Chapter 164: Devilspirit Sword

I Am Overlord

That was the Devilspirit Sword. The devilish aura emanating from it was capable of stunning a person's soul—and of devouring and harming it. Due to its unique property, the sword could instill an instinctive fear in someone before the fight even started.

This was the sword Bai Fan had relied on to keep the Green Bamboo Academy suppressed all these years. With the Redwolf Bandits in crisis, it was natural that he was going to take out this trump card of his. The Green Bamboo Academy principal was filled with hatred when he witnessed the deaths caused by the sword.

"I'll fight you to the death!" the principal yelled as a king weapon appeared in his hand. He started swinging his weapon at Bai Fan madly.

The Green Bamboo Academy principal's cultivation base was slightly thicker than Bai Fan's, but in terms of actual combat power, both of them were evenly matched.

"Old bastard, you stand no chance against me!" Whenever Bai Fan wielded the Devilspirit Sword, his confidence soared. He faced the principal head on and slammed his sword forward.

The two weapons clashed in the air repeatedly, sending out shockwave after shockwave. Looking at their fight, it seemed the victor would not be decided anytime soon. But the demons and ghosts released by the Devilspirit Sword kept on attacking the principal from all angles, and it was very difficult for the principal to guard against the continuous assault. 

The principal felt a chill creeping into his brain, causing an intense pain that made him cry out in pain.

"Die, old bastard!" Bai Fan took the chance and slashed at a vital point on the principal's body.

The principal was completely defenseless, and just as Bai Fan's attack was about to land, a purple lightning bolt came shooting from a certain direction. The sense of crisis forced Bai Fan to stop his attack and swing his sword at the lightning bolt instead.

"You again, you damned brat! I will kill you for sure this time!" Bai Fan bellowed at Xiang Shaoyun, who had just arrived on his mount.

Bai Fan channeled all his power into his sword and slashed it at Xiang Shaoyun, sending a boundless wave of sinister aura crashing forth toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"What can a mere sinister weapon do to me? Piss off!" Xiang Shaoyun no longer held anything back. He fully activated his lightning bone. At the same time, the lightning energy in his first star was also fully unleashed. A purple dragon appeared, and as it roared, Xiang Shaoyun was enveloped in a layer of lightning energy, his current appearance incomparably mighty.

Bzzt! Bzzt!

The innate purple lightning was a power of extreme yang, a counter to the many sinister powers. What happened next was the best proof of that. The wave formed of demons and ghosts was instantly destroyed the moment it touched the layer of lightning energy surrounding Xiang Shaoyun's body.

"What?" Bai Fan was stunned. His trump card that had never failed him was ineffective?

"Eat my saber!" Xiang Shaoyun took the opportunity and slashed his saber at Bai Fan while the latter was stunned in shock. It was a slash sent utilizing the concept of human saber unity. When in the human saber unity mode, his saber was akin to an extension of his body, and as he willed for the saber to slash, the might of a completely ordinary slash was pushed to the extremes.

The saber energy streaked through the air. Like a falling meteor, it was only visible for a slight moment before vanishing, the attack too fast for anyone to see it clearly. That was the true form of the sword intent attack.

Bai Fan could sense that an attack was coming at him, but no matter how he tried, he couldn't see where the attack would ultimately land. He also had a sensation that no matter where he ran, the attack would still hit him.

Fortunately for him, he was able to place the Devilspirit Sword in front of him in time. Xiang Shaoyun's attack struck the sword and only sent Bai Fan flying as opposed to outright killing him.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to pursue Bai Fan, a group of bandits came attacking, forcing him to stop and deal with them instead. After hacking three of them down, he used his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps and moved away from the bandits before resuming his pursuit of Bai Fan.

Bai Fan proceeded to block a few more of Xiang Shaoyun's attacks, but the longer he fought, the more terrified he became. Facing Xiang Shaoyun gave him the same feeling as when he faced a peak Transformation Realm expert and was completely helpless.

"Is that his true strength? No! I can't allow myself to be defeated here!" Bai Fan roared in indignation. His eyes suddenly turned red as he spat a mouthful of blood on the Devilspirit Sword. He then chanted, "Devilspirit Sword, I am willing to become the guardian of the devil spirit. Please grant me power to behead this brat."

"Hehe, you should have made that choice long ago," suddenly, the Devilspirit Sword replied with a sinister voice.

Immediately, the Devilspirit Sword erupted in power. Strands of sinister energy unfurled from it, causing even Xiang Shaoyun to feel a biting chill that forced him to temporarily move out of the way.

"Sword spirit?" Xiang Shaoyun cried out in alarm.

He knew that certain high-end weapons were capable of giving birth to a spirit. These spirits were unique existences possessing inconceivable power. The sinister energy covered Bai Fan, causing him to transform. An even more sinister power enhanced his body, instantly pushing his combat power to the level comparable to a peak Transformation Realm cultivator's. If it wasn't for the limitation of Bai Fan's physique, the transformation could have pushed him straight into the King Realm.

"All of you, become my food!" Bai Fan shouted with a vicious expression on his face. He then unleashed several massive sword energies that flew in all directions.


The sword energies attacked without regard, and both the Green Bamboo Town people and the Redwolf Bandits fell victim. More than 10 people were instantly killed, and the Devilspirit Sword instantly devoured the souls of the dead, which Xiang Shaoyun only noticed through his Nether Soul Domain.

"This person has undergone a devilish transformation. We have to kill him as soon as possible, or he will be the source of a great disaster!" Xiang Shaoyun shouted. He resumed attacking Bai Fan, drawing on his innate purple lightning repeatedly. Each slash of his was akin to a lightning bolt, and he attacked with a resolute determination.

Unfortunately, Bai Fan was too strong in his current form. He swung his sword and blocked all the attacks. Not even the saber intent harmed him.

"Kid, I can sense that you have a powerful soul. So long as you are willing to sacrifice yourself to me, I promise to grant you a power capable of slaying kings and emperors!" Bai Fan persuaded Xiang Shaoyun. 

A devil had clearly possessed Bai Fan.

"Bullshit. You are a devil whose sole desire is to kill and devour souls. If I sacrifice myself to you, I will only turn into an executioner. How about this? You submit to me and become my guardian devil instead," Xiang Shaoyun countered with his own offer.

"You really don't know what's good for you," Bai Fan snorted coldly. Then, an enchanting attack shot out from the Devilspirit Sword, sending Xiang Shaoyun flying away vomiting blood. Even Xiang Shaoyun's king armor cracked under the assault.

From this, it could be seen that the actual grade of this Devilspirit Sword was actually higher than king grade.

"After I devour your soul, you will have no choice but to obey." Bai Fan chased after Xiang Shaoyun and relentlessly attacked.

“Die!" The Green Bamboo Academy principal had finally recovered somewhat, and when he saw an opening, he unleashed a fatal attack upon Bai Fan.

He had put all his power into that attack, determined to kill Bai Fan then and there. Unfortunately, Bai Fan was no longer the same. Thus, the principal was unlikely to succeed.

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