Chapter 163: Today, I'll Kill to My Heart's Content

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun felt a sense of crisis, causing him to lift his head and see the incoming spear. Instead of dodging, he swung his saber at the spear. The spear and the saber connected, creating sparks in the air. Xiang Shaoyun's hand went numb from the impact.

What power! He must be at least an eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator, Xiang Shaoyun estimated.

When Bai Fan saw Xiang Shaoyun pushing his spear away with a swing of the saber, he was similarly shocked as he thought, He is indeed quite capable.

As of this moment, Xiang Shaoyun had already arrived before the stronghold's gate. A few dozen bandits rushed out to meet him, each equipped with different weapons, and attacked him with both melee and ranged attacks.

Any other Transformation Realm cultivator would have a hard time defending against so many attacks. But Xiang Shaoyun maintained complete calm as he swung his saber repeatedly. Each swing was incredibly casual yet carried a dreadful might behind it.

It only took a short while for a large number of heads to be separated from their bodies. These regular bandits were not at all a threat to him. The scene presented before the bandits and the Green Bamboo Academy people was a gallant Xiang Shaoyun charging through the crowd of bandits unobstructed. A sense of admiration rose within their hearts as they witnessed the heroic scene.

"I can't stand that kid anymore." Bai Fan was already fuming. In his anger, he jumped on his mount and charged outside without a second thought. The other bandits naturally followed him out as well. Someone had arrived right at their doorsteps. If they still stayed silent, it would be too embarrassing.

Xiang Shaoyun had no intention of being dragged down by these bunch of bandits. Hence, after killing about a dozen more bandits, he released an earth-shattering slash toward the gate of the Redwolf Bandit stronghold, aiming to smash it apart.


Purple lightning erupted from within Xiang Shaoyun as the saber energy streaked across the air with a boundless majesty. The momentum of the slash seemed to have created a vacuum in the air where it passed. The bandits nearby were all killed from the impact alone, while the gate was completely destroyed and the pillars framing it crumbled apart.

"Well done!" the Green Bamboo Academy people cheered at that sight.

That gate was akin to the face of the Redwolf Bandits, and smashing the gate apart was akin to a major slap to their face.

His battle intent surging, Xiang Shaoyun howled loudly on his red wolf, "Redwolf Bandits, come fight me to the death if you have the guts to do it!" 

He then turned and rode away from the stronghold. Not a single bandit dared to get in his way. He seemed unstoppable, traveling as he wished amid a large army.

Bai Fan chased after him and roared, "Little bastard, don't run! I will personally cut you apart." 

Behind him, Mo Mo shouted, "Head, calm down!"

Unfortunately, Bai Fan was no longer willing to listen. He could not alleviate his anger without killing Xiang Shaoyun. Thus, he led the entirety of the Redwolf Bandits and rode out of the stronghold. About 400 of them charged out like a massive flood and chased after the young man riding a red wolf. The scene of the chase was boundlessly spectacular.

"The Redwolf Bandits are out! Let's go! Fight them to the death!" shouted the Green Bamboo Academy principal.

Unfortunately, only half their numbers were willing to head to the battlefield. The other half were already shrinking from the fight. The rain of boulders earlier had smashed away the little courage they had.

Even so, half of them were enough to be of great help to Xiang Shaoyun. When he saw the Green Bamboo Town people coming, he stopped running and dissolved a low-grade spirit stone in his astral cosmos sea to restore some of his energy supply. He turned his mount around, pointed at the bandits riding toward him, and shouted with a crazed look on his face, "Today, I'll kill to my heart's content!"

"Little bastard, die!" Bai Fan charged forward and slashed his wolf-shaped saber at Xiang Shaoyun. He was worthy of being a late eighth-stage Transformation Realm expert. Before his saber arrived, his saber energy had already reached Xiang Shaoyun. The attack moved at a speed so fast an ordinary Transformation Realm cultivator would not be able to avoid it.

Relying on his spectacular vision, the trajectory of the slash was laid bare before Xiang Shaoyun's eyes. Instead of dodging, he countered with a slash of his own.


Two saber energies met and created a large explosion.

"Kill!" Xiang Shaoyun charged ahead, channeled his innate purple lightning to his saber, and started swinging his saber like a madman.

Bai Fan did not dare to underestimate Xiang Shaoyun as he similarly mustered all his strength to face his opponent. In the blink of an eye, they had exchanged about 10 slashes, creating explosion after explosion, filling the area with clouds of dust.

The Green Bamboo Town people had also clashed with the Redwolf Bandits, resulting in a chaotic battlefield. Sounds of battle rumbled on, blood and severed limbs flew, and miserable wails filled the air.

The Green Bamboo Town had fewer people, but with the Transformation Realm experts of the Green Bamboo Academy amid their ranks, they were able to barely match the Redwolf Bandits.

In truth, if it wasn't because of the large number of traps around the area, these Transformation Realm experts would definitely be able to deal the Redwolf Bandits a severe blow within a short period of time. After all, Xiang Shaoyun had killed about half of the Transformation Realm bandits. Apart from Bai Fan and Mo Mo, there were no other notable experts among the bandits.

The battle between Bai Fan and Xiang Shaoyun was the most intense in the battlefield. They kept slashing at each other repeatedly, and even though both of them had suffered injuries, neither was able to deal a decisive blow to the other.

Bai Fan had not expected that the kid who seemed like a second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator would actually have such astonishing combat power. Bai Fan battled on, and instead of using his secret weapon, he charged into the midst of the Green Bamboo Town people instead. His priority was to first stabilize the entire battlefield before doing anything else.

Xiang Shaoyun was also unable to continue his battle with Bai Fan, as the other bandits had surrounded him. He was extremely displeased with the interruption. He started slashing his saber left and right, sending purple and gold saber energies flying everywhere, felling a large number of bandits.

On the other hand, Bai Fan picked two Transformation Realm elders from the Green Bamboo Academy and started fighting them. If Mo Mo hadn't been around, the bandits would have suffered an even more disastrous loss in the hands of these elders.

"Today, all of you will die here!" Bai Fan finally pulled out his trump card when he saw how dangerous things were becoming.

A crude and massive sword appeared in his hand, and a baleful aura immediately spread out. Sounds of demons and ghosts wailing started ringing in the air, spreading a sinister feeling across the battlefield.

"Kill!" Bai Fan started swinging his sword furiously.

With each swing of the sword, demons and ghosts would appear and charge into the forehead of the people there. The Green Bamboo Academy principal was frightened when he saw the sword and quickly moved out of the way. A few Green Bamboo Town cultivators near him were unable to avoid the attack in time and were immediately killed by the massive sword.

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