Chapter 254: White Tiger Wings

I Am Overlord

The second limit room in the King Realm area was a room that a cultivator would generally only dare to challenge upon reaching second-stage Skysoar Realm. Brand new Skysoar Realm cultivators wouldn't even dare to approach it. 

As for the second-stage Skysoar Realm cultivators that actually dared to enter, most of them would fail. A majority of those who had actually succeeded in challenging the room were third-stage Skysoar Realm cultivators. Even so, the number of those who had failed overshadowed those who had succeeded. From these results, it was obvious how hard challenging this room was.

Currently, Xiang Shaoyun was suffering in this second limit room. In the first limit room, he only needed to face some King Realm puppets, which wasn't difficult for him. Although the puppets had the combat prowess of second-stage and third-stage Kings, he was far faster than them. Furthermore, the puppets couldn't actually utilize energy attacks. Thus, it was only a matter of time before they were all defeated.

The ease with which he cleared the first room gave him an impression that the second room wouldn't be much of a challenge either. Only after entering the second room did he realize how wrong he was. There were no opponents to be defeated in this room. One only needed to survive one hour for the challenge to be considered a success.

This was a room filled with attacks formed through formations. The numerous attacks were currently bombarding Xiang Shaoyun relentlessly. Although he had a powerful energy barrier protecting him, before such bombardment, his barrier was directly smashed apart like it was nothing. The attacks landed on his body, putting him in so much pain he wailed miserably. These attacks were comparable to the attacks of a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator, and he was completely helpless against them.


No matter where Xiang Shaoyun ran, the attacks were able to accurately locate him and pound him mercilessly. Numerous deep wounds could be seen on his body, and even his bones were visible from these terrible wounds. If he hadn't gone through the baptism of lightning, he would have been dead by now.

I can't go on like this or I will die, thought the anxious Xiang Shaoyun.

He pushed himself to his limits, fully unleashing all his power, the innate purple lightning included. He formed a purple and gold defensive barrier, and even his wings unfurled and started slapping the attacks around him repeatedly.

White Tiger Wings!

This ability was a pair of wings granting Xiang Shaoyun the ability to fly. But it also possessed other functions, such as for attacking and defending. He was taking this opportunity to further enhance the offensive and defensive capabilities of his wings.

His wings were filled to the brim with vicious gold energy. On top of that, he even activated the white tiger essence in his second star, causing an apparition of a roaring white tiger to appear behind him. The pair of wings seemed to have turned completely alive, flapping over and over again. The trajectories of all the incoming attacks surfaced in his Nether Soul Domain, and the wings sliced through these attacks like the sharpest of blades.

Rumble! Rumble!

At first, Xiang Shaoyun was still having a hard time fully stopping the attacks, and new wounds continued appearing on his body. But after a while, the White Tiger Wings finally showed its true prowess. 

Powered by the white tiger essence, the wings came alive. They turned incomparably tough, comparable to even king-grade weapons. It was then that the wings started successfully intercepting the incoming attacks.

That placed Xiang Shaoyun in a much better position, but he did not dare to be complacent. He concentrated all his strength into his wings as they flapped, sliced, and swept...each movement was done completely in accordance to his will. It was as if these wings had become a part of him, his control over them soaring rapidly.

Finally, an hour passed. Xiang Shaoyun quickly fled the room. Although he could now defend himself against the onslaught, the injuries he had sustained early on had been too severe. Furthermore, the energy exhaustion of using the White Tiger Wings was too large. He would not be able to last much longer. When he left the room, he noticed numerous pairs of eyes focusing on him.

"H-he actually succeeded in the second room challenge as well? H-how did this kid do that?"

"Does that not mean that his combat prowess is comparable to a third-stage or even fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator's? That is way too scary!"

"What a freak. The Lightning Kid has found himself an opponent for sure."

"Yeah. And he's still just an eighth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator, right? Holy shit, what a madman!"


These were the Kings who had been waiting ever since they had found out Xiang Shaoyun had succeeded in his first limit room challenge, and they were trying to see if he could succeed in challenging the second room as well. After waiting for an hour, they saw him come out with injuries all over his body, confirming that he had succeeded.

The elder in charge immediately appeared before Xiang Shaoyun and handed him a healing pill before saying, "You are a very outstanding young man. Take some time to heal up. I will prepare your contribution points for you."

Xiang Shaoyun did not hold back and accepted the pill before tossing it straight into his mouth. He then sat down nearby and started refining the pill. Although it was a pill with remarkable medicinal power, it was impossible for him to fully heal up with just this one pill. 

Fortunately, he had a large amount of medicinal power still hidden within his body. After sustaining these injuries, more of the medicinal power was pushed out from his flesh. Strands of medicinal power coursed through his body, healing his injuries and improving his recovery speed.

Over the past two years, as Xiang Shaoyun grew in strength, it was becoming harder for him to excavate more medicinal power from his body. It was not that the power was spent, but it was simply that the remaining power was hidden much deeper inside his body. Only by even harsher tempering would he be able to excavate the deeply hidden medicinal power.

The attacks Xiang Shaoyun was subjected to in the limit room had obviously surpassed his limits, which was how more of the medicinal power was pushed out. Of course, most of the medicinal power was used to heal himself. Thus, he did not actually grow much in strength this time.

Xiang Shaoyun did not care about that. All his mind was filled with the excitement from what his white tiger wings had done in the limit room. Through this test, he had finally gotten a clear recognition at how powerful the wings were. Not only were they capable of allowing him to fly, they could also be used as weapons, which would definitely catch his opponents by surprise.

After two hours, Xiang Shaoyun was done replenishing his exhausted energy. His wounds had healed considerably as well. He stood up and headed toward the second room once again. 

The elder quickly stopped him and said, "You are not fully healed yet. Don't keep pushing yourself. In any case, you have already succeeded in the challenge."

The elder was advising him out of good intentions. After all, if Xiang Shaoyun forced himself too much, it would only exacerbate his injuries. If he ended up receiving some long-lasting injuries, what he stood to gain from pushing on would not be worth it.

Xiang Shaoyun cupped his hands at the elder and said, "Don't worry, lord. I should be fine."

Since Xiang Shaoyun was insisting, the elder did not stop him and allowed him to enter the room.

This time, Xiang Shaoyun stayed for an hour before coming out again. He did not suffer as many injuries as before, but he had still exhausted himself greatly. He was almost completely emptied of energy.

But after a short rest, Xiang Shaoyun entered the room again. Again, he left after an hour. The elder was completely stunned watching everything unfold. The Kings were still there, and by now they were completely speechless.

That was a limit room! But that kid had gone in and out three times in a row, as if that limit room was his personal cultivation room!

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