Chapter 253: Challenging the Limit Again

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun! This had been the hottest name in the Cloud Margin Pavilion recently. From the outer disciples to the pavilion master, nobody did not know this name. He alone fought dozens of Lightning Alliance members and had caused one of their four great guardians, Guardian Qiu, to shit and piss himself in fear. Poor Guardian Qiu had been removed from his position as a guardian because of that.

One could say that Xiang Shaoyun had accomplished a feat many Cloud Margin Pavilion disciples had dreamed of doing but were never able to do. His feats had become a sensation in the Cloud Margin Pavilion.

When Xiang Shaoyun revealed his name, the clueless young man turned around and glared at him overbearingly before saying, "If you are Xiang Shaoyun, I am the Lightning Kid. Piss off."

"Haha, you actually don't know my boss? Oh boy, you're asking for it," Xia Liuhui roared with laughter.

"Keep on laughing. I'll break your jaws," berated the young man as he raised his hand to slap Xia Liuhui.

But before his hand could touch Xia Liuhui, a strong and forceful hand gripped his wrist. Next, a massive force erupted from the grip.



Just like that, Xiang Shaoyun snapped the young man's wrist. The faces of the other youngsters started shifting as they realized that the newcomer might really be Xiang Shaoyun.

"Scram. If you mess with them again, I will cripple you all," said Xiang Shaoyun after kicking the young man away. The group of youngsters quickly dispersed gloomily.

"Sorry, Shaoyun. We have troubled you again," said Lu Xiaoqing guiltily.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "Xiaoqing, you are too kind. When you encounter people like them in the future, just beat them up without holding back." He then looked at Xia Liuhui and Wang Zhenchuan. "The same goes for the two of you. Yes, their cultivation levels might be somewhat higher, but that does not mean their combat prowess is also greater than yours. There is no point in excessive patience."

"Boss, if you hadn't appeared when you did, I would have knocked all their teeth off their mouths!" bragged Xia Liuhui shamelessly.

Xiang Shaoyun rolled his eyes and said, "Keep working hard. These limit rooms are excellent places for cultivation. Xia Liu and Zhenchuan, you will definitely be able to reach the Transformation Realm after training here for a few months. Xiaoqing, you need to work hard as well, ok?"

After saying that, he walked away. He did not intend to pressure them too much and merely hoped that they could grow as fast as possible.

“Wang Zhenchuan, I think my boss has just insulted us!" said Xia Liuhui.

"Why do you say so?" Wang Zhenchuan was confused.

"My boss said we will need a few months to reach the Transformation Realm. But I have a feeling I need only half a month, or only 10 days to reach the Transformation Realm," said Xia Liuhui with his fists clenched tightly.

"Yes, you're right. I will enter the limit room first," said Wang Zhenchuan.

Xia Liuhui looked at Lu Xiaoqing and said, "Sister-in-law, just go and do your thing. We can cultivate by ourselves. I will definitely catch up to my boss!"

Xia Liuhui then entered a limit room only those at the Transformation Realm were supposed to enter. Lu Xiaoqing looked at the two before glancing toward the direction Xiang Shaoyun had left. A resolute look crept into her eyes as she muttered, "Work hard, everyone. I will not fall behind either!"

She knew that her relationship with Xiang Shaoyun had gone a step further than before, but the gap between them was still too big. If she did not keep growing, the gap between them would keep widening.

For now, Xiang Shaoyun was too busy to be bothered about the three. He himself still had a goal to pursue and could not afford to stop. He walked past the area of Transformation Realm limit rooms straight toward the limit rooms for Skysoar Realm cultivators.

Since there were fewer people, the area was much quieter. The small number of people in the area looked at Xiang Shaoyun in astonishment when he arrived. Evidently, they were surprised to find a young man like this challenging the limit rooms here. Wasn't that the same as suicide?

These cultivators weren’t exactly youngsters. Considering their age, it wasn't too surprising that they were in the Skysoar Realm. But a Skysoar Realm cultivator as young as Xiang Shaoyun was very rare in the pavilion.

"You are Xiang Shaoyun?" asked one of them.

Xiang Shaoyun cupped his hands and greeted them, "Yes. Greetings, lords."

"It's really you! What a promising young fellow," the person said with a smile.

Everyone reacted differently when they found out who Xiang Shaoyun was. Some were friendly, some were envious, and some were visibly furious...

Xiang Shaoyun did not care about what these people had in their minds. He headed straight toward one of the limit rooms. It was the first limit room in the King Realm area, and it was obvious the cultivators present had all challenged the room before as it was currently empty. After Xiang Shaoyun entered the room, a discussion erupted among the people.

"How long do you think that kid will last in there? One hour? No matter what, he is a War King."

"Haha, you are overestimating him. Even if he is a War King, he is still not a true King. Even full Kings like us can only last an hour in there with great difficulty. Just staying in there for 15 minutes will already be a great accomplishment for him."

"That's right. I think he will probably crawl out before long. The combat puppets in there have the strength of second-stage King Realm or even greater."

"Why don't we wager 500 contribution points each? Let's see who will have the closest guess."


Soon, two hours passed, but Xiang Shaoyun was still nowhere to be seen. One of them couldn't wait anymore and asked, "Is he dead inside or something?"

Right after he asked that, Xiang Shaoyun walked out of the limit room. Everyone's eyes landed on him and found that apart from the somewhat disheveled clothes, he looked completely normal.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled at them before heading toward the second limit room.

"T-this kid stayed in there for two whole hours? That is not possible!" someone cried out in disbelief.

One of them even looked at the elder in charge of the King Realm limit rooms and asked, "Has Xiang Shaoyun really stayed in there for two hours?"

"Yes, he stayed for two full hours," lamented the elder.

" totally comparable to the Lightning Kid!" lamented one of the people there.

"No, that's not possible. Even if he can stay in there for two hours, that does not mean he is comparable to the Lightning Kid. The Lightning Kid had destroyed more than half of the room's combat puppets. Not many people can compare to that," argued someone.

But immediately after, the elder spoke up in excitement, "Destroying more than half of the puppets? That's nothing. Xiang Shaoyun destroyed all the puppets. He is a natural genius at combat! I need to report this to the pavilion master. This Xiang Shaoyun is a talent that needs to be properly nurtured."

Everyone was stunned.

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