Chapter 184: The Headband From the Ancient Forbidden Grounds

I Am Overlord

The new bidder was none other than Xiang Shaoyun. He had been waiting for everyone to be done bidding before he joined in. His timing was perfect. After he spoke, he attracted everyone's gaze. Everyone started wondering who this ordinary-looking man actually was for him to be so rich. They recalled how that man had said earlier that he had a lot of money. It would seem like he wasn't kidding at all when he had said that.

"He must have made all those spirit crystals from selling the top-quality goldsteel stone," Wen Jinnuo said to his brother with an envious look.

"Hmph. He can't stay cocky for long. Soon, everything he has will be ours," Wen Jinrui narrowed his eyes and said.

Li Yaxuan, Xie Sanqian, and Ye Xuan were also starting to pay attention to Xiang Shaoyun. They could sense that Xiang Shaoyun did not feel particularly strong. On the other hand, the young woman by Xiang Shaoyun's side attracted more of their attention.

A voice rang out from the VIP room, "5,100 mid-grade spirit crystals."

Xiang Shaoyun replied without any hesitation, "6,000 mid-grade spirit crystals."

His act of increasing the bid by 900 mid-grade spirit crystals in one go created an uproar.

"Who exactly is that person? Is he stupid? Why is he raising the bid by such a large increment?"

"I guess he is so rich he has no place to spend his spirit crystals. That is why he is using the spirit crystals so wastefully."

"No, if he can get the coldstar stone and then the earthcore fire through these spirit crystals, it would be completely worth it. However, it won't be easy at all to get the earthcore fire."

"Just keep watching. That kid might have a strong background for him to be acting so fearlessly."


Xiang Shaoyun did not care at all what these people thought of him. In his eyes, spirit crystals were merely a currency to be spent. After spending them, he could always earn more. As for the coldstar stone, it was extremely rare, and it might be the only one he could get for now. Thus, he could not miss out on it.

"This young master has just offered 6,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. Any other bids?" asked the auctioneer in excitement. He was only expecting to auction the coldstar stone off for about 4,500 mid-grade spirit crystals. Surprisingly, a whale had appeared today.

"7,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. If you can offer more, I will give up," said the person in the VIP room after a short silence.

"Sure. 7,100 mid-grade spirit crystals. Thank you," Xiang Shaoyun smiled.

After listening to Xiang Shaoyun's final offer, everyone heaved a sigh of relief and thought that the fellow was still normal after all. If Xiang Shaoyun had insisted on increasing the price by another 1,000 mid-grade spirit crystals, they would most likely have gone crazy on his behalf. 

Xiang Shaoyun had successfully won the bid, but the actual trade would only be made after the end of the auction.

Heh, this trip is worth it after all, Xiang Shaoyun thought joyfully.

"Alright. Let us move on to our final item," announced the auctioneer before signaling the employees to bring out an item. The moment the item appeared, the Nether Soul Domain in Xiang Shaoyun's head suddenly reacted. It grew so excited it nearly charged out of his head.

What is that? Xiang Shaoyun immediately turned solemn.

The auctioneer then removed the black cloth covering the item, revealing an item enclosed within a crystal case. It was a crude looking headband with the shape of a coiling dragon. On the hoop, pieces similar to dragon scales could be seen. Two roaring dragon heads connected the two ends of the headband. The dragons, seeming incredibly lively, looked like they were fighting over a pearl.

Something seemed to be missing from the pearl in between the two dragon heads, which was most likely the most important part of the headband. Without it, the headband looked incredibly normal, like an average ornament. Everyone was confused when they saw the headband that had lost the power it should have had.

"This is an item obtained from the Ancient Forbidden Grounds. Although it looks completely worthless now, is anyone interested at all to figure out if there is any secret hidden within it?" asked the auctioneer.

Some of the people were moved when they heard the statement. The Ancient Forbidden Grounds was an extremely dangerous place that only those at the peak of King Realm and beyond could enter. Would an item from that place be an ordinary item? Everyone would be curious, and all of them now wanted a chance to properly study the headband.

At this time, the auctioneer spoke again, "Of course, you don't have to be afraid of this investment being a loss. The headband is at least a king equipment, and wearing it will protect your head against the attack of king weapons. Alright then. The starting bid is 5,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. Each increment can be no lower than 500 mid-grade spirit crystals."

This time, nobody impatiently placed a bid immediately after the auctioneer finished his introduction. They all knew the item would definitely not be an ordinary item. The Cloud Margin Pavilion had most likely studied it extensively. They had probably found nothing if they were actually putting something this valuable up for auction.

Nobody here was an idiot. Thus, they were hesitating. Even after a long while, nobody was saying anything. The auctioneer grew somewhat nervous seeing that.

"This is an ancient headband. Are none of you interested? Perhaps a great secret is hidden within. If you miss out on it, you won't get a second chance," said the auctioneer.

Someone said, "If it is really something good, why would the Cloud Margin Pavilion auction it off? I reckon it is probably worthless."

With someone taking the lead, others started echoing the same sentiment.

"Yeah. A starting bid of 5,000 mid-grade spirit crystals for something like this is too much. How about 3,000 mid-grade spirit crystals? If that is the price, I don't mind paying it. Consider it a research fee."

"That's right. This item has definitely been proven to be useless. It doesn't matter how tough it is if it is completely out of energy. How can something like that even protect one's head? That is clearly a lie."

"Even if the Cloud Margin Pavilion can't figure out this thing's secret, it doesn't mean nobody can. But that price is too expensive."

"Forget it, let's leave. Can't believe I waited so long just for something like this."


Some of them started leaving. The auctioneer smiled bitterly, not knowing what to say anymore. After all, he himself was aware that despite the item's origin, after losing its function, it was now useless.

At this time, Xiang Shaoyun said indifferently, "I offer 5,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. I don't mind using it purely as a head ornament. It does look quite trendy, after all."

The auctioneer nearly staggered and fell to the ground. Spending 5,000 mid-grade spirit crystals for a head ornament? Those were some really boastful words. The people still remaining in the auction hall looked at Xiang Shaoyun with complicated expressions. Some were envious, some were sneering, some were full of hate...but none were fighting over the headband with him.

The auctioneer heaved a sigh of relief for being able to auction off the final item. If he failed to auction it off, he would be the one to shoulder the blame. The instant Xiang Shaoyun heard the confirmation that his bid was successful, he heaved a breath of relief and thought, Luckily I got Mo Mo to taunt the crowd for a bit. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to get this thing so easily.

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