Chapter 266: Spirit Crystal Mine Indeed!

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun was already in a somewhat agitated mood. With the brutal energy in the air, his negative emotions were further intensified. Despite his agitation, his Nether Soul Domain still functioned well as he was able to detect Xiong Huo's ambush the moment it came.

He rolled to the side, barely avoiding the bone club that landed on the ground right beside him. Brutal energy rippled out of the point of impact and brushed past Xiang Shaoyun. Just that was enough to cause him great pain. Xiong Huo was a ninth-stage Transformation Realm expert. His combat prowess was comparable to a War King, and he was thus someone capable of posing a threat to Xiang Shaoyun.

After missing the first attack, Xiong Huo continued attacking. Each attack carried with it the power to destroy mountains while the brutal energy leaking out completely surrounded Xiang Shaoyun. After blocking only a few of the attacks, Xiang Shaoyun felt his arms go numb as the impact forced him into retreat.

Despite being forced into retreat, Xiang Shaoyun became even more excited facing the cannibal's attack. The attacks were like an unending storm. He activated his innate purple lightning within him, and his presence of dragon and tiger surged out as he started swinging his Purple Lightning Saber around madly.

Berserk Lightning Blade!

The Purple Lightning Saber clashed with the bone club again and again, creating numerous shockwaves that spread all around them. Now that Xiang Shaoyun had finally decided to fight seriously, Xiong Huo was no longer able to gain any advantage over him.

Xiang Shaoyun was a person who had cleared three King Realm limit rooms. His explosiveness was no weaker than Xiong Huo's. If it wasn't for the stronger energy barrier and the physical strength Xiong Huo had, Xiong Huo would have been defeated by Xiang Shaoyun long ago.

But in this situation where he was forced into a constant retreat, he wouldn't be able to last long under Xiang Shaoyun's bombardment. Finally, traces of fear appeared on Xiong Huo's face. He wanted to flee, but Xiang Shaoyun's attacks were unending. Like a destructive lightning storm, his saber slammed against Xiong Huo without stop.

After blocking a few more attacks, Xiong Huo's bone club finally snapped. He even lost one of his arms, blood gushing from it like a fountain as his miserable wail reverberated in the air. Tightly gripping his arm, Xiong Huo quickly ran, but his speed was completely incomparable to Xiang Shaoyun's.

Afterimages of the Purple Lightning Saber filled his surroundings, slicing even the air apart. Xiong Huo's defense was sliced open like a piece of paper, and the lightning energy set his body on fire and torched him black. And the most fatal of all was that his chest had been split open by the Purple Lightning Saber. He could no longer stop his bleeding.

Finally, Xiang Shaoyun gave him a last blow to the neck, severing his head from his body. Just like that, this Xiong Huo, who was comparable to a War King, fell under Xiang Shaoyun's saber.

After dealing with the cannibals, Xiang Shaoyun was in no rush to head toward the mountain. Rather, he sat nearby in meditation. It wasn't because he had exhausted a lot of energy, but he needed to calm his agitated mind and force the brutal energy out of his body. Otherwise, his mental state or even his mind would be affected, which would be unfavorable for his future cultivation.

Xiang Shaoyun circulated his cultivation method, trying to force the invasive brutal energy out of his body. However, he found that it was not easy to do. At the same time, he noticed that the brutal energy was even heading toward the depths of his soul. No matter what he did, he couldn't stop it.

Just as he began to get anxious, a strong absorption force erupted from the Nether Dragon Soul Headband, and it devoured the brutal energy clean. After the brutal energy was completely cleared, he felt much better, and his mood calmed down considerably. He was quite astonished by what the headband did as he had not expected that it would have such a function as well.

"Looks like I don't have to be afraid of these cannibals' tricks anymore," said Xiang Shaoyun in relief. He then started heading toward the mountain.

It was a rather low mountain, and when he approached, he was able to clearly see the mountain's surroundings. He also found that there was a cave at the foot of the mountain. Someone had probably dug it, and the cave was also where the cannibals were standing guard earlier.

Using his Nether Soul Domain, Xiang Shaoyun confirmed that the cave was empty before entering. Upon entering, he saw a pile of spirit crystals to one side. Joy covered his face as he cried out, "This is indeed a spirit crystal mine!"

When he picked up a random piece of spirit crystal and found that it was a mid-grade spirit crystal, his joy grew. Without any hesitation, he kept the pile of spirit crystals away. He then dug at a random spot on the wall and found more spirit crystals.

"This spirit crystal mine is probably quite big. I will need a lot of work if I want to dig them all out," muttered Xiang Shaoyun who started hesitating.

It was at this moment that he sensed a different group of cannibals rushing over. Without thinking twice, he left the cave. He had no intention of getting himself trapped inside, but just as he was about to leave, a sturdy figure appeared before him.

"*&#!**@#&&$^@..." It was a cannibal king. The moment he had appeared, he pointed at Xiang Shaoyun and started talking in cannibal language.

Xiang Shaoyun was completely confused. But he could see that this cannibal was fuming and was on the verge of attacking. He couldn't be bothered to waste any time here, so he left with his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps.

"Human, after killing my underlings, you won't be able to escape," roared the cannibal.

The cannibal king chased after Xiang Shaoyun. It moved at an extremely fast speed, obviously very unhappy with Xiang Shaoyun. Since Xiang Shaoyun was only running on the ground, his speed was incomparable to the cannibal king flying through the air.

Bone club energy descended from the sky and slammed down at the space in front of Xiang Shaoyun. If he hadn't been able to quickly jump to the side, that slam would have turned him into mincemeat. When the cannibal king saw that his fist attack had missed, he swung his club a few more times.

Xiang Shaoyun kept rolling around and was able to barely avoid the attacks. However, the shockwaves from the attacks still caused his entire body to feel pain. He was now certain that this cannibal was definitely a peak first-stage King Realm cannibal. The combat prowess this cannibal showed was comparable to a second-stage King Realm human.

"Damn it. You think I'm afraid of you? Come, come! Let's fight for a few hundred rounds, then!" shouted Xiang Shaoyun as he drew his Purple Lightning Saber and pointed it at the cannibal king.

The cannibal king then landed and swung his terrifying bone club at Xiang Shaoyun, unleashing a terrifying thick yellow energy and brutal energy toward him. This was a strength Transformation Realm cannibals couldn't compare with.

Xiang Shaoyun immediately sensed a heavy pressure pressing down on him. At the same time, his mental state became tumultuous again. At the moment of crisis, the Nether Dragon Soul Headband reacted again and devoured the brutal energy, reducing the pressure he was in. He then raised his Purple Lightning Saber above his head and blocked the incoming bone club.


Taking the attack head-on caused Xiang Shaoyun's arms to go numb. The Purple Lightning Saber nearly flew out of his hands, and half his body was hammered into the ground. It was obvious how terrifyingly powerful this cannibal king was.

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