Chapter 235: This Kid Is Actually a War King

I Am Overlord

Qin Yu was a person who kept mostly to himself and focused only on cultivation. He had been trying very hard to reach the second stage of the Skysoar Realm. He had not been paying much attention to Xiang Shaoyun who had just arrived at the estate. But surprisingly, this newcomer only took half a month to get his junior brother kicked out.

He had also heard from the other followers in the estate of how special a treatment his master had accorded this newcomer. When he arrived, he found that the followers were right. This fellow was actually having a feast here, not behaving like how a follower should at all.

Xiang Shaoyun raised his head and looked at Qin Yu calmly. "Elder Qin, shouldn't you be asking Elder Long about this instead?"

Xiang Shaoyun was no longer the same person. He now had the jade plate given by Hua Cheng. With that plate, he could probably do whatever he wanted in the Cloud Margin Pavilion. He had no need to stay deferential before Qin Yu. In any case, this person was here for Zhuo Yi. There was no need for him to show this person any respect.

"Impudent!" Qin Yu fumed and bellowed before kicking Xiang Shaoyun's dining table.


The table flipped, and the food fell everywhere. Xiang Shaoyun was able to avoid all the food, but his mood had been completely ruined.

"You dare glare at me? Impudent! Do you think you don't have to show me respect just because of your relationship with my master? Men, beat him to death!" shouted Qin Yu while glaring at Xiang Shaoyun.

He was a Skysoar Realm King and an elder of Cloud Margin Pavilion. He wouldn't lower himself to personally attack a Transformation Realm kid. At his command, a group of people charged into the room. They were all the followers residing in Long Hui's estate. They were all Transformation Realm cultivators, with two of them having a higher cultivation level than him.

In Long Hui's estate, after Long Hui, the person who enjoyed the most power was naturally Qin Yu. His command was like an imperial edict for them. Without any hesitation, they all rushed Xiang Shaoyun.

"Who do you think you are to dare offend Elder Qin like this?" shouted someone who was eager to prove himself. This was also the first person to attack.

As a response, Xiang Shaoyun merely shut his eyes and kicked. Despite attacking after that man attacked, his kick landed first, sending the man flying.

"Very well. Everyone, go. If he dares resist, kill!" Qin Yu shouted with a frown.

He had never imagined that a follower would dare disobey him like that. This follower was completely disrespecting him. This time, Xiang Shaoyun did not wait for the attacks to arrive. Instead, he attacked. Moving at a rapid speed, his overbearing fist shot out repeatedly.

Bang! Bang!

The room wasn't that big, and the impact of the punches immediately filled the room with a series of explosions. The followers weren't even able to approach Xiang Shaoyun before they were all sent flying, including a peak eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. For Xiang Shaoyun, these people were nothing.

After doing all that, Xiang Shaoyun acted like he had done something completely insignificant. He looked at Qin Yu, who was in shock, and said, "Elder Qin, let's talk outside. If we stay here, I don't think the room will hold."

He then strode past Qin Yu, completely unworried that Qin Yu would suddenly attack. Qin Yu had not seen any of this coming. Xiang Shaoyun actually dared to walk past him like that, displaying complete contempt toward him.

He was about to attack when he suddenly sensed the presence of dragon and tiger emanating from Xiang Shaoyun. Instantly, he felt like a sovereign had descended, giving him an intense sense of pressure. It caused Qin Yu to stand there blankly, not daring to attack as Xiang Shaoyun casually sauntered out of the room. When he finally noticed that he had been frightened into inaction, he felt completely embarrassed.

"Let's see how strong a Transformation Realm kid like you can be," Qin Yu cursed before leaving the room as well. 

Outside the room, Xiang Shaoyun did not try to escape. Rather, he stood there in complete calmness waiting for Qin Yu.

It's time to test my current combat prowess, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

Ever since he had reached seventh-stage Transformation Realm, he had not gotten into a fight where he had to use his full power. Having a great opponent like Qin Yu was something he himself had been longing for.

"Elder Qin, if you want to make a move against me, you have to do it yourself," said Xiang Shaoyun with complete disdain.

When Qin Yu saw how confident Xiang Shaoyun was, he started hesitating. The person before him clearly knew he was a Skysoar Realm cultivator yet still dared to challenge him. He was either a mentally challenged person or someone who had something he was relying on. Of the two, the latter was more believable.

Does he really think that master will protect him? Qin Yu questioned himself.

"Huh? I thought Elder Qin was very angry just a moment ago. Why are you suddenly scared?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.

"You sure have a boastful mouth. Fine. I will teach you a lesson on behalf of my master," said Qin Yu.

As a Skysoar Realm expert, why should he be afraid of a Transformation Realm kid? Qin Yu attacked, sending a claw attack flying toward Xiang Shaoyun like a fiery dragon. A King was indeed different from ordinary cultivators. The moment he attacked, an extraordinary might was unleashed. His claw attack was strong enough to rip any Transformation Realm cultivator apart.

Xiang Shaoyun was able to clearly see the entirety of the attack with his pair of keen eyes. He quickly used his footwork and avoided the attack before pushing in toward Qin Yu. Moving like a phantom, Xiang Shaoyun arrived before Qin Yu in the blink of an eye. There, he sent a claw attack toward Qin Yu as well.

First stance of the Seven Scorching Sun Claws, Iron Tearing Stance!

Xiang Shaoyun arrived and attacked quickly, but Qin Yu was nevertheless a Skysoar Realm expert. He was naturally equipped with an incredible reaction time, as he quickly reacted. He countered with yet another claw attack, clasping Xiang Shaoyun's claw attack.

Xiang Shaoyun's other hand did not remain idle as it clawed at Qin Yu repeatedly with strands of flame swirling around it. Qin Yu had not expected that Xiang Shaoyun was actually powerful enough to battle a King. He no longer dared to be careless and gradually unleashed his full power.

Pa! Pa!

The two fought without stop, creating a series of intense explosions in the courtyard. Numerous terrifying claw marks were left in their surroundings. After a while, Xiang Shaoyun's new set of clothes were reduced to shreds. Qin Yu was no better off either, as the defensive barrier formed of his kingly barrier was unable to block Xiang Shaoyun's attack at all.

The longer the fight went on, the more fearful Qin Yu felt. He finally understood why his master favored the kid so much.

So this kid is actually a War King!

The so-called War King was a title given to those possessing combat prowess comparable to a King before reaching the Skysoar Realm. From the combat prowess Xiang Shaoyun was displaying, he had obviously reached that level.

"Even if you are a War King, you still can't step on me! Lose already!" Qin Yu shouted furiously as he clawed madly with both hands.

Flame Dragon Tearing the Clouds!

It was as if a flame dragon had appeared, soaring straight into the sky with sharp, fearsome claws capable of destroying everything in existence.

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