Chapter 255: Personal Opportunities

I Am Overlord

The limit rooms had been bustling recently, but it wasn't because the number of challengers had increased. Rather, it was because a bunch of lunatics had appeared. The first lunatic was a person called Xia Liuhui. This young man was a brand new ninth-stage Astral Realm cultivator and had actually challenged a Transformation Realm limit room.

This wasn't exactly the first time someone had done something like this. However, Xia Liuhui, a completely unknown kid, had done it and had succeeded. That was how his fame had started to spread.

After succeeding, he had even proceeded to enter the limit room for seven more consecutive times. In only seven days, he managed to break through into the Transformation Realm, becoming an overnight sensation.

After his breakthrough, he went on into the next limit room. Although he failed his challenge, he still managed to catch the attention of a previous generation's elder who then accepted him as a personal disciple.

Xia Liuhui's fame skyrocketed as a result of that.

One ought to know this previous generation's elder had been in seclusion for a very long time. He was extremely powerful, and with this elder's backing, Xia Liuhui's future path would most certainly be much smoother.

The other person who had also become a sensation recently was Lu Xiaoqing. A gentle girl like her was also challenging the limit rooms that people at her cultivation level shouldn't be able to challenge. She had also succeeded.

But all that was not important. What was important was that her hair had turned green. Lu Xiaoqing herself was stunned by that transformation. Why was that so important? Because she found that after her hair turned green, something seemed to have awakened in her body, and that something allowed her to heal her injuries at an inconceivable speed.

Her transformation attracted the attention of Cloud Margin Pavilion's higher ups who proceeded to summon her over. Ultimately, it was concluded that there was a unique bloodline within Lu Xiaoqing's body. It was something she innately possessed, and it was an ancient bloodline that gave her a natural intimacy with the power of wood. The power of wood was also the reason her healing speed had increased considerably.

When that was revealed, quite a number of people offered to accept her as a disciple. She was then forcefully accepted as a disciple by a previous generation's vice pavilion master. One could say that both Xia Liuhui and Lu Xiaoqing had experienced a lot in the short span of half a month. It seemed like they were people of great fortune, and numerous disciples were envious of them.

As for Wang Zhenchuan, he was not as high-profiled as them. However, he wasn't envious at all. Rather, he sincerely felt happy for them and continued working hard silently. Wang Zhenchuan's master, Zi Changhe, had broken through into the Skysoar Realm without the pavilion's help. He was only about 30 years old, and Skysoar Realm cultivators that young were rather rare in the Cloud Margin Pavilion. Thus, he had been handsomely rewarded by the pavilion for his breakthrough, creating a sensation in the pavilion as well.

He was given an estate of his own and had earned the favor of the vice pavilion master, Tian Xu. With his newfound power, Zi Changhe summoned Wang Zhenchuan back to his side so he could nurture this disciple personally.

All three of them had been given their own opportunities, and how far they could reach in the future would depend on themselves. Of course, in terms of creating a sensation, all of them were incomparable to one certain event.

What was that event? It was Xiang Shaoyun consecutively challenging and overcoming several Skysoar Realm limit rooms as a Transformation Realm cultivator. It was worth noting that the gap between the Transformation Realm and Skysoar Realm was completely different from the gap between the Astral Realm and Transformation Realm. The higher the cultivation realm, the crazier the gap between realms would be.

Because of that, the gap between the Transformation Realm and the Skysoar Realm was almost unsurmountable for an ordinary person. Without a doubt, Xiang Shaoyun had the strength of a War King. Thus, it wasn't surprising that he had succeeded in challenging the first limit room. But he had actually succeeded in clearing the second and third limit rooms as well.

In half a month, a Transformation Realm kid like him had actually succeeded in challenging three King Realm limit rooms in a row. It was a feat never done before, and it was unknown if it could even be replicated in the future.

Xiang Shaoyun's previous feat of taking on the Lightning Alliance alone had already created a sensation. And with what he did at the limit rooms, he shocked the entirety of the Cloud Margin Pavilion's higher-ups. Many elders were tempted to personally take a look at this genius young man. They were curious just what kind of person had achieved all these world-shaking feats.

But the Zither Empress suddenly decreed that nobody should disturb Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation, forcing all the elders to calm down. Even so, many of them had committed the name "Xiang Shaoyun" into their memories when they realized that he was actually related to the Zither Empress as well.

Today, Xiang Shaoyun dragged his terribly injured body back to his own estate, looking extremely sorry. He had succeeded in clearing the first two limit rooms on the first day itself, but the third limit room had taken him half a month to clear. Of course, he had also made great gains from clearing the third room as well.

Apart from an increase in strength, his combat prowess and strength control had been greatly tempered as well. 

The third room is utter madness. One has to be at least a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator to stand a chance at clearing the room. If it wasn't for my Nether Soul Domain, I would have failed as well, thought Xiang Shaoyun as he still felt some lingering fear when he recalled his experience in the third room.

The third room was formed of illusionary formations that could not only fool one's eyes but also disturb one's soul. Additionally, puppets at and above third-stage King Realm were also in the room, working in tandem with the formations to attack the challenger.

In other words, when an ordinary cultivator entered the room, they would be immediately trapped in illusion and attacked by the puppets. Even fourth-stage—or even fifth-stage—Skysoar Realm cultivators would have a hard time clearing that room.

Xiang Shaoyun was only able to clear it by relying on his Nether Soul Domain to see through the room's essence. Even so, the puppets had still badly beaten him up. He was lucky to have been able to survive.

As for the contribution points that he had earned after clearing the rooms, he did not care about them. The first thing he did after returning was give them to Long Hui, who would be managing them on his behalf. Just as he was about to treat his injuries, a silhouette appeared noiselessly in his estate.

"Big sister, why are you here?" asked Xiang Shaoyun when he noticed who the newcomer was.

The newcomer was none other than the Zither Empress, Hua Cheng.

She was dressed in a light muslin outfit that perfectly accentuated her flawless figure. With a look of heartache on her face, she reprimanded, "Are you trying to die? Why are you forcing yourself so much? Take this healing pill first before saying anything else."

The endlessly elegant woman arrived before Xiang Shaoyun and handed him a high-tier healing pill. Xiang Shaoyun did not bother being courteous and accepted the pill before tossing it into his mouth. Different from the healing pill the elder at the limit room had given him, this pill contained a boundless and pure energy. It had a much better healing efficacy.

While refining the pill, Xiang Shaoyun asked, "Big sister, so what are you doing here?"

"What? Can't I visit my little brother? It's not like you will ever come visit me. Looks like you don't even remember you have a big sister anymore," grumbled Hua Cheng resentfully.

"Haha, how is that possible? If you aren’t staying in a forbidden zone, your little brother will visit you every single day," said Xiang Shaoyun with a hearty laugh.

"Flippant and insincere!" said Hua Cheng as she rolled her eyes. She paused for a bit before she said seriously, "This time, your big sister needs your help with something."

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