Chapter 245: Martial Uncle Is Amazing

I Am Overlord

Making use of his authority as an elder, Long Hui sent his followers to summon Lu Xiaoqing, Xia Liuhui, and Wang Zhenchuan to his estate and let them cultivate there. All three of them were shocked and excited. 

They were shocked because they had not expected that Elder Long Hui would suddenly do something like that. They were excited to have a chance to cultivate in the inner pavilion, as its cultivation environment was much better than the outer pavilion's.

"Why is Elder Long Hui taking care of us so well? Is it because of Shaoyun?" asked Lu Xiaoqing doubtfully.

Xia Liuhui said confidently, "Definitely. Only my boss is that capable. Looks like my boss is afraid that the gap between us and him will be too big. That's why he helped us enter the inner pavilion."

Wang Zhenchuan agreed, "Yes, we need to work even harder in our cultivation."

At present, an overseer under Long Hui was arranging their accommodation in an extremely friendly manner. They were also told to cultivate here without worries and to look for him if they needed anything.

"Lord overseer, can I ask where my boss, Xiang Shaoyun, is?" Xia Liuhui couldn't help but to ask about his boss.

The overseer's name was He Can. He was a peak Transformation Realm cultivator serving as a butler in Long Hui's estate. He flashed them a friendly smile and answered, "Lord Xiang is not here."

"No way! My boss was still here when we came a month ago," questioned Xia Liuhui.

"Liuhui, don't be rude!" berated Lu Xiaoqing.

Xia Liuhui was only an Astral Realm cultivator. Questioning an overseer like that was considered very rude. Xia Liuhui also realized what he did was wrong and quickly apologized, "S-sorry, lord overseer, I have a big mouth, but I don't mean to question your words."

He Can waved his hand. With the same smile on his face, he said, "Don't be nervous. It's not like I'll eat you or something." He continued, "Lord Xiang is heroic and talented. Of course he can't keep staying at Elder Long Hui's place. He now has his own estate, which is even better than this place."

"I see. So my boss has his own estate now. My boss is awesome!" said Xia Liuhui.

Lu Xiaoqing also felt proud with what Xiang Shaoyun had accomplished. "I knew Shaoyun would amaze everyone here!"

When He Can heard that, he started sighing and said, "Yes, Lord Xiang has truly amazed everyone here with a single brilliant feat. Now, nobody in the inner pavilion doesn't know his name."

"Oh? What's the story, lord overseer? Has my boss done something shocking?" Xia Liuhui asked.

He had always known that his boss was not someone who would sit around silently doing nothing. Instead, his boss was someone who wouldn't rest without doing something amazing every now and then.

"Hehe, Lord Xiang fought nearly a quarter of the Lightning Alliance members all by himself. Even one of the four great guardians, Qiu Chonglei, was defeated by him," said He Can before leaving.

Inwardly, he lamented, These three sure are lucky to have a friend as outstanding as Lord Xiang. He is a Super War King who can defeat even a King like Elder Qin Yu.

A Super War King referred to someone like Xiang Shaoyun who was able to defeat a King Realm expert before even reaching peak Transformation Realm. That was much more terrifying than those War Kings who could only defeat Kings after reaching peak Transformation Realm.

He Can left, leaving behind Xia Liuhui, Lu Xiaoqing, and Wang Zhenchuan standing there blankly. Yes, they were outer disciples. But that did not mean that they were not aware of the Lightning Alliance's existence.

After all, the Lightning Alliance had always been recruiting the more remarkable outer disciples. Thus, they were aware of how powerful the Lightning Alliance was. And Xiang Shaoyun was able to fight a quarter of the Lightning Alliance all by himself. He had even defeated one of the four great guardians. Just what sort of accomplishment was that?

After a while, Xia Liuhui cried out in excitement, "My boss is really too amazing! In the future, with his backing, nobody can bully me in the Cloud Margin Pavilion anymore!"

Wang Zhenchuan also spoke in excitement, "My martial uncle is really amazing."

But Lu Xiaoqing did not look too happy. An anxious look was on her face instead. "I heard the Lightning Alliance leader is a very strong senior brother. He is known as the number one person below the Skysoar Realm. Shaoyun wouldn't have gotten himself into deep trouble, right?"

Both Xia Liuhui and Wang Zhenchuan were stunned. They were too busy being happy and had neglected the fact that the Lightning Alliance was a scary enemy to have.

"Sister-in-law, I-I think my boss will be fine. Didn't you hear the lord overseer addressing my boss as Lord Xiang? Elder Long Hui will not allow any harm to come my boss's way," said Xia Liuhui.

"Yes, you are right. But I am tired of feeling like this all the time. I need to grow faster. I am going to challenge the limit rooms!" said Lu Xiaoqing with a resolute look on her face. She looked at Xia Liuhui and Wang Zhenchuan before saying, "I hope you two can go with me as well. We need to grow as soon as possible. That way, we will be of help to Shaoyun."

Xia Liuhui and Wang Zhenchuan nodded without hesitation. They both agreed with what she said. With their average talent, they had to work even harder in order to grow faster.


In He Luo's estate, the person he sent to kill Xiang Shaoyun had returned.

"Lord, the disciple who had accidentally killed Changshui has been crippled. As for that Xiang Shaoyun, I...I'm afraid we won't be able to do anything to him," said the overseer with a complicated expression.

"Why? Not even you people can defeat him? Or is someone protecting him?" asked He Luo with a frown.

The overseer replied, "Xiang Shaoyun is now staying in a first class estate under Granny Mei's arrangement."

He Luo's expression changed visibly when he heard that. "Granny Mei arranged a first-class estate for him? Is he also a disciple of the Zither Empress?"

"I don't know about that, but his estate is only 100 meters away from the estate of Zither Empress's disciple," said the overseer, trying to hint at something.

He was trying to say that in this situation, even if Xiang Shaoyun was not a disciple of Zither Empress, he was most likely a lover of Zither Empress's disciple and had gained the favor of the Zither Empress as well. After all, in the Cloud Margin Pavilion, Granny Mei was a representative of the Zither Empress. Even the current pavilion master had to show her some respect.

He Luo sank into silence. After a long while, he shrugged helplessly. "Fine, we will let this rest for now. Just let the Lightning Kid deal with him."

Since he already knew that Xiang Shaoyun was under Zither Empress's care, he could no longer do anything. Even if he convened an elder meeting to call for Xiang Shaoyun's punishment, nothing would come of it.

After all, the person who had killed his disciple was someone else. Xiang Shaoyun merely had a conflict with his dead disciple. 

Currently, Xiang Shaoyun's estate was bustling with noise and excitement. The subordinates of many elders had arrived, all here to look for him.

Xiang Shaoyun had not expected that so many people would come looking for him. When he first saw them, he thought they were looking for trouble. To his surprise, they were all sent by those high-level elders who wanted to see him.

It placed him in a rather difficult position.

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