Chapter 305: Mighty Liang Zhuangmin

I Am Overlord

"You want to kill me? Dream on!" 

It seemed like Mo Sha’s fate was already sealed, yet he still maintained such confidence. It was clear he still had an unrevealed trump card. Right as Xiang Shaoyun's saber was about to reach Mo Sha, Mo Sha crushed something in his hand.


The moment it was crushed, an indescribable power erupted out of nowhere. The eruption forced Xiang Shaoyun to temporarily withdraw from Mo Sha, with Hua Honglou still in his arms. Fortunately, the eruption did not seem to be especially destructive. It seemed like it was meant to be disruptive rather than destructive. When everything settled, Xiang Shaoyun found that he had already lost sight of Mo Sha.

"What is going on?" Xiang Shaoyun frowned.

Hua Honglou was also in astonishment as she had no idea how Mo Sha had vanished in such a situation.

"It's a distraction technique, also known as a concealment technique. It is a technique capable of helping one escape instantaneously. He is currently fleeing toward the exit," Devouring Ghost's voice rang out in Xiang Shaoyun's head.

With his reminder, Xiang Shaoyun extended the detection range of his Nether Soul Domain in the direction of the exit. Sure enough, he found the fleeing Mo Sha.

Xiang Shaoyun was about to give chase when Hua Honglou said, "Shaoyun, put me down. Please help my brothers and sisters of the Red House."

"I don't need to put you down to help them, though. I don't feel safe leaving you alone right now," said Xiang Shaoyun before heading toward the chaotic battlefield. Like a wolf that had entered a flock of sheep, his Purple Lightning Saber swept everywhere, killing Devil Blood Society members left and right.


Blood and flesh of Devil Blood Society members flew everywhere. Not one of them was his match, and in the blink of an eye, about six of them were killed. It was only now that the Devil Blood Society people noticed that Mo Sha was gone.

It broke the little fight they had left. They scattered everywhere, trying to flee the battlefield. Meanwhile, since Liang Zhuangmin knew that Xiang Shaoyun had arrived, he no longer held anything back. With a renewed vigor, he focused on his fight with Chu Chunyu.

"You damned kid! Only knowing how to use others as your's time for you to learn the consequence of provoking me. Die!" Liang Zhuangmin roared and swung his axe repeatedly, sending numerous Myriad Sword Sect members flying everywhere before charging at Chu Chunyu.

Chu Chunyu was frightened by Liang Zhuangmin's aggression, but he still forced himself to calm down and face Liang Zhuangmin, hoping he could obtain victory through his superiority in speed.

Alas, although Liang Zhuangmin wasn't advantageous in terms of speed, when he erupted at full power, his speed was still not something that could be underestimated. Like a barbaric dragon, he charged left and right, forcing Chu Chunyu to retreat again and again. Each time he neared Chu Chunyu, he would suddenly erupt in power and swing his axe madly.

Roiling Earth Dragon!

Like an earth dragon, Liang Zhuangmin's axe energy burst out of the ground, causing an earthquake and displaying a might comparable to a real dragon as it filled the air with dust and pebbles.

Staring at such a terrifying axe energy flying toward him, Chu Chunyu was completely gripped by fear. He had a feeling that no matter what he did, he wouldn't be able to escape, and his only option was to brace himself for collision.

Thousand Twisting Snakes!

He stabbed his sword forward 49 times, creating 49 energy vipers that shot forward and twirled around the earth dragon, all of them biting and tearing at the dragon. However, the dragon was too big and too brutishly mighty. The vipers were instantly crushed; not one of them could stop its advance.

Rumble! Rumble!

The axe energy in the form of a dragon crushed all obstacles and finally arrived before Chu Chunyu and cut him into two, killing him on the spot.

His blood dyed Liang Zhuangmin's body in red, but Liang Zhuangmin still roared with laughter and said, "Not even Wu Longfei can act too cocky before me. Who do you think you are?"

Chu Chunyu's death shocked the Myriad Sword Sect members.

"Come on here! You guys wanted to kill every last one of us, right? Your daddy will send every one of you to the afterlife!" Liang Zhuangmin bellowed at the Myriad Sword Sect members.

He attacked again, sending his overbearing axe energy out. Two people were killed instantly before the axe energy crashed into the ground and left behind a deep cut. No matter how one looked at Liang Zhuangmin, his strength was not something a mere Transformation Realm cultivator should possess.

Liang Zhuangmin was insanely strong, worthy of being a person once known as the number one under Skysoar Realm in the Cloud Margin Pavilion. The Myriad Sword Sect members suffered the same fate as the Devil Blood Society members. They couldn't stop Liang Zhuangmin's advance, and with the shock from Chu Chunyu's death, they started fleeing.

And thus the battle came to an end. The Red House and Free Society lost nearly half their members, while the Myriad Sword Sect and Devil Blood Society had also lost a lot of their people. One could say it was a battle where both sides had suffered great losses. If Xiang Shaoyun had not arrived when he did, the battle might have ended very differently.

"Haha, Brother Yun, good thing you arrived just in time. If something happened to my sister-in-law, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself," said Liang Zhuangmin.

"It is all my fault. Both you and Honglou have been dragged into my troubles," Xiang Shaoyun said guiltily.

"What bullshit is that? They were obviously trying to rob your soul spring. That is not your fault," said Liang Zhuangmin. "How is my sister-in-law?"

"She's injured and poisoned," said Xiang Shaoyun with a frown.

Earlier, he only knew that she was injured, but he had no idea she was poisoned as well. Otherwise, he would have prioritized healing her first before resuming the fight. Fortunately, she cultivated the power of flame, which offered some resistance toward poison. Thus, for now, her condition was stable.

She was currently healing at a quiet spot. The other Red House members were doing the same. As for their dead comrades, the only thing they could do was sigh. The Land of Soul Springs was a cruel place where death was common. One would have nobody to blame if one ended up dead due to lack of strength.

"It is my fault for not protecting them well enough," Liang Zhuangmin blamed himself.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand. "Don't say that. They have more people, and we already did very well to even emerge victorious. Moreover, Honglou was injured by a concealed weapon. It is very hard to guard against something like that. It's just too bad that the leader of the Devil Blood Society group managed to escape."

"He won't be able to escape us forever. Let's go out and kill him!" Liang Zhuangmin said.

"Yes, he won't be able to escape us forever, so there's no need to rush it. We can set out after Honglou recovers," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Liang Zhuangmin nodded and stopped talking. He also needed to heal up. While Liang Zhuangmin, Hua Honglou, and the others were healing themselves, Xiang Shaoyun heard news that Devil Fairy had challenged Wu Longfei and that Chen Zilong had challenged Wu Chi. They would battle before the one month period was up, and it would be how they would decide who among them was the actual number one under the Skysoar Realm.

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