Chapter 161: What Are You Waiting For? Surrender!

I Am Overlord

Possessing a valiant combat power, Mo Lang was one of the 10 strongest cultivators in the Green Bamboo Town region. His third attack caused even Xiang Shaoyun to feel pressured. But at the same time, Xiang Shaoyun's excitement grew.

Berserk Lightning Blade!

Facing the new attack, Xiang Shaoyun activated not only his innate purple lightning but also all his power to push his combat power to a level comparable to Mo Lang's. With the saber intent mixed into his attack, his lightning-powered slash was incredibly dreadful.

With a swing of the saber, a storm erupted. The storm swept forth with an imposing might, roars of the purple dragon mixed amid the rumbling thunders. Purple and black collided; the apparitions of the dragon and the wolf started tearing each other apart.

Rumble! Rumble!

The collision wreaked havoc on the area, leaving a terrible mess. The bandits stopped what they were doing and stood there watching the spectacular battle. At this time, the Green Bamboo Academy people finally arrived as well. The principal, vice principal, and elders were all present. Although Xiang Shaoyun had accepted the bounty for the Redwolf Bandits, it did not mean that the Green Bamboo Academy would sit idly as the bandits pillaged the town.

"The leading bandit this time is the vice leader of the bandits, Mo Lang. Brother Xiang is actually capable of matching him in a fight?" Luo Yongcheng cried out in alarm.

"He is indeed an outstanding young man. Not even I am confident I can kill this Mo Lang. Brother Xiang is still so young, yet he has already reached this level. I am getting really curious now. Which powerful family did this talented young genius come from?" lamented the Green Bamboo Academy principal.

"Principal, should we do something too?" asked an elder.

"There is no rush. We will move after Mo Lang is dead," said the principal.

Meanwhile, the victor of the battle between Xiang Shaoyun and Mo Lang had been decided. The clothes on Xiang Shaoyun had been reduced to rags, and a bloody hole could be seen on his shoulder. Blood streamed out of it without stop. He had been injured from the collision.

Mo Lang was in an even worse condition. His black spear had been cut in two, and a malicious wound could be seen on his chest. Blood bubbled out of his chest repeatedly, and it even looked as if his organs were on the verge of falling out of his body. As for his mount, it was now a burnt corpse.

With his hands covering his wound, Mo Lang retreated in fear as he shouted repeatedly, "Men, men, save me!"

It was obvious Xiang Shaoyun had the upper hand in the battle. Mo Lang's cries for help finally woke the bandits from their shock. They charged toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"Let's go. Slaughter these scum bandits!" shouted the Green Bamboo Academy principal as he led the over 100 Green Bamboo Academy members into the battlefield.

The experts of the Green Bamboo Academy had gathered earlier to attend Xiang Shaoyun's lesson. Because of that, it did not take them long to assemble before heading out, which was outside of the Redwolf Bandits' expectations. After all, the bandits' raids in the past had always been as fast as the wind, and they would always retreat before the Green Bamboo Academy had the time to surround them. 

This time, with the Green Bamboo Academy coming prepared and putting the bandits in check, they started to panic. Even worse was the fact that their leader, Mo Lang had just been defeated. Their three captains had also been killed, and because of that, their morale had plummeted. 

Sounds of battle filled the area.

Mo Lang could see that they had lost the initiative. Thus, he sounded the retreat. But how would Xiang Shaoyun let them retreat? Like the god of death, Xiang Shaoyun started reaping the lives of the bandits left and right. Any bandits trying to stop him were immediately killed with one slash. He was akin to a wolf that had entered a flock of sheep, with nobody capable of stopping his slaughter.

"Stop them! Stop them at all costs!" Mo Lang was frightened by the sight of Xiang Shaoyun coming for him. He leaped on his companion's mount and was the first bandit to flee the battlefield.

Xiang Shaoyun's gaze was fixed on Mo Lang at all times. He moved like a specter amid the bandits, avoiding all the bandits who tried to block him. He finally caught up to Mo Lang. When he arrived, an overbearing sound wave rumbled out of his mouth.

"Get your ass off the mount!" Xiang Shaoyun roared, his voice rumbling like an earthshaking thunder.

Mo Lang was already greatly frightened. When he heard that shout with the tiger's roar mixed within, he staggered and fell off his mount. Xiang Shaoyun then arrived and lopped off his head. Just like that, a vice leader of the Redwolf Bandits was killed.

Lifting Mo Lang's severed head high, Xiang Shaoyun roared, "Your leader is dead! What are you waiting for? Surrender!"

After saying that, he crushed the severed head. The sight frightened the bandits so much they lost the courage to flee. On the other hand, the morale of the Green Bamboo Academy soared, and they started killing the bandits one after another.

And thus, a one-sided slaughter began.

Joy and excitement covered the faces of the Green Bamboo Academy members who had just experienced a major victory. The Green Bamboo Academy had been suppressed for way too long. Even the people of the town looked down on them. Because of that, they did not dare raise their heads high in town.

Today, they were able to kill a large number of bandits, greatly boosting their spirits. After today, they would most likely regain the Green Bamboo Town's respect and confidence.

"Delightful! This is truly delightful!" cheered an elder.

"It was all thanks to Brother Xiang," said Luo Yongcheng gleefully.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "No, it was my mission in the first place. In fact, I really feel bad that you guys had to fight as well."

"Haha, don't worry, Brother Xiang. It is only natural that we protect the town against invaders like them. Don't forget, you have slain their third head. That is a feat of great merit!" said the principal with a wide smile on his face. He continued, "Come, let us return to the academy and drink to our victory! This victory deserves a celebration. I am also confident that it won't be long before the entirety of the Redwolf Bandits is eradicated."

"Senior, I have a suggestion. Why don't we take this chance to attack the Redwolf Bandits instead?" Xiang Shaoyun suggested.

The moment he made the suggestion, the excited crowd grew silent. They had been dreaming of attacking the Redwolf Bandits for many years, but they had never dared to do it. Would today really be the day they did so?

As the principal hesitated, a disciple stood out and said, "Principal, I am willing to join Lord Xiang in the attack against the Redwolf Bandits. I would rather die on the battlefield than to continue suffering humiliation here."

"That's right! I wish to join as well! I won't stop until the Redwolf Bandits are eradicated!" said another disciple.

One person after another responded to Xiang Shaoyun's call. The earlier victory had completely ignited their blood.

"Haha, well said! Today, this principal shall gather all the power of our academy and fight the Redwolf Bandits to the death! We will not return before the Redwolf Bandits are eradicated!" said the principal, a gratified expression on his face.

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