Chapter 304: Rescuing the Beauty, Battling Mo Sha

I Am Overlord

The voice appeared like a sudden thunderclap. It rumbled on, and the suddenness of it stunned Mo Sha for a split second. It was at that moment that a beam of finger energy struck Mo Sha's Mad Sand Saber to the side, saving Hua Honglou from the fate of death. Next, a figure could be seen dashing over at a speed so fast a trail of afterimages followed behind him.

"It's Shaoyun!" Hua Honglou cried out jubilantly as she opened her eyes again.

"Hmph. No one can save you!" Mo Sha snorted coldly as he swung his saber down again. He was not going to give up on this rare chance to kill Hua Honglou. But the newcomer had already arrived behind him, and a golden punch was unleashed straight at Mo Sha's back.

Mo Sha could feel the newcomer's surging momentum; the overbearing force gave him an intense feeling of danger. If he carried through attacking Hua Honglou, that punch would proceed to blast him into mincemeat. He thus decided to instead defend, diving to the side to just barely avoid the punch.

The newcomer did not press on. Rather, he pulled Hua Honglou back onto her feet and dragged her to the side. The strong and reliable arms around Hua Honglou gave her an unprecedented sense of security.

"Can you still hang on?" Xiang Shaoyun asked the pale Hua Honglou.

Hua Honglou had an amazing figure, and her bountiful chest was currently resting against Xiang Shaoyun's chest. The faint fragrance about her caused his heart to thump. She was a woman capable of stirring a man's bestial instinct.

"I-I'm fine," replied Hua Honglou with her arms around Xiang Shaoyun's neck.

A slight blush covered her pale face, making her look even more beautiful and lovable. Xiang Shaoyun was about to say something in reply when Mo Sha came shouting with a brand new attack, "Xiang Shaoyun! You're finally here! Die!"

Billowing Sandstorm!

A massive tsunami of sand appeared and swept forth. Mo Sha's combat prowess was comparable to Devil Face's, or to be precise, he was slightly stronger. He was most likely one of the Devil Blood Society's hidden geniuses. With Hua Honglou in his arms, Xiang Shaoyun dodged the attack.

"You're fast, but how long can you keep this up?" Mo Sha said as he sent a series of saber energies flying toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Mo Sha attacked mercilessly, each of his attacks containing the might of a War King. However, with the Nether Soul Domain, Xiang Shaoyun was able to see all the attacks' trajectories clearly. He dodged repeatedly, causing Mo Sha's attacks to keep hitting nothing.

Hua Honglou said, "Put me down. Ignore me for now."

"Don't worry. Even with you in my arms, I can still defeat him," Xiang Shaoyun replied. He stopped avoiding, drew his Purple Lightning Saber, and swung it at Mo Sha.

He was not holding anything back and utilized his saber intent the moment he attacked. The seemingly casual swing of his saber gave rise to an exceptionally breathtaking saber energy. The saber energy slammed right into the attack's weak point, causing Mo Sha's attack to crumble. The saber energy weakened, but it still continued on toward Mo Sha's abdomen.


The attack landed and sent Mo Sha flying away. However, Mo Sha wasn't harmed; he had merely been sent flying by the impact. He clearly had on a high-grade armor. Otherwise, that slash would have been enough to kill him.

Xiang Shaoyun did not hesitate and pressed on with another slash at Mo Sha's head. He would not stop before killing his opponent. With his recent breakthrough, Xiang Shaoyun's speed and attack had become even more overbearing. In the blink of an eye, he arrived right before Mo Sha, greatly shocking him.

"You won't be able to kill me that easily!" Mo Sha roared and sent a concealed weapon shooting out of his sleeve. The sneak attack was incredibly fast, something almost impossible to guard against.

"Watch out for the concealed weapon!" Hua Honglou cried out, but her warning came too late, as the concealed weapon had already reached Xiang Shaoyun.

Just as the attack was about to hit, Xiang Shaoyun shifted the trajectory of his saber and blocked the attack.


The concealed weapon met the saber, creating a spark and a crisp clank.

"How is that possible?" Mo Sha cried out in disbelief. His sneak attack had never failed, and he had decent success rates against even Skysoar Realm experts. But it had actually failed against Xiang Shaoyun.

Thanks to his newly evolved gift of instincts, Xiang Shaoyun's reaction time was even faster than before. In fact, he noticed the sneak attack the moment Mo Sha activated the concealed weapon. Otherwise, he would have been hit by the attack. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Xiang Shaoyun's reaction time was even faster than regular Kings.

"Time for you to go to the afterlife," said Xiang Shaoyun coldly as he prepared to continue attacking. It was at this moment that several Devil Blood Society members appeared and sneak attacked him, forcing him to turn around and deal with them instead.

Rumble! Rumble!

Lightning energy spread everywhere along with saber energy, wreaking havoc and causing wails to ring out incessantly. Mo Sha took the opportunity to reorganize himself before activating his trump card.

"I, Mo Sha, have just made my existence known. How can I suffer defeat so soon? Die!" he roared and pushed his strength to his limit. The saber in his hand shone brightly as he swung it, sending a boundless saber energy forward.

Desert Storm!

Instantly, the entire area seemed to have transformed into a desert in the midst of a sandstorm. Numerous tornadoes formed, and like a dragon, they laid waste to the area, displaying the might of a natural calamity.

Mo Sha had once been lost in the desert for a month. In the midst of thirst and exhaustion, he had stumbled upon an intense sandstorm, and it was then that he had come to comprehend this technique. It was an attack strong enough to endanger even second-stage Skysoar Realm experts. Both Xiang Shaoyun and Hua Honglou could sense the attack's terrifying might.

Hua Honglou cried out in alarm, "Shaoyun, run!"

"The word run does not exist in my dictionary," said Xiang Shaoyun. His eyes turned sharp, and with a roar, he raised his Purple Lightning Saber. Innate purple lightning surged out of his body, forming a roaring purple dragon.

Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky!

An incomparably overbearing power of lightning clashed with the sandstorm, causing the sandstorm to scatter in defeat. The lightning burnt Mo Sha, sending him flying and coughing up blood. His body twitched repeatedly, looking extremely sorry.

"Why is he so strong!" Mo Sha was in disbelief.

He had personally witnessed the fight between Xiang Shaoyun and Lightning Kid. Back then, he had judged that he was definitely a match for him, but now, that did not seem to be the case anymore. Xiang Shaoyun had obviously grown stronger.

"Die." With one hand wrapped around Hua Honglou, Xiang Shaoyun raised his saber with his other hand before slashing down at Mo Sha.

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