Chapter 182: Icesnow Fruit

I Am Overlord

"Are you looking to die?" Wen Jinrui's face darkened.

Despite his anger, he did not do anything. He was clear that the moment he attacked, the Cloud Margin Forging Pavilion people would be dissatisfied with him. At that time, the Wen Clan would suffer even more.

Of course, part of the reason Wen Jinrui was able to hold himself back was due to the mask covering Xiang Shaoyun's real appearance. If he saw Xiang Shaoyun's real face, he would most likely lose control over himself and proceed to attack.

"Hehe, sure, try and attack me. Let's see who will be the one to die," Xiang Shaoyun sneered.

"You're cocky, but I refuse to believe you will stay in the city forever. The moment you leave the city, killing you will be as easy as killing a bug," said Wen Jinrui.

"If you are done talking, piss off," Xiang Shaoyun shouted.

Traces of the tiger's roar were mixed within his shout. In such a short distance, the Wen Clan brothers felt their eardrums humming from the impact. Taking advantage of their momentary stun, Xiang Shaoyun entered the auction hall with Mo Mo.

When the Wen Clan brothers recovered, they both stared at Xiang Shaoyun hatefully. They really wanted to kill him. 

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he tried looking for a VIP room after entering. Unfortunately, the rooms had all been booked. Thus, he was forced to squeeze with the crowd in the main hall.

I have to show myself in front of everyone here? This is annoying! Xiang Shaoyun sat down and grumbled inwardly.

He was worried that if he did manage to buy an item of extreme cold, it would be hard for him to even leave. A lot of people would love nothing more than to reap without sowing. But now, he had no choice but to act in accordance with the circumstances. In any case, he had the human skin mask. He could take the mask off and appear with a new identity anytime he wanted.

Soon, the auction house was filled with people. An auctioneer walked onto the stage and announced the start of the auction. They started the auction with some tier-3 weapons. Sabers, swords, spears...the weapons were taken out one after another. The crowd's excitement grew as the auction proceeded.

Xiang Shaoyun did not care about these weapons, but that did not apply to many people there. Even Mo Mo was growing excited when she saw the weapons, and it was especially true when she saw a female-styled longsword being put up for auction. She liked the sword she saw a lot, to the point she had the urge to start bidding as well.

She was once the second head of the Redwolf Bandits. Thus, she was also quite wealthy and could afford to join the bidding, but she couldn't bring herself to do it with Xiang Shaoyun keeping silent beside her.

Xiang Shaoyun noticed and said, "If anything catches your eyes, feel free to bid. I'm not a cruel leader who gives my followers zero freedom."

Mo Mo was overjoyed. "Thank you, young master."

Thus, she started bidding. Unfortunately, the people of Cloud Margin Pavilion were too rich. She was soon outbid. She sank into sorrow at the realization that after being a bandit for so many years, she couldn't even afford a sword. It was too sad.

"520 low-grade spirit crystals going once! Any new bids?" the auctioneer asked.

"520 low-grade spirit crystals going twice..."

Xiang Shaoyun shot the hesitating Mo Mo a glance before saying, "600 low-grade spirit crystals." 

The increment was too large. Thus, the other bidders all gave up. After all, a tier-3 weapon would generally not be worth more than 500 low-grade spirit crystals. Paying 100 low-grade spirit crystals above the market price was not worth it for many people.

After winning the bid, Xiang Shaoyun asked Mo Mo, "You don't even have a few hundred low-grade spirit crystals? What kind of second head were you?"

Mo Mo blushed and said, "I gave some of my wealth away when disbanding the brothers."

That answered Xiang Shaoyun's question.

"Um, you did well," he praised. After a slight pause, he added, "Feel free to bid for anything that catches your eyes later. I am not one to let my followers down."

Mo Mo was overjoyed. "Thank you, young master."

Soon after, the herb auction segment arrived. The herbs being auctioned were spirit medicines of at least mid-grade and above, with a majority of them being top-grade spirit medicines. Then, an icesnow fruit appeared, causing a large uproar among the crowd.

"This particular icesnow fruit is 500 years old, a top-grade spirit fruit of excellent quality. For those cultivating the power of frost, this fruit will be very helpful. At the same time, it can create frost energy, granting one resistance against regular flames. The starting price of this fruit is 300 low-grade spirit crystals. Each increment can be no lower than 10 low-grade spirit crystals," said the auctioneer.

Lying quietly in a jade case with frost energy rippling out of it repeatedly, the icesnow fruit looked incredibly tantalizing.

"This icesnow fruit is mine! 400 low-grade spirit crystals!" someone immediately placed his bid.

"Dream on. I bid 450 low-grade spirit crystals!"

"I bid 500 low-grade spirit crystals!"


Instantly, the price soared. Before long, it reached the price of 700 low-grade spirit crystals, far surpassing the price of a regular top-grade spirit medicine.

After all, a regular low-grade spirit medicine was worth only a few low-grade spirit crystals and would not exceed 20 low-grade spirit crystals. As for a mid-grade spirit medicine, it was usually worth between 100 to 200 low-grade spirit crystals, while a top-grade spirit medicine was worth about 300 to 500 spirit crystals. But now, the price offered for this fruit had already surpassed the average price by about 200 low-grade spirit crystals.

At this time, a young man in a flaming red armor shouted, "750 low-grade spirit crystals from me, Xie Sanqian. If everyone can do me a favor and allow me to have this fruit, I will forever remember it."

He was Xie Sanqian, the young genius who was not willing to miss out on the fruit. A lot of people stopped bidding, not willing to fight over the fruit with him. But Xiang Shaoyun was similarly not willing to miss out on the fruit either. It would never be bad to gather as many items of extreme cold as possible.

Xiang Shaoyun placed his bid indifferently, "1,000 low-grade spirit crystals." 

As soon as he made his bid, he felt Xie Sanqian's sharp gaze land on him. Xiang Shaoyun met Xie Sanqian's gaze and gave him a completely nonchalant smile. In Xie Sanqian's eyes, that smile was a provocation. Xie Sangqian snorted coldly and increased his bid. Xiang Shaoyun showed no fear and increased his bid as well. This time, he increased it by 100 low-grade spirit crystals, showing a generosity surpassing Xie Sanqian's.

"1,300 low-grade spirit crystals!" Xie Sanqian shouted. This was the most he was willing to pay.

At this point, the price was already slightly over his budget. He still had to save some of his funds for the items that were going to be auctioned next in case something he wanted would appear later.

"1,500 low-grade spirit crystals!" Xiang Shaoyun increased his bid, still as calm as ever, causing many people to look at him in a new light.

"Who is this person exactly? He is showing Xie Sanqian no respect whatsoever. From his looks, he seems extremely wealthy as well."

"He doesn't look familiar. Is he from out of town? Otherwise, he wouldn't be so stupid as to provoke Xie Sanqian."

"Maybe he has a backer as well. But it does not matter. When he is in Cloud Margin City, even if he is a dragon or a tiger, he would have to lie down obediently."

"Just watch on. This is unrelated to us. Although the icesnow fruit is an excellent fruit, it is still not good enough to resist the earthcore fire."

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