Chapter 162: Challenging the Redwolf Bandits

I Am Overlord

The elites of Green Bamboo Academy set off, heading toward the Redwolf Bandit stronghold. It caused a sensation within the town, and a lot of unaffiliated cultivators were attracted into their ranks.

"The Redwolf Bandits have committed numerous heinous crimes. People like us with hot blood flowing in our veins shall naturally partake in their extermination."

"I am a person with nothing left. Since the Redwolf Bandits had failed to kill me back then, I shall join in today as well. Just killing one of them is enough, and anything more than that will be considered a reward for me."

"They were the ones who had killed my parents. The day has come for me to take my revenge!"

"Kill! Let us follow the principal and elders of the Green Bamboo Academy and slay those scums!"

It seemed the people of the town really hated the bandits. The resentment they had kept bottled up against the bandits erupted, and in a short while, a group several hundred strong was formed, heading toward the Redwolf Bandit stronghold.

Not even Xiang Shaoyun had expected things to go this way. He only planned to borrow the Green Bamboo Academy's strength to keep the Redwolf Bandits in check while he dealt with the stronger bandits. But now, it would seem he no longer needed to worry about the regular bandits interrupting his battle with their leader. While the people from the Green Bamboo Town were heading toward the Redwolf Bandit stronghold, the bandits received news of Mo Lang's and his group's deaths.

"What? Mo Lang is dead? Not possible!" shouted the leader of Redwolf Bandits, Bai Fan. "Tell me, who did it! Is it that old bastard from the Green Bamboo Academy? I'm going to slaughter his entire family for this!"

The bandit reporting the news remained on his knees and fearfully told Bai Fan everything that had happened.

"It's the same little bastard? So he really is at the Green Bamboo Town!" Bai Fan fumed. He then commanded, "Gather all our brothers. Today, we shall drown the Green Bamboo Town in blood."

"Head, calm down!" persuaded a beautiful woman standing beside Bai Fan.

The beautiful woman looked to be about 30 years old. She had a medium build, looked incredibly seductive with all the curves at the right places, and was dressed in an extremely revealing fashion. She practically radiated sex appeal. She was Mo Mo, the second head of the Redwolf Bandits, and was also known as Lady Red Scorpion. She might look harmless, but she was a vicious and merciless individual.

"Third brother is dead. How can I stay calm?" Bai Fan said.

"Since he is able to kill third brother, it is clear he is not much weaker than us. And with us being at the Green Bamboo Town, we will be fighting on their turf. The Green Bamboo Academy will not stay out of this. If we go rashly, we might not be able to even leave if we wanted to," Mo Mo analyzed.

Bai Fan finally calmed down after listening to her analysis. "What should we do, then? Are we going to let that brat off just like that?"

"Of course not. But we have to plan our next action carefully," said Mo Mo after thinking about it for a bit.

But before they had the chance to think of anything, they received a report that a large army was heading toward them from the Green Bamboo Town.

"How brave of them. Has the Green Bamboo Town forgotten about our fangs?" Bai Fan said before he lifted his saber and rushed outside.

Mo Mo followed closely behind him and said, "Head, they definitely come prepared. Let us stay on the defensive. After all, a good defense can be offensive in itself. We can get the men to prepare the catapults. Any who dare to come near the stronghold shall be turned into mincemeat."

"You're right, second sister. We shall go on the defensive," agreed Bai Fan.

Thus, the alarm was sounded in the stronghold as the bandits gathered and prepared for battle. Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun and the Green Bamboo Town members had just arrived at the vicinity of the Redwolf Bandit stronghold.

"Everyone, stop here," said the principal.

Everyone obeyed.

"The Redwolf Bandit stronghold is a place that is easy to defend and hard to attack. If we advance blindly, we will suffer disastrous losses. We have to think of a plan," said the principal.

"Challenge them to leave the stronghold and battle us outside!" suggested someone.

"That is feasible. In any case, we can't do a full frontal attack. Otherwise, we might be the ones to suffer defeat," said the principal.

Next, a Green Bamboo Academy elder rode forth on his mount and yelled loudly in the direction of the stronghold, "Redwolf Bandits, listen here. Your third head has been killed. Lay down your weapons and surrender immediately. Or else—"

Before he could finish his words, a large boulder came crashing down on him.

The elder was given a fright, and he quickly dodged to the side. If his cultivation level was even a tiny bit weaker, he would have been reduced into a pile of mincemeat. 

But that was only the start. Immediately afterwards, a large number of boulders rained down on them.

"They're attacking with catapults! Everyone, retreat!" the principal cried out in alarm even as he smashed two boulders apart to protect the people behind him.

Unfortunately, the catapults were too powerful and the boulders were too fast. Those below the Transformation Realm would be hard pressed to survive them, and it only took a while for a number of them to fall victim to the boulders.


A few of them were instantly killed, about a dozen were gravely injured, and the rest were scattered. One ought to admit that the Green Bamboo Town people were truly quite bad in a battle. Just the first wave of boulders had been enough to scatter the group.

"You fools. Since you have the guts to come attack us, all of you shall die here!" shouted Bai Fan from above the stronghold walls.

"Bai Fan, come fight me like a man! I will definitely rip your head off your body!" challenged the principal.

"Old man, you are nothing. A day will come when I crush the Green Bamboo Academy," Bai Fan sneered as he started scanning the battlefield, trying to look for a certain person.

"Head, that kid is really here! Look, he's trying to take a detour from over there," said Mo Mo as she pointed in a certain direction.

When Bai Fan looked over, he saw Xiang Shaoyun rushing toward them on a red wolf from an angle the catapults could hardly reach with their rain of boulders.

Then again, the route Xiang Shaoyun had taken was also one of the main routes leading to the stronghold, and it was riddled with traps. With his clear mind and sharp eyes, however, Xiang Shaoyun seemed capable of reading the future, as he was able to safely avoid all the traps as he approached the stronghold.

"He sure is gutsy. Men, shoot him down!" Bai Fan commanded.

At that command, a group of archers shot more than 10 arrows at Xiang Shaoyun. A layer of energy barrier appeared around Xiang Shaoyun, protecting him completely from the arrows. That was the benefit of having outer shaped energy. Regular attacks could be easily blocked.

"Well, he is quite capable. No wonder third brother got himself killed. Let me see if you can block my attack as well," said Bai Fan with a vicious glint in his eyes.

A spear appeared in his hand, and he threw it at Xiang Shaoyun with his full strength. There were a few hundred meters between him and Xiang Shaoyun, and someone throwing a spear from so far away was something completely unimaginable.

The spear streaked across the sky with an overbearing might, heading straight for Xiang Shaoyun.

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