in the wind as she took graceful steps with her perfect legs that seemed to exist for the sole purpose of tugging one's heartstrings.

Anyone who saw this couple would exclaim that the man and the woman were a flawlessly attractive pair.

"Shaoyun Peak, a place once bustling with noise and excitement is now a desolate and quiet place. It is really quite a pity," said the young man as he gazed at a stele with "Shaoyun Peak" written on it.

The young woman also looked at the stele; sorrow covered her eyes for a split second before it vanished. From her alluring lips, her voice rang out, "He was once a self-proclaimed number one playboy scholar. Unfortunately, this is a world of martial cultivation. A weak scholar is but a trash regardless of his talent."

"Hehe, do you think he is truly a playboy though?" the young man asked.

"This place was once filled with hundreds of enchantingly attractive maids, all to serve him alone. Living such a life, how is he not a playboy?" said the young woman, a complicated look in her eyes.

"Haha, the people only know him as a trash and playboy scholar, but how many people know that he is also a proud genius in cultivation?" the young man roared with laughter.

He then slammed his palm in the direction of the stele, sending forth a crushing power.


Instantly, the stele was reduced into powder. At such a young age, he was already a King Realm cultivator. In fact, he was more than a regular King Realm cultivator; he was at least a mid-stage King Realm cultivator.

The instant the stele was crushed, the young woman felt her heart stop beating for a moment. A sense of sorrow surged out, nearly causing her to lose control over her emotions for a moment.

Let him drift away along with the wind..., the woman thought as a vicious glint replaced the sorrow in her eyes.

"From now onward, Shaoyun Peak no longer exists," said the young man coldly.

"Yes, there is no more Shaoyun Peak. But how about him? Have you eliminated the weed at its roots?" asked the young woman.

"Hmph. If his loyalists hadn't protected him with their lives, he would have been killed long ago. He has most likely escaped to our enemy's territory. I already have some men there looking for him. I believe they will be able to capture him soon," said the young man murderously. He paused before continuing, "Even if he is already dead, I won't rest until I see his corpse. I won't take any chances."

"Yes, we can't allow him to live," the young woman said. She then added, "Let's go. I don't want to stay here any longer."

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