Chapter 181: Before the Auction

I Am Overlord

An auction house was something that was present in all major cities. Items sold in the auction house would generally be rare and top-end items. Naturally, through auction, the price of the items sold would also be much higher than the market price.

The Cloud Margin City's auction would be held once per month. According to the shopkeeper, the next auction would be held in two days. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun was left with no choice but to wait.

He continued having Mo Mo visit the various stores and search for an item of extreme cold, but it was too bad that they did not find any. After all, a lot of people were eying the millennium earthcore fire. The people planning to go searching for the fire would naturally make their preparations as well. Nobody would be so stupid as to go without preparing and throw their lives away.

Regardless of whether an item of extreme cold could be found during the auction, Xiang Shaoyun would have to first ensure that he had sufficient wealth on hand. Thus, he took out some vicious gold stones and sent Mo Mo to ask Gong Lianda if the Gong Clan was interested in them. If the Gong Clan showed interest, he would sell the stones to them as a way to allow them to benefit in some way.

The vicious gold stones were similarly obtained from the Golden River Valley. These stones contained vicious gold energy within, and cultivators practicing vicious gold energy would be able to rely on one of these stones to increase their comprehension of vicious gold power, increasing their combat prowess.

These stones were no less valuable than regular goldsteel stones. After seeing the vicious gold stones, Gong Lianda bought all of them without any hesitation. He was clear on what the stones could do. If he sold them at the auction, he would also be able to earn a large sum of wealth. After all, these stones were comparatively rare as well.

Xiang Shaoyun made 1,500 mid-grade spirit crystals from the vicious gold stones. Now, he had a total of 18,500 mid-grade spirit crystals on him. But that wasn’t enough for him. Thus, he took out almost all the regular goldsteel stones he had and sold them all to the Cloud Margin Forging Pavilion.

This time, he sold no less than 1,000 catties of goldsteel stones and made over 10,000 mid-grade spirit crystals, increasing his wealth to about 30,000 mid-grade spirit crystals, which made him richer than even some regular King Realm cultivators. It was a sum of wealth the smaller clans would never be able to take out.

That was the benefit of gathering a large number of materials. After selling all the stones, a large space was emptied in Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea. He was very pleased with the result. 

Two days passed in a flash. Today, Xiang Shaoyun arrived at the auction house with Mo Mo.

The auction was also considered a business of the Cloud Margin Pavilion, and a large number of cultivators had arrived to take part in it. Numerous cultivators mounted on various different beasts could be seen, and roars filled the air. The place in front of the auction house was bustling.

This time, a lot of young cultivators had arrived as well. The men were handsome and heroic, while the women were elegant and graceful. They were all young Transformation Realm experts. They were naturally here for the same reason as Xiang Shaoyun—to look for an item of extreme cold at the auction.

At this time, a young man riding a flame wolf charged over. He emanated a dreadful aura, and his rushed approach caused the nearby cultivators to scatter in panic. The young man was extraordinarily handsome, dressed in a flaming red armor with a flaming red spear hanging on his back. His entire person looked like a dazzling sun. His appearance caused an uproar among the nearby cultivators.

"It's Xie Sanqian! He's here as well! He is a freak in terms of cultivation!"

"Yeah, he is a genius with a six-star physique, capable of battling those above his cultivation realm. It is said that he will enter the King Realm before 30 years old."

"His purpose here at the auction is pretty clear. He had already declared some time ago that the earthcore fire would definitely be his."

Xie Sanqian was an inner disciple of Cloud Margin Pavilion. At the young age of 17, he was already a fifth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. He had recently caught the eyes of an elder. The moment he entered the late stage of the Transformation Realm, he would be accepted as that elder's personal disciple.

From a different direction, a young woman was also riding over on a red-scaled elephant in a carefree manner. This young woman had an even more astonishing background. She was a personal disciple in the Cloud Margin Pavilion and was already an eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator.

Her name was Li Yaxuan. She was 20 years old and was the granddaughter of a King Realm elder. She lounged gracefully on the red-scaled elephant with a lazy expression, her posture showcasing her seductive figure, which attracted the gazes of all the men.

"Even Li Yaxuan is here? I thought she has a Skysoar Realm grandfather? Why is she even here?"

"Maybe she's only here to join in on the fun? Or maybe she's here to look for a man! She once declared that any man her age capable of defeating her will be her cultivation partner."

"How many people her age can defeat her, though? She has a combat prowess comparable to a peak Transformation Realm cultivator. Apart from the few freaks in the Cloud Margin Pavilion, nobody her age is her match."

"Li Yaxuan is totally a seductress. Just the sight of her causes my blood to boil."


Apart from Xie Sanqian and Li Yaxuan, the renowned Bamboo Swordsman, Ye Xuan, had also arrived. Ye Xuan was not a member of the Cloud Margin Pavilion. It was rumored that a Cloud Margin Pavilion elder once wanted to accept him as a disciple but was rejected.

At that time, a lot of people insulted him for being stupid for letting go of such a large opportunity. But he eventually relied on himself and cultivated a mighty combat prowess. Apart from these people, some decently powerful Transformation Realm disciples of the Cloud Margin Pavilion and other organizations had also arrived.

Xiang Shaoyun watched on as everyone arrived. Inwardly, he thought, Looks like it won't be easy to get the earthcore fire. But nobody can hope to stop me! When Xiang Shaoyun and Mo Mo were about to enter the auction hall, a few people suddenly blocked their way.

"Big brother, it's him!" one of them pointed at Xiang Shaoyun and shouted.

The person blocking their way was none other than Wen Jinnuo. Standing beside him was a person Xiang Shaoyun remembered clearly, Wen Jinrui. At Wu Town, Wen Jinrui once fought Xiang Shaoyun over a tiger's tooth at the business district. He was ultimately scared off by Elder Zhen Peng. After that, he even fell victim to Xiang Shaoyun's scheme and was forced to leave the Wu Town in a sorry manner.

Back then, he was only a peak Astral Realm cultivator. Now, he was already a fourth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator and was much stronger than Wen Jinnuo. Reaching that level in the span of one year could only prove that he had gotten quite lucky in his cultivation.

Now, Wen Jinrui was an inner disciple of the Cloud Margin Pavilion, causing him to be even more haughty than before. After hearing about the incident between their clan and Elder Tao Ran, he was forced to leave the pavilion and figure out what was going on. As for why they were here, they were naturally here for the item of extreme cold. Meeting Xiang Shaoyun was merely a coincidence.

Wen Jinrui glared at Xiang Shaoyun and berated, "Kid, you dare to scheme against the Wen Clan? Do you think we don't dare to do anything to you?"

 Xiang Shaoyun did not seem bothered about them at all and merely told them off with an indifferent gaze, "A good dog will know to not block the way. Piss off."

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