Chapter 282: Climbing Moon Gazing Platform

I Am Overlord

"I see. Fine, you can all join your vice alliance leader in the afterlife as well," said Xiang Shaoyun as he drew his Purple Lightning Saber.

The blade left the sheath; a bright radiance erupted before vanishing as soon as it had appeared.

Rumble! Rumble!

A loud rumble ensued, followed the instant destruction of a bunch of energy attacks. When everything settled, all that was left on the scene was the corpses of the people who had attacked Xiang Shaoyun.

Without wasting any time, Xiang Shaoyun started rushing toward the top of the cliff. The people in the surroundings were all dumbstruck. All of them were shocked to see Xiang Shaoyun's valiant prowess, and they started wondering who the young man was.

On the Moon Gazing Platform, the numerous young geniuses had also witnessed the entirety of the battle. They all focused on Xiang Shaoyun, their battle intent starting to leak. Even Wu Longfei, who had his eyes shut all the while, suddenly opened his eyes. A sharp sword aura suddenly erupted from his body.

The people around him were instantly on guard when they noticed, but the aura had only appeared for a split second before it vanished. Inwardly, Wu Longfei muttered to himself, Has he reached human weapon unity? Interesting!

Unlike the others, Devil Fairy wasn't shocked by Wu Longfei's reaction. Her bewitching eyes were completely focused on Xiang Shaoyun, but it only lasted for a split second as well. She withdrew her attention, as if nothing in the world was worthy of her time. Meanwhile, Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou reached the halfway point up the cliff. Not many people could stop their advance.

"Do we wait for Shaoyun?" asked Hua Honglou, not realizing that she was now addressing Xiang Shaoyun in a more intimate manner.

Liang Zhuangmin looked behind him and smiled. "No. We just need to get up there fast enough so we won't be a burden to him."

Liang Zhuangmin was aware that Xiang Shaoyun could fly. If Xiang Shaoyun wanted, he could arrive at the Moon Gazing Platform before anyone else. Currently, Xiang Shaoyun was surrounded by a raging clump of flame as he dashed along the path up the cliff, pushing away everyone in his path with the power of his aura alone, which was already too much for many people here to handle.

There were naturally some who refused to believe in Xiang Shaoyun's strength. One of them was a peak Transformation Realm overseer from Myriad Sword Sect who drew his sword and attacked.

"Get back down there!" said the overseer whose sword nimbly appeared before Xiang Shaoyun's throat in a flash.

Xiang Shaoyun was already prepared to face any incoming attack. He bent to the side and avoided the stab before grabbing the attacker's wrist. He then lifted the attacker and tossed him away.


The overseer couldn't even control himself and tumbled down the cliff. Without sparing him a second look, Xiang Shaoyun continued on his way up. After that little episode, nobody else dared to block him. They let him quickly reach the top of the Moon Gazing Cliff.

After arriving at the top, he had to continue traveling forward for a bit before arriving before the Moon Gazing Platform. Here, a battle would decide if he could get on the Moon Gazing Platform as well. A large number of people were competing against each other to get on the platform. Each of them was a peak Transformation Realm cultivator possessing a mighty combat prowess.

In order to get a soul spring, they were using even all their trump cards. After all, obtaining a soul spring was pretty much equivalent to reaching the Skysoar Realm, which was a dream for all of them, and none of them would be willing to miss out on this chance. Both Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou were standing at a corner. Instead of charging straight toward the platform, they stood there waiting for Xiang Shaoyun.

When Liang Zhuangmin saw Xiang Shaoyun, he laughed heartily, "Haha, I knew nobody could stop you."

"Alright, stop laughing. There are limited spots left. Let's go," said Hua Honglou.

"Sure, let's go," said Xiang Shaoyun with a nod.

The three grouped up and formed an energy barrier around them before rushing toward the Moon Gazing Platform.

"Want to get on the Moon Gazing Platform? You have to go through us." Suddenly, a group of three got in their way.

The three were overseers from the Devil Blood Society; each of them was a peak Transformation Realm cultivator. They were trying to stop Xiang Shaoyun's group to let a different group pass instead.

"Piss off," Liang Zhuangmin was the first to reply. His fists shot toward the three like a pair of heavy boulders.

Liang Zhuangmin had already recovered to his peak condition, and with his combat prowess as a War King, not many people could be his match. The three blocked his attack together, but Liang Zhuangmin alone forced the three to retreat. Following closely behind him was Hua Honglou's attack. Her scarlet sword energy split into three and created three scarlet flowers that bloomed like the most enchanting of fireworks.


All three of her opponents were stabbed in their stomachs, causing them to wail in pain. Xiang Shaoyun's attack came next as a flurry of kicks shot forth, and they sent the three flying away. Just like that, three peak Transformation Realm experts from the Devil Blood Society were defeated by Xiang Shaoyun's group.

"Haha, that feels refreshing!" said Liang Zhuangmin in excitement.

"Let's go," urged Hua Honglou, who still remained level-headed.

The three continued on. Some other people tried stopping them as well, but everyone failed.

Bang! Bang!

After sending a few groups of people flying away, the Moon Gazing Platform was finally right before them.

The young man the three Devil Blood Society overseers had escorted was standing on the platform. He glanced at Xiang Shaoyun's group. With a red glow in his eyes, he said, "I will teach you guys a lesson when I have the time later."

"Why wait? I'll teach you a lesson right now!" said Liang Zhuangmin, who immediately attacked upon hearing with his sharp ears what the young man said.

From how he was behaving, it was obvious he was intending to battle this young man right on the Moon Gazing Platform.

"Impudent!" said the many geniuses on the platform.

Their auras surged out and pressed down on Liang Zhuangmin. Xiang Shaoyun and Hua Honglou quickly stepped forth and faced the pressure together with Liang Zhuangmin.

"Battles are prohibited on the Moon Gazing Platform," said Wu Longfei, who was seated at the very front of the platform. He spoke with a calm tone, yet his voice seemed to give off a sensation that his words were not to be disobeyed.

Liang Zhuangmin snorted, "Hmph. So are we not going to fight even when a soul spring flies over?"

"We will do what we can to get the soul spring then," replied Wu Longfei calmly.

"Then what's the point of prohibiting battle?" Liang Zhuangmin said.

Right after he said that remark, Wu Longfei opened his eyes and stared straight at Liang Zhuangmin with his sharp eyes. Liang Zhuangmin met his gaze fearlessly. Just as things were about to further escalate between the two geniuses, a sparkling and translucent clump of radiance suddenly drifted toward them.

"A soul spring has appeared!" someone cried out.

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