Chapter 236: Defeating a King

I Am Overlord

Qin Yu was no longer holding back, completely surrounding himself in a kingly presence. Suppressing an opponent with presence before killing the opponent with attack techniques was a combat tactic only available when one reached the King Realm. Naturally, Xiang Shaoyun was unaffected by Qin Yu's kingly suppression. His presence of dragon and tiger surged out, instantly pushing his combat prowess up.

Third stance of Seven Scorching Sun Claws, Silver Tearing Stance!

Two different claw energies clashed repeatedly in the air, threatening to rip everything in their surroundings to shreds. The intense collisions fell all the trees in the courtyard. In the first series of exchanges, a bloody claw wound was left on Xiang Shaoyun's chest, and he was also jolted backward by the kingly presence.

"Kid, do you think just because you are a War King, you are comparable to a true King? You are too naive! Die!" After gaining an advantage over Xiang Shaoyun, Qin Yu roared with laughter as he pressed on, trying to rip his opponent apart with violent claw attacks.

Although Xiang Shaoyun had been injured in the first exchange, it did not mean he would remain in a disadvantaged position all the time. He pushed his eyes to the extreme, stripping Qin Yu's attacks completely naked before him. Then, he utilized his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps and moved, leaving a series of afterimages everywhere.

Qin Yu's claw attacks only landed on the afterimages and were unable to harm Xiang Shaoyun. Like the wind, Xiang Shaoyun's body drifted everywhere before he attacked from Qin Yu's flank using the same Silver Tearing Stance. A thin layer of Yun Flame's power was wrapped around the claw, greatly increasing the offensive might of Xiang Shaoyun’s attacks.

Qin Yu had not expected Xiang Shaoyun's speed to suddenly rise sharply, but he was confident in the layer of energy around him and was not afraid of Xiang Shaoyun's attacks at all. Unfortunately, he had underestimated Xiang Shaoyun's offensive power. The claw tore through his defense like butter and left a deep claw wound on his shoulder.

Qin Yu hissed in pain and quickly dodged to the side. He wanted to send an instant counterattack, but the wound on his shoulder actually started burning, further worsening his wound.

"Piss off!" Qin Yu howled as his energy rippled out, jolting the flame off his shoulder.

That short distraction was enough for Xiang Shaoyun to launch a fierce offensive. He turned his claw into a fist and sent punches powered by white tiger energy toward his opponent. The golden energy carried with it a dreadful destructiveness that was able to smash Qin Yu's defense apart.

After being hit by two punches in a row, Qin Yu could no longer keep calm. He directly flew up, getting away from Xiang Shaoyun's following attacks. Circulating his energy repeatedly, he pushed the flame and golden energy out of his body. He then fiercely glared down at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Today, I won't stop unless I kill you!"

He then dove down from the air with a fiery sword in his hand. A flaming crane shot out from the tip of the sword and flew straight at Xiang Shaoyun, who greeted the crane with a fully powered punch.

Gold Helix Fist!

The revolving energy was powerful enough to break all defenses, and combined with the prowess of the golden energy, the punch directly smashed the crane apart. That was only the first of Qin Yu's attacks. In the blink of an eye, nearly 100 sword energies shot down from the sky. Numerous flaming cranes surrounded Xiang Shaoyun, trying to tear him apart.

One ought to admit that the height advantage gave Qin Yu a great superiority in the fight, forcing Xiang Shaoyun into a defensive position. Defeat was only a matter of time if one stayed on the defensive. A few more new wounds had already appeared on Xiang Shaoyun's body. He was already doing very well just staying alive.

"Hahaha, I will slice your flesh off one piece at a time, making you die in pain!" said Qin Yu with a cocky smile. Xiang Shaoyun did not reply. He started running around the courtyard, avoiding Qin Yu's attacks. By this point, the courtyard had been completely ravaged by Qin Yu's flame attacks.

Suddenly, Xiang Shaoyun leaped on the roof before he propelled himself toward Qin Yu. At the same instant, he unleashed all his power. Even the innate purple lightning in his lightning bone was ready to attack. He seemed to have turned into a lightning bolt that shot toward Qin Yu at an extremely fast speed.

Qin Yu had not expected such a sudden change and couldn't fly higher in time. The only thing he could do was meet the incoming attack with a slash of his sword.

Raging Crane Forest!

It was an attack Qin Yu had unleashed with all his power. The wrath of a King should never be underestimated. Even a mountain could be flattened if one wanted. Right this moment, the energy around Xiang Shaoyun changed. It was as if a pair of wings had grown out of his back, instantly changing his trajectory midair.

It completely caught Qin Yu by surprise. His attack completely missed. On top of that, he was once again flanked by Xiang Shaoyun.

Lightning Bolt Fist!

Both of Xiang Shaoyun's fists shot out. Powered by his innate purple lightning, his fists turned into lightning bolts that shot toward his opponent. He attacked with full power, releasing an offensive power comparable to second-stage Skysoar Realm experts.


The unprepared Qin Yu was struck. His defense instantly crumbled, and he started dropping from the sky. Xiang Shaoyun continued attacking, blasting his opponent repeatedly with his fists. As for Qin Yu, he was reduced into a punching bag that could only take the attacks helplessly.

Lightning energy was the most offensive power in the world, and not even a Skysoar Realm expert like Qin Yu could last long under its attack. Fortunately for Qin Yu, Xiang Shaoyun did not intend to kill him. Qin Yu was only badly beaten up, and after Xiang Shaoyun was done venting his anger, he stopped.

By the time the beating ended, Qin Yu's entire body was scorched black. His aura was extremely chaotic, and his body was badly ridden with wounds. He had to struggle just to stand back up.

"Y-you..." Qin Yu's eyes were opened wide as he tried to speak. But he kept coughing up blood, so he couldn't even form complete sentences.

"I will spare your life out of respect for Elder Long. If you dare provoke this young master in the future, you won't be let off so easily," said Xiang Shaoyun indifferently.

Qin Yu did not know what to say at that. Thus, he directly gave up and fainted. It was simply too embarrassing to be defeated by a Transformation Realm kid. At a different corner of the courtyard, the followers and servants had witnessed the entirety of the battle. All of them were extremely shocked.

It was only now that they realized this young man was actually a War King. When they looked at Xiang Shaoyun again, they looked at him with revering eyes. Xiang Shaoyun glanced at them and said nonchalantly, "Carry Elder Qin away and begin treating him. Also, clean up the mess in the courtyard. Otherwise, you will be the ones to suffer when Elder Long returns."

The trembling followers quickly did as told.

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