Chapter 264: Maneater Vine

I Am Overlord

The Land of Soul Springs was divided into several regions for the different races staying there, such as the cannibals, the demonic beasts, and the ghostrunes. Of the three, the ghostrunes occupied the largest territory. It was also in their territory that the soul springs normally spawned.

Through the efforts of the people before this, many of the humans had a map of this place. Thus, a lot of them rushed straight to the territory of the ghostrunes after entering. On the contrary, the territories of the cannibals and demonic beasts were much more peaceful.

At present, Xiang Shaoyun had appeared within the territory of the cannibals. He had been heading there after killing Luo Wen's group. It was an extremely desolate area occupied by rocks and oddly shaped mountains. Every now and then, some sinister and chilly wind would sweep past, making the area look even more desolate.

Xiang Shaoyun was busy roaming around the area, seemingly looking for something.

There should be a lot of good stuff in the cannibal territory as well. I heard that someone had once discovered a spirit crystal mine here. Some had also discovered an earthstone heart here as well. All those are treasures, especially the earthstone heart which can multiply the defensive power of someone cultivating the power of earth. Now that I am going to cultivate nine different powers, I need to gather many different unique powers to create the strongest battle physique possible, thought Xiang Shaoyun as he wandered around.

The earthstone heart was his main target at the cannibal territory. It was an extremely rare spiritual treasure. Similar to the millennium earthcore fire, it was something that could help a human grow even stronger. However, it wouldn't be easy to locate the earthstone heart. He had to slowly search around patiently. The most likely location of the earthstone heart was the cannibal territory. There was also a possibility that the cannibals had long kept it away.

Obtaining it wouldn't be easy, and Xiang Shaoyun had to be ready to risk his life for it. The cannibals were extremely vicious beings with extraordinary combat prowess and physical flesh that was even more terrifying than a demonic beast's. If Xiang Shaoyun encountered them, things would get extremely troublesome.

Thankfully, with his Nether Soul Domain, he was able to sense everything in his surroundings clearly. Nothing could hope to hide from him. However, even with the 360-degree detection, some dangers would arrive in a form he never expected.

A good example was what was happening currently. He had just passed through a bush when, suddenly, some green vines stretched out and wrapped itself around him. The vines had arrived noiselessly and were extremely hard to defend against.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the blink of an eye, Xiang Shaoyun was tied up. Thorns grew from the vines and stabbed into Xiang Shaoyun's flesh.


Suddenly, Xiang Shaoyun's body ignited.

The vines were instantly burned to a crisp before they could deal Xiang Shaoyun much damage. However, there seemed to be endless vines as new vines kept growing toward him. But the vines were completely helpless against Xiang Shaoyun, who had Yun Flame's protection. The green vines eventually realized that and started retreating.

"Trying to flee? Not so fast," Xiang Shaoyun sneered and chased after the retreating vines.

He had already realized that they were in fact maneater vines, a type of plant that grew by trapping and devouring the blood of numerous life forms. Because of that, the maneater vines were also extremely beneficial by enriching one's vitality. In fact, a stalk of maneater vine was comparable to a top spirit medicine.

Xiang Shaoyun was not going to let such treasure escape him. With his Nether Soul Domain, he was able to sense that the vines came from a certain crack in a pile of rocks. He punched at the pile of rocks without any hesitation.

Gold Helix Fist!

His sharp golden fist energy shot out.


With one punch, the rocks were blasted apart. With the destruction of the pile, almost 100 vines shot forth and tried to tie Xiang Shaoyun up. An ordinary person would definitely be killed by this attack.

However, Xiang Shaoyun did not fear these vines. The instant the vines came into contact with his body, they were burned. His gaze landed on the ground before he reached out toward the roots of the maneater vine.

Everything the maneater vine tried was useless, and it was uprooted by Xiang Shaoyun. He then tore the vines away, leaving only the blood-red roots. These roots were where the essence of the maneater vine was located.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled in satisfaction. "A harvest so soon after entering? Not bad."

He then searched the surroundings and found a few more stalks of maneater vines. All of them were harvested without exception. It was at this instant that Xiang Shaoyun sensed a group of cannibals appearing not far away.

He did not plan to get into any conflict with the cannibals, but when he sensed that the group of cannibals seemed to be rushing somewhere, he became curious and started tailing them.

He kept a large distance from them and was not worried they would discover him. About an hour later, he found that they had arrived before a mountain guarded by a large number of cannibals.

The cannibals he was tailing started to talk to the cannibals guarding the place. Xiang Shaoyun was unable to understand what they were talking about. However, he could still conclude that there was definitely a treasure somewhere on the mountain.

The spiritual energy of this place is much thicker than the other areas. There is probably a spirit crystal mine ahead, thought Xiang Shaoyun in excitement. 

Spirit crystals were also a type of currency. Thus, nobody would complain that they had too many spirit crystals. Xiang Shaoyun nimbly approached the mountain while keeping his presence concealed. He was planning to find out if there was a cannibal King around before making his move. Unfortunately, the moment he approached, he was detected.

"Roar! Roar!"

A few cannibals started roaring before charging toward him.

What sharp senses, muttered Xiang Shaoyun inwardly. He thought he had concealed himself well, but he was still discovered. Since that was the case, he decided to not hide anymore and to grab the initiative by attacking first.

Lightning Bolt Fist!

The moment Xiang Shaoyun attacked, he showed no mercy and blasted the cannibals before him mercilessly with his berserk punch. The cannibals were already prepared for a fight, so they immediately swung their bone clubs at Xiang Shaoyun.

The cannibals might be strong, but they were not as strong as Xiang Shaoyun. The bone clubs were immediately sent flying, and the lightning energy invaded their bodies and wreaked havoc from within.

However, not all of them were weaklings. One certain cannibal suddenly spat a clump of energy known as brutal energy at Xiang Shaoyun.

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