Chapter 283: Soul Spring Obtained

I Am Overlord

The so-called soul spring, also popularly referred to as a strand of soul spring, was in fact only the size of a dewdrop. Regular people would not even notice it when it flew out. But everyone here was a top-tier Transformation Realm expert. Thus, they had much better eyesight than regular people and could immediately notice the soul spring.

Everyone grew excited when they saw the soul spring. Instantly, they all moved, doing what they could to snatch that strand of soul spring. The first person to notice the soul spring reached out and sent out a massive palm that was over 10 meters wide to grab the soul spring. However, before his palm could even touch it, a different attack shattered his energy palm.


Following closely after that explosion were numerous other energy attacks flying everywhere. Even with the chaos, everyone was taking great care to avoid damaging the soul spring by sending numerous strands of gentle energy to compete with each other to control the soul spring's trajectory. The numerous strands of energy entered a deadlock, causing the soul spring to stay frozen midair. At this time, only the strongest would be able to get the soul spring.

"Hmph. This soul spring is mine!" coldly snorted Lightning Kid as purple lightning energy bloomed from his palm, destroying many of the competing energies. At the same time, he reached out with his free hand and formed a lightning net that attempted to drag the soul spring to him. 

The Lightning Kid was strong, but so was everyone else here.

Fan Ren the Scarlet Broadsword bellowed, "Who do you think you are? Come here, soul spring!"

His sword energy weaved about in the air, pushing away Lightning Kid's lightning energy before directing the soul spring toward him. But at this moment, someone else interrupted and redirected the soul spring's trajectory again. The intense competition continued until someone suddenly lost control over his own energy and accidentally destroyed the soul spring.

"Bastard!" Lightning Kid howled furiously. The intense storm brewing around him was an indication of how angry he was.

But right this instant, someone cried out, "A lot of soul springs are coming this way!"

Sure enough, a few strands of soul spring were flying toward them at the same time from several different directions. On the platform, one could almost smell the greed in the air. Everyone started grabbing at the numerous soul springs.

"Brother Yun, let your big brother get one for you!" said Liang Zhuangmin, no longer staying silent. He roared and erupted with all his strength. A valiant yellow energy wrapped around him as he sent a yellow energy palm forth, pushing numerous energies aside and pulling one of the soul springs over.

Just as Liang Zhuangmin was about to get that strand of soul spring, someone else intercepted him. The person sent out a cyan energy claw that grabbed Liang Zhuangmin's energy palm and pulled it toward a different direction.

"Trying to snatch food from the tiger's jaws? Are you trying to die?" Liang Zhuangmin did not dare to apply too much strength for fear of destroying the soul spring. Thus, he could only shout at the claw's owner.

"We are all doing all we can to get the soul spring," came the reply.

Right after he said that, a different energy arrived and sliced his energy claw apart, allowing Liang Zhuangmin to quickly pull the soul spring back. The new attacker was none other than Hua Honglou.

A few other people were also trying to snatch the soul spring from Liang Zhuangmin, but Hua Honglou stopped them all, allowing the soul spring to land in Liang Zhuangmin's palm.

Liang Zhuangmin immediately stored the strand of soul spring into a jade bottle before giving it to Xiang Shaoyun. "Brother Yun, this is my gift to you."

Xiang Shaoyun seemed to just now only notice what was happening, as he was recovering from his daze. He said with a surprised tone, "You got a soul spring already?"

"Yes, of course. Your big brother is not one to break his promise. But of course, my sister-in-law helped greatly," said Liang Zhuangmin with a hearty laugh.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou with gratitude and said, "Thank you. Big brother, keep this soul spring for yourself first."

"Are you looking down on your big brother?" Liang Zhuangmin grumbled.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled helplessly. "No, of course not. Fine, I will accept it."

He then accepted the bottle of soul spring.

Liang Zhuangmin smiled. "That's more like it."

By this time, the other strands of soul spring had also been obtained by a few of the geniuses there. Those who had failed to obtain one were filled with envy. But they were not overly anxious as they still believed that there would be even more soul springs flying over.

"Big brother, Honglou, let's go," Xiang Shaoyun suddenly proposed.

"What? What's the rush? I am planning to get a few more strands of soul spring," said Hua Honglou unwillingly.

Liang Zhuangmin agreed, "Yes, it's not easy for us to get a good spot like this. It will be too much of a waste to leave this early. We still have plenty of time."

"If you trust me, leave right now. Otherwise, everything will be too late," said Xiang Shaoyun solemnly.

Hua Honglou and Liang Zhuangmin looked at Xiang Shaoyun in confusion, not understanding why he was being anxious. Xiang Shaoyun no longer said anything and directly sped off as he dragged them along. The moment they left the platform, some other people occupied their spots.

"What are you doing? Don't you want more strands of soul spring?" asked Hua Honglou in indignation.

"Nothing is more important than our lives," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"What do you mean?" Hua Honglou became even more confused.

This time, Xiang Shaoyun did not need to answer as someone else had answered for him.

"S-so many ghostrunes are flying over! That is so...terrifying!" someone cried out in alarm.

Not far away, a large number of ghostrunes could be seen flying toward them. At a glance, there were a few thousand of them. Before they had even arrived, a hail of rocks started raining down at the humans on the cliff. By the time the humans noticed what was happening, rocks were already falling everywhere around them. Chaos instantly erupted.

Those who couldn't react in time were instantly injured. Wails of pain filled the air. They started working together to destroy the rocks, but as debris filled the air, the chaos grew. Finally, Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou understood why Xiang Shaoyun had dragged them off the platform so quickly.

Liang Zhuangmin looked behind him and cried out in alarm, "Heavens, are all the ghostrunes coming for us?"

Hua Honglou also shivered. "That is really terrifying. If we had been a moment slower, we would have been completely surrounded up there with the others."

"Big brother, work with Honglou and help our people escape. As for whether we can get more soul springs, I suggest we don't try too hard. There are too many ghostrunes here, and even ghostrune kings have arrived. We can't stay here for long," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"What? Even ghostrune kings are here?" Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou cried out.

As if to prove Xiang Shaoyun right, some people on the cliff suddenly started gripping their heads, wailing in pain. It was as if these people had gone mental all at the same time and could no longer fight, helplessly allowing the rocks to smash them into mincemeat.

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