Chapter 244: Offended Someone Again?

I Am Overlord

"Vice palace master, it is better if my disciple explains it," said Liu Xinji. He looked at Zi Changhe and continued, "Explain Xiang Shaoyun's origin in detail to the vice pavilion master."

Zi Changhe hesitated slightly but ultimately told the vice pavilion master what he knew. He was aware that the information about Xiang Shaoyun couldn't be hidden forever anyway. If this vice pavilion master wanted to know, he would have a way to find out everything with or without him.

"Oh, a five stars illuminating the sky physique, and reaching seventh-stage Transformation Realm from third-stage Basic Realm in only two years?" Tian Xu muttered as his eyes lit up.

In small towns, a five stars illuminating the sky physique might be extremely rare. But in Cloud Margin City, a disciple with this physique would appear every year during their recruitment.

Therefore, the five-star physique was not the thing that had shocked Tian Xu. He was more astonished by the speed at which Xiang Shaoyun was growing. All of these Cloud Margin Pavilion geniuses were individuals who had cultivated since young. By relying on talent and luck, they were able to grow one step at a time.

However, in a short period of two years, Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation level had soared crazily. That was incredibly shocking. Apart from his speed, he was also a War King, which made it clear his growth was not due to herbs or pills. Rather, he had been growing stably through both talent and luck.

Looks like this is a young man with great fortune, concluded Tian Xu inwardly.

At this time, Liu Xinji spoke, "Xiang Shaoyun was brought here by Elder Long Hui. I heard he is Elder Long Hui's distant relative. I wanted to accept Xiang Shaoyun as my disciple, but Elder Long Hui was unwilling to agree. But he has not accepted Xiang Shaoyun as a disciple either. He has just been allowing that kid to stay in his estate. I had never expected that kid to have caused such a great commotion."

Liu Xinji could see that this vice pavilion master was also thinking of accepting Xiang Shaoyun as a disciple. That was why he had intentionally reminded the vice palace master that Xiang Shaoyun still did not have a master for now.

Sure enough, a faint smile surfaced on Tian Xu's face as he said, "Good. Go bring this kid here for me to take a look at him. A young man with such extraordinary talent is someone worthy of being raised by me personally."

"Yes, vice pavilion master," said Liu Xinji.

This vice pavilion master was not the only person who had taken interest in Xiang Shaoyun. Many other elders had the same thought as well. As the culprit of all this, Xiang Shaoyun himself had no idea how much of a commotion he had caused. He was currently checking out the estate Zither Empress had given him.

It was completely out of his expectation that the estate was only 100 meters away from Gong Qinyin's estate. They were practically neighbors now! The estate was extremely delicate and was also not inferior to Gong Qinyin's estate. It was an excellent spot for cultivation.

But thinking about it, Xiang Shaoyun came to the conclusion that this had most likely been an occupied estate. Otherwise, the servants wouldn't have been in such a rush to clear it.

Beside Xiang Shaoyun, Gong Qinyin noticed the doubtful look on his face and said, "A senior brother used to stay here. But...uhm...that senior brother could no longer stay here. Therefore, Granny Mei got him to move out and let you stay here instead."

"Wait, so I have offended someone out of nowhere again?" Xiang Shaoyun asked gloomily.

He could guess that the person who stayed here previously was most likely someone with great talent in cultivation as well, or perhaps that that was someone with a decent background. With the Zither Empress forcing that person out of this estate, the blame would most certainly land on Xiang Shaoyun.

"Don't worry, Shaoyun. Nobody in the pavilion dares to disobey my master," said Gong Qinyin proudly. She continued, "In any case, that senior brother has lost his qualification to continue staying here."

From how Gong Qinyin was speaking, the previous owner of this place had probably experienced something that had caused him to lose favor.

Whatever. I will deal with the trouble when the trouble comes, Xiang Shaoyun said to himself.

Gong Qinyin did not remain by Xiang Shaoyun's side. After giving him some introduction to the estate, she returned to her own estate and resumed her cultivation. She was feeling great pressure from the prowess Xiang Shaoyun had displayed.

Right after Gong Qinyin returned to her own estate, she called Granny Mei over and said, "Granny Mei, can you help keep an eye on Shaoyun? I really don't want anything bad to happen to him. I believe my master wishes the same as well."

Granny Mei nodded. "Don't worry, young lady. I was the one who had personally arranged the new accommodation for him. I believe the news of that will spread soon. Nobody will dare create trouble at the estate."

"Um, that's good to know. Alright, I'm resuming my cultivation," said Gong Qinyin before entering her cultivation room.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun had just summoned Long Hui over to find out more about the estate's previous owner. Long Hui clearly knew about the previous owner as well. He did not need to ask anyone and was able to directly tell Xiang Shaoyun about the previous owner.

"Only the super geniuses of the pavilion will be able to stay in estates like this. These geniuses are the best of the best in the pavilion. The disciple staying here previously is called Liang Zhuangmin, a rather simple and honest child. He is very talented and had reached peak Transformation Realm at a young age of 22 years old. His speed was even faster than the likes of our current superstars such as the Young Lightning King, Young Eagle King, and Flower Immortal King. 

"The pavilion looked very highly upon him and had given him this estate and had also supplied him with a rich amount of cultivation resources. They all hoped he could reach the King Realm as soon as possible, but it is a pity that he was stuck as a Transformation Realm cultivator for seven whole years. Even after the pavilion gave him some king-grade medicines to help with his cultivation, he was still stuck. Thus, he became a source of disappointment instead."

Xiang Shaoyun was astounded to hear the story. Reaching peak Transformation Realm at 22 years old was an absolutely stunning cultivation talent in a small city like this, but he was actually stuck for 7 years? Sure, an ordinary cultivator could even be stuck at the same cultivation level for 17 years and nobody would say anything about it. But for a genius, 7 years was a long time.

For the so-called geniuses, they competed in terms of talent and cultivation speed. The faster their growth, the more time they would have to grow even more. After missing the window of opportunity during one's prime, a so-called genius would be reduced into history.

This time, Granny Mei's act of chasing this genius out of the estate was most likely a signal that the pavilion was already giving up on this genius. 

After listening to the story, Xiang Shaoyun did not ask more about it. He proceeded to tell Long Hui to get Xia Liuhui, Wang Zhenchuan, and Lu Xiaoqing into the inner pavilion.

Xiang Shaoyun had decided on that after his fight with the Lightning Alliance. He was afraid that the Lightning Alliance would do something against the three instead. Bringing them to the inner pavilion was something trivial that Long Hui could easily accomplish.

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