Chapter 265: Intense Battle With the Cannibals

I Am Overlord

The so-called brutal energy was a negative energy innately formed within the cannibals. The moment someone was invaded by this energy, they would start feeling negative emotions, lose their mind, and eventually die through bodily implosion after fully exhausting their own energy. Xiang Shaoyun was aware of all that and had no intention of letting the brutal energy mess with his mind. Thus, he quickly stepped to the side and jabbed forth with his finger.

Star Destroying Finger!


A bloody hole opened up on the cannibal's body, causing the cannibal to howl madly in pain. The howls alarmed the other cannibals not far away.

"Roar! Roar!"

Numerous roars rang out as the cannibals all rushed toward Xiang Shaoyun. He no longer dared to hold back and quickly approached the injured cannibal before punching the cannibal's heart. The fist penetrated its energy barrier and went through its heart.

Xiang Shaoyun then pulled his hand back out, but when he did so, he felt an intense recoil from the cannibal's flesh.

What a terrifying defense and flesh. Good thing this cannibal isn't too strong. Otherwise, just this backlash would cause me some trouble. I have to start being careful, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

He then looked at the other cannibals that were approaching him. When he saw the ferocious look in their eyes, his battle intent surged.

"Fine, I will treat this as a training ground. All of you are my training partners!" said Xiang Shaoyun as he strode forth with a purple and gold aura around him. His presence of dragon and tiger also spread out.

The first cannibal to arrive swung its bone club at Xiang Shaoyun. The club was surrounded by a heavy brown energy, making it obvious it was no weak attack. Instead of drawing his own weapon, Xiang Shaoyun slanted his body to the side and sent a purple lightning fist at his opponent's belly.


The tyrannical punch sent the cannibal flying and crashing into a few other cannibals, knocking them all down through the impact. Like a ferocious wolf, Xiang Shaoyun charged into the midst of the cannibals and sent lightning punches everywhere, creating numerous destructive explosions in the area.

Rumble! Rumble!

The cannibals were completely helpless against Xiang Shaoyun. They were only some lackeys in charge of guarding the mountain, and the strongest of them were merely at the fourth stage of the Transformation Realm. Although they had great defenses, they stood no chance before Xiang Shaoyun's berserk attacks. 

Soon, all the cannibals were defeated. At this time, five powerful cannibals appeared. They were much sturdier than the other cannibals, and they had an extremely overbearing brutal energy around them that seemed capable of rejecting the air itself.

In the cannibal language, the leading cannibal said, "This human is very strong. Xiong Lu, go eat him!"

"Yes, boss. I will eat this kid alive," answered Xiong Lu before he charged Xiang Shaoyun.

The cannibal called Xiong Lu was an eighth-stage Transformation Realm cannibal. He had the same cultivation level as Xiang Shaoyun, but since cannibals were generally stronger than humans of the same cultivation level, this Xiong Lu showed no fear toward Xiang Shaoyun.

But of course, cannibals never feared death anyway. Looking at Xiong Lu charging at him, Xiang Shaoyun could see that with each step the cannibal took, a deep footprint was etched on the ground. From this, it could be seen how powerful this cannibal was.

Before Xiong Lu even neared, he swung his bone club at Xiang Shaoyun's head. There was a layer of brutal energy surrounding the club, enhancing the attack to make it comparable in power to the attack of a ninth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator.

That was why the cannibals were so powerful, and those incapable of resisting their attacks would die. Faced with this attack, Xiang Shaoyun still did not use his weapon. He used his exquisite footwork and avoided the attack before stepping forward and sending a flaming claw at the cannibal.


The claw struck the cannibal's energy barrier, creating some sparks as a crisp grinding sound rang out. A small crack was left on the energy barrier, but the attack failed to deal any significant damage to the cannibal.

What a terrifying defense, Xiang Shaoyun cried out inwardly.

His claw attack could kill even ninth-stage Transformation Realm cultivators, yet this cannibal was able to shake it off that easily. It was truly quite shocking. During the short instant Xiang Shaoyun was blanking out, Xiong Lu roared and swept his bone club at Xiang Shaoyun again.

Xiang Shaoyun quickly reacted and bent down before sweeping his leg at Xiong Lu. Although Xiong Lu had great physical strength, his agility was obviously somewhat lacking in comparison. He wasn't able to react in time and started falling to the ground from the sweep to his legs.

While he was dropping to the ground, Xiang Shaoyun jabbed at him with a finger laced with Yun Flame's power. It instantly tore through Xiong Lu's defense and entered his body.


The burning attack caused Xiong Lu to wail in pain. Xiang Shaoyun did not let that opening go as he followed up by repeatedly stomping Xiong Lu's body. Xiong Lu was completely helpless against the flame attack, and combined with Xiang Shaoyun's repeated stomps, it was highly unlikely he would survive.

"Bastard! Everyone, go together and tear him apart!" howled the leader of the cannibals.

The leader's name was Xiong Huo, and he was the strongest of the cannibals present. He was at the peak ninth-stage Transformation Realm and was in charge of keeping watch here. Thus, he would not allow any mishaps to happen on his watch. As for why Xiong Huo wasn't attacking, it wasn't because he was being careless. It was simply because he was unwilling to lower himself to deal with a lowly human.

Three cannibals that were no weaker than seventh-stage Transformation Realm attacked Xiang Shaoyun together. Although they were rather simple-minded, that did not mean they were unaware of how strong Xiang Shaoyun was. Thus, they did not recklessly approach him, and they instead attacked at range.

Three clumps of brutal energy were blasted toward Xiang Shaoyun. Even before the clumps of brutal energy arrived, they were already giving off an extreme sense of discomfort, causing one to start feeling jittery. Perhaps it was because Xiang Shaoyun had inhaled the air polluted with brutal energy, or perhaps it was a different reason, but his mood started turning sour.

"Die!" Xiang Shaoyun finally drew his Purple Lightning Saber and started slashing around madly.

The two different energies met and exploded. The shockwave expanded outward, turning all the stones in the area into powder. Wielding his saber, Xiang Shaoyun charged at the cannibals, slashing left and right repeatedly, clashing with their clubs.

With Xiang Shaoyun fully unleashing his combat prowess and with the Purple Lightning Saber being a king-grade weapon, the bone clubs were instantly sliced apart. The saber proceeded to slice the bodies of the three cannibals, causing their blood to spray everywhere.

But amid the rain of blood, a brutal aura filled the air, causing Xiang Shaoyun's eyes to turn bloodshot. It was at this moment that Xiong Huo appeared noiselessly behind him before swinging the bone club down at him.

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