Chapter 165: Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky

I Am Overlord

Bai Fan effortlessly blocked the Green Bamboo Academy principal's attack. It was only now that the principal was alarmed to find that Bai Fan was no longer the same. He quickly retreated, but it was already too late.

"Since you are already here, stay," said Bai Fan whose body drifted over like a phantom. The Devilspirit Sword drew a graceful line on the air and severed the principal's head from his body. 

The Green Bamboo Academy people were greatly shaken.

"T-the p-principal is d-dead! H-he is a devil!"

"Why is he suddenly so strong? F*ck! Let's flee! Otherwise, all of us will die!"

"Bastard! Don't run! Fight him with all we have and avenge our principal!"

"That's right. He is turning mad. Look at how he's killing even his own people. We have to prioritize killing him."


A crack appeared in the unity of the Green Bamboo Town people, with some wanting to flee and some wanting to fight. Because of that, their teamwork became nonexistent. On the other hand, the Redwolf Bandits were all in disbelief. Bai Fan was killing his own people, and a lot of their brothers had fallen in his hands.

"Brothers and sisters of the stronghold, retreat!" commanded the second head, Mo Mo.

In truth, the Redwolf Bandits had been awaiting that command for a long time. The moment they heard it, they retreated back into the stronghold. As for the Green Bamboo Town people, they were too occupied to chase after the retreating bandits. Some of them were busy running, while some were charging toward Bai Fan.

"No, all of you, retreat! You are only running to your deaths! Not only that, you will help him grow stronger by dying under his hands!" Xiang Shaoyun struggled back to his feet and shouted in alarm.

Unfortunately, he was ignored as those people continued their charge. Not only had Bai Fan become stronger, even his offensive power had grown considerably. With each swing of his sword, a head would fly. He almost seemed undefeatable.

The Devilspirit Sword absorbed the incorporeal souls of the dead without stop, and the more it absorbed, the stronger the sinister energy emanating out of the sword became. The Green Bamboo Town people sobered up from their anger when they witnessed the deaths, and they started retreating madly.

Unfortunately, Bai Fan was determined to keep them all there. Thus, he gave chase and continued the killing. Just as Luo Yongcheng was about to be slain as well, a beam shot toward them. Bai Fan was naturally the target of the beam.

Star Destroying Finger!

This was the tier-3 battle technique of Xiang Shaoyun, an attack capable of penetrating the outer energy barrier of a Transformation Realm cultivator to directly harm the inner organs of the target. Bai Fan was able to casually slap such an attack away, but the distraction still managed to give Luo Yongcheng a chance to escape.

"Devilspirit, your opponent is me," Xiang Shaoyun said as he strode toward Bai Fan.

As of this moment, his presence of dragon and tiger had been completely released. His first and second stars were fully activated as well, and his person was shrouded in a majestic purple and gold aura.

"You're only a second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator, yet you already have the power of presence only available to those in the King Realm. Compared to the primordial geniuses, you are decently talented," said Bai Fan with a praising look in his eyes. He paused for a bit and continued, "Too bad you are still too weak. It is your fate to become my sword servant."

The so-called sword servant was a person who acted as a slave of a sword, with the sword being the one to wield the human. That was also Bai Fan's current state. He was now the Devilspirit Sword's sword servant.

"Is that so? Have a taste of my real strength, then," said Xiang Shaoyun. He lifted his saber. Innate purple lightning erupted from him, and a purple dragon soared out of his body.

First stance of Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique, Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky!


With the swing of the saber, a sudden clap of thunder rang out as a bolt of lightning shot toward Bai Fan. This attack was different from an ordinary lightning powered slash. It contained the power of both lightning and saber intent. With the combination of lightning and human saber unity, the saber became one with the lightning as it struck at its target.

Bai Fan's pupils shrank as he tried to capture the trajectory of the saber, but the lightning speed was too fast for his naked eyes to catch. In any case, the Devilspirit wasn't at its full strength. Thus, Bai Fan was unable to dodge the attack and had no choice but to face it head on.

The Devilspirit Sword was swung, sending a wave of sinister energy that was instantly destroyed the moment it touched the lightning power. The lightning power then proceeded unobstructed.


The attack struck, leaving a hole in Bai Fan's stomach, the pain causing him to wail miserably. The Devilspirit could not feel any pain, but Bai Fan could feel it.

"Die!" Xiang Shaoyun's momentum reached the peak as he followed up with another swing of his saber.

The Devilspirit Sword wanted to block the attack again, but Bai Fan's consciousness started resisting, "Devil spirit, I don't want this power anymore. Return me my freedom. I don't want to merge with you."

Because of the struggle of Bai Fan's soul, Devilspirit was unable to swing the sword in time and was struck by Xiang Shaoyun again. The attack nearly slashed Bai Fan's body into two.

"Bastard! I was planning to give you a chance to live, but I am changing my mind. I will deal with you first before dealing with that brat," the devil spirit cursed before fleeing with Bai Fan's injured body.

"Don't dream of leaving!" Xiang Shaoyun wanted to give chase, but he had only taken a few steps when he staggered and collapsed to the ground.

His arms started twitching, and strands of purple energy snaked around them. He had a sensation his arms were going to burst apart, the pain causing him to break out in cold sweat.

That was the backlash of forcefully utilizing the saber technique. With his current strength, he wasn't supposed to be able to use the Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique yet. But he had forcefully used it, and it was natural that he now suffered for it. 

His entire body felt limp, as if he had been completely exhausted of energy. If Bai Fan returned, he would be completely helpless.

Xiang Shaoyun stabbed the saber into the ground and dissolved some spirit stones in his astral cosmos sea to start replenishing his energy. He also dissolved some healing pills to start healing his injuries. He was afraid that some bandits would come out. If that happened, he would definitely die. Thus, he had to first recover enough strength to protect himself.

"Looks like I have to retreat for now," Xiang Shaoyun muttered after recovering some of his energy. But when he tried to walk, he found his legs trembling weakly.

That was the side effect of forcefully using a battle technique beyond his cultivation level. It was unlikely for him to recover before about half a month of rest. Even that speed was already due to his outstanding physique. Anyone else would have required more than a month to recover.

Luckily for him, Luo Yongcheng had come back for him. "Brother Xiang, are you fine?"

"I'm still alive, but I don't think I can walk for now," Xiang Shaoyun said with a bitter smile.

"Come, let me help you back," offered Luo Yongcheng.

Xiang Shaoyun did not hesitate and allowed Luo Yongcheng to help him as they returned to the town. The Redwolf Bandits did not give chase. As for Bai Fan, Xiang Shaoyun had no choice but to spare him for now.

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