Chapter 183: Coldstar Stone

I Am Overlord

Xie Sanqian did not continue increasing his bid. He merely gave Xiang Shaoyun a vicious glare and committed him to his memory. Wen Jinrui was the one who suddenly took part: "1,600 low-grade spirit crystals from me!"

Xiang Shaoyun gave Wen Jinrui a glance, and Wen Jinrui gave him the middle finger provocatively, greatly annoying Xiang Shaoyun.

"1,700 low-grade spirit crystals," Xiang Shaoyun said.

Wen Jinrui continued upping his bid, "1,700 low-grade spirit crystals."

"1,900 low-grade spirit crystals."

"2,000 low-grade spirit crystals."


The two increased their bids one after another, and when Xiang Shaoyun increased the bid to 2,500 low-grade spirit crystals, Wen Jinrui finally stopped.

"Congratulations for getting the icesnow fruit!" Wen Jinrui sneered. He did not have any intention of getting the fruit in the first place. The only reason he joined the bidding war was to annoy Xiang Shaoyun and make him pay more.

To the side, Wen Jinnuo chimed in, "He is stupid but rich, there's no helping it."

Xiang Shaoyun glanced at the two and replied nonchalantly, "Yes, you're right. I have nothing else, but I have a lot of money."

Those words caused the crowd to raise their eyebrows. Some concluded that he was someone who had recently become rich, while some concluded that he was probably a person with a powerful background.

The auction proceeded with battle techniques, cultivation methods, and some damaged king-grade items. More and more people joined in on the bidding war. For them, these battle techniques and cultivation methods were more worth their money than the fruit earlier.

On the other hand, Xiang Shaoyun showed no interest in the battle techniques and cultivation methods. However, he did not forget to instruct Mo Mo to give the Wen Clan brothers some trouble.

He first told Mo Mo to bid for an incomplete king-grade battle technique. The Wen Clan did not miss the chance to mess with their bid and started bidding as well. But the moment they increased the bid to a point nobody else was bidding, Mo Mo stopped.

The Wen Clan brothers were stunned. They never intended to buy this incomplete king-grade battle technique at all!

Wen Jinnuo wiped his sweat and asked, "Big brother, what should we do? How can we even afford 3,800 low-grade spirit crystals?" 

Wen Jinrui had also broken out in cold sweat. He forced himself to calm down and said, "How about asking for father's help? For him, 3,800 low-grade spirit crystals are nothing!"

"B-but without paying, they won't even let us leave!" Wen Jinnuo replied with a sullen face.

They felt like they had raised a rock only to slam it on their own feet. Xiang Shaoyun saw the changes in their expressions from far away and smiled. "Trying to scheme against this young master? You are not enough."

Time passed, and finally, they reached the end of the auction. It was finally time for the auction hall to take out the best treasures they had to auction. The first item was a complete king weapon, starting at 1,000 mid-grade spirit crystals, equivalent to 10,000 low-grade spirit crystals. Its price alone was enough to stop many people in their tracks.

At this point, most of those who were still bidding were basically King Realm cultivators possessing a wealth normal people couldn't compare to. Apart from these Kings, the only ones still bidding were the representatives of the various organizations and clans. A king weapon was extremely attractive to them. Not only would a king weapon increase one's combat power, it was also a symbol of status.

"Young master, are you not interested in the king weapon?" Mo Mo asked curiously when she saw Xiang Shaoyun had his eyes shut in rest.

She was aware that Xiang Shaoyun could totally afford a king weapon. When she saw him doing nothing, her curiosity was piqued. Xiang Shaoyun replied, "A king weapon is only a tool. Without actual strength, not even a king weapon will do much for a person."

Mo Mo savored those words for a bit before saying admiringly, "Young master is wise."

"Um. So long as you stay loyal, king-grade battle techniques and cultivation methods will all be available to you. Don't worry," Xiang Shaoyun said, placating Mo Mo.

To ensure a follower would stay loyal, one had to be sufficiently powerful and needed to provide the follower sufficient benefits for staying loyal. It was something a leader needed to know, and it wasn't a concept that everyone understood. Due to his background as the young master of a powerful sect, Xiang Shaoyun knew more about this than the regular person.

When Mo Mo heard the promise, her heart nearly popped out. If there weren't so many people present, she would have hugged Xiang Shaoyun and planted a kiss on his face in her excitement.

King-grade battle techniques and cultivation methods were things she would never be able to obtain on her own, but she longed greatly for them and wanted nothing more than to obtain one.

Maybe I need to find a chance to seduce the young master, Mo Mo thought to herself.

After two king weapons were auctioned off, a king medicine was put on auction. As the excitement of the crowd was already at an all-time high, the bidding war became even crazier. 

That was a king medicine!

It was something all King Realm cultivators longed for, and it was something very hard to obtain. Just having one appear here to be auctioned off was proof of the Cloud Margin Pavilion's wealth.

After two king medicines were auctioned off, an item of extreme cold that drove all the Transformation Realm cultivators crazy appeared—a coldstar stone! The coldstar stone was a rare stone that would only appear at a location of extreme cold. Holding the stone in the hand would instantly turn a person into an ice statue. It was a supreme treasure for those cultivating the power of frost.

"This is it!" Xiang Shaoyun's eyes lit up.

The coldstar stone was capable of resisting the most extreme of flames. It would be the best tool one could have when approaching the earthcore fire. The starting price of this coldstar stone was 1,500 mid-grade spirit crystals. It was not cheap at all.

"2,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. The stone belongs to me, Ye Xuan," said Ye Xuan who had been staying silent all the while.

Apart from him, the many inner disciples of Cloud Margin Pavilion and even the personal disciples were starting to bid as well. Additionally, a few clans were also joining in the bidding. Everyone knew that with the coldstar stone, they would have a chance to approach the earthcore fire. With that, they would have a shot at subduing the earthcore fire. 

Thus, regardless of the price, everyone wanted to obtain the coldstar stone. After a while, the price reached 3,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. It was an extremely high price, but a lot of people were still bidding madly.

"I offer 3,500 mid-grade spirit crystals," Li Yaxuan's voice rang out.

Another voice rang out from a different VIP room, "3,600 mid-grade spirit crystals from me."

Xie Sanqian placed his bid as well, "3,700 mid-grade spirit crystals from me."

By this point, each increment was about 100 mid-grade spirit crystals. Nobody was madly raising the price in large increments anymore. After all, they were bidding with mid-grade spirit crystals, not low-grade spirit crystals. Not everyone would be able to wantonly spend mid-grade spirit crystals.

When the price reached about 4,000 mid-grade spirit crystals, the number of bidders started dropping. The latest bid was placed by an unknown person from within a VIP room. His determination to obtain the stone was clear for all to see.

That price forced even Xie Sanqian to give up on it. On the other hand, Ye Xuan was still bidding, causing many people to see him in a new light. Many here knew that the Ye Clan was only a tiny clan. When had they become so rich?

They immediately concluded that Ye Xuan was most definitely hiding a big secret. When the price reached 4,500 mid-grade spirit crystals, Li Yaxuan was forced to stop as well. That price was already far beyond the coldstar stone's actual market price.

Just as everyone slowly stopped bidding, a lazy voice suddenly rang out, "5,000 mid-grade spirit crystals."

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