Chapter 246: A Dog Bullying Others With the Power of Its Master

I Am Overlord

"You're Xiang Shaoyun? My lord wants to meet you. Are you willing to come with me?" an overseer with a short height was the first to start.

"I wonder who your lord is?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

"My lord is the eighteenth elder, Lord Chen Kuan," stated the overseer proudly.

In the Cloud Margin Pavilion, all the top 20 elders were famed and reputable individuals. All of them had the cultivation level of at least seventh-stage Skysoar Realm. Thus, the pride of this overseer was understandable.

"Ohhh, you’re real tough, Overseer Leng. But our Elder Huang is interested in meeting this young hero as well," said a tall and slim man with a sneer.

"Overseer Huang, I was here first," said Overseer Leng with a frown. He knew who Elder Huang was—an elder with a similar strength as his lord.

"That really doesn't matter at all. What's important is who Xiang Shaoyun wants to see," said a tall and slim man. He then looked at Xiang Shaoyun and added, "My lord is the seventh elder. He is preparing to accept you as his disciple. Just pack up and prepare for the disciple taking ceremony."

"My lord the eighteenth elder has taken an interest in you as well. Xiang Shaoyun, if you come with me, my lord will ensure you can become a King," offered Overseer Leng.

The two overseers started bickering with each other, giving Xiang Shaoyun a headache. At this time, someone else arrived at the estate. The bickering overseers stopped talking.

"By the order of my lord the seventh elder, Xiang Shaoyun has been summoned to have an audience with my lord," said the newcomer, who was even more haughty than the first two overseers. The reason for his arrogance was his identity as an elder instead of an overseer. He naturally felt himself above the two overseers.

Both Overseer Leng and Overseer Huang quickly stepped forward and greeted the newcomer, "Greetings, Elder Ge."

The elder's name was Ge Qiu, a second-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator, and a trusted aide of the seventh elder, Long Xiaolang. The top 10 elders were definitely among the peak existences in the Cloud Margin Pavilion, which was also the reason and source of Ge Qiu's pride. To top it off, he himself was a King as well. His pride was perfectly understandable.

"May I ask this elder why the seventh elder is summoning me?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"You don't need to know why. Just know that it's something good for you," said Ge Qiu while sizing Xiang Shaoyun up. Inwardly, he muttered, This kid sure is lucky to have caught the eyes of the seventh elder.

Xiang Shaoyun hesitated slightly before saying, "The three lords have all invited me, but how can I decide who to visit?"

In truth, Xiang Shaoyun did not want to meet any of them. That was why he gave such an indirect reply. He started considering bringing up the name of his big sister, Hua Cheng, to give these people some pressure.

"Hmph. If the seventh elder summons you, everyone else has to make way," said Ge Qiu coldly after tossing both Overseer Leng and Overseer Huang a glance.

The two elders blushed in embarrassment, but they did not dare to offer a rebut. Inwardly however, they cursed, Just a dog bullying others with the power of its master.

"See that? Alright, come with me. Don't keep the seventh elder waiting," said Ge Qiu haughtily.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was hesitating, someone suddenly spoke, "Wow, look at the airs around Elder Ge. But I'm afraid the seventh elder has to move aside as well. The vice pavilion master wants to meet Xiang Shaoyun."

Then, two people walked into the estate. These two were none other than Liu Xinji and Zi Changhe.

"Elder Liu, Senior Brother Zi, why are you here?" Xiang Shaoyun asked in astonishment.

"Hehe, you're a genius from the Martial Hall Palace. With what you just pulled off, you are now the glory of the Martial Hall Palace. See, even the vice pavilion master wants to see you," said Liu Xinji in an extremely friendly manner.

"Elder Liu, what's going on here?" asked Ge Qiu. It was his turn to have a gloomy look on his face.

"Oh, did Elder Ge not hear me earlier? Vice Pavilion Master Tian Xu is summoning Shaoyun. Do you think I'm lying, Elder Ge?" Liu Xinji asked.

"Of course not. Since the vice pavilion master wants to meet Xiang Shaoyun, I will not waste any more of Xiang Shaoyun’s time," said Ge Qiu before leaving gloomily.

Overseer Leng, Overseer Huang, and the other overseers who didn't even get a chance to say anything all took their leave as well. They all knew that with the vice pavilion master getting involved, this no longer had anything to do with them. One ought to admit that all these people were very proficient in politics.

Xiang Shaoyun was about to serve Liu Xinji and Zi Changhe tea when Liu Xinji spoke urgently, "Shaoyun, don't waste any time. Come with me and meet the vice pavilion master first."

Liu Xinji was behaving in an extremely friendly manner. After all, he could see that the vice pavilion master intended to accept this Xiang Shaoyun as a disciple. If that happened, it would be very beneficial for him to maintain a good relationship with Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun hesitated slightly, but when he stole a glance at Zi Changhe, he nodded in agreement. "Ok. I'll come with you."

Even if he did not want to become the disciple of that vice pavilion master, for the future of Zi Changhe and the others in the Cloud Margin Pavilion, he had to meet this vice pavilion master. Otherwise, if the vice pavilion master held a grudge against him and his friends by extension, things would be bad. 

And thus, Xiang Shaoyun followed Liu Xinji and Zi Changhe to Tian Xu's estate. On the way, he started observing Zi Changhe and found that this senior brother had reached peak ninth-stage Transformation Realm.

It would seem that after receiving a high-level cultivation method from Xiang Shaoyun coupled with some resources supplied by the Cloud Margin Pavilion, this senior brother had grown rapidly.

"Senior brother, looks like you are going to enter the Skysoar Realm soon," said Xiang Shaoyun.

A confident look surfaced on Zi Changhe's face as he said, "Um. Master told me that after two or three years, I will be able to take that step."

Liu Xinji spoke in agreement, "That's right. Although Changhe is decently talented, adequate preparations are required to attempt the Skysoar Realm breakthrough. Igniting the stars rashly might result in a backlash instead."

Xiang Shaoyun did not retort, but he disagreed. Although the breakthrough would be easier with sufficient preparation, Zi Changhe was still in his prime. He was only about 30 years old. The earlier he entered the Skysoar Realm, the easier it would be for him to have a higher achievement in the future.

Looks like I have to find some time to help senior brother enter the Skysoar Realm, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

Soon, Xiang Shaoyun arrived at the vice pavilion master's estate with Liu Xinji and Zi Changhe. As the vice pavilion master, Tian Xu's estate was naturally much better than the elder estates. Tian Xu was not waiting in the estate. Rather, he sat in front of his estate, as if he was there waiting for Xiang Shaoyun.

"Shaoyun, come greet Vice Pavilion Master Tian Xu," said Liu Xinji.

Xiang Shaoyun did not dare to slight the vice pavilion master and quickly gave his respects, "Greetings, vice pavilion master."

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