Chapter 306: Can You Move Your Hand Now?

I Am Overlord

It had always been publicly acknowledged that Wu Longfei, Devil Fairy, and Wu Chi were the strongest of their generation. As for Chen Zilong, like Xiang Shaoyun, he had suddenly emerged in the Land of Soul Springs. With his overbearingly powerful Qilin Arms, he defeated Han Chen the Blackfrost Spear from the Black Ice Palace, making a name for himself.

Now, Chen Zilong was challenging Wu Chi the Moha Cicada from Buddha's Path Temple. Not many people possessed that kind of courage. As for Wu Longfei, he was known as the number one young swordsman, a person who had comprehended sword intent. One slash of his was capable of changing the world and the heavens.

For someone his age, such a strength was enough to dominate all his peers. The Devil Fairy was the number one genius of the Devil Blood Society with numerous trump cards up her sleeve. Just the fact that she dared challenge Wu Longfei was proof of her strength.

Xiang Shaoyun felt his blood boiling hearing about the challenges being thrown about. Who wouldn't want to be number one among one's peers? Sure, reputation might be vain and empty, but it was still something one could be proud of.

Forget it. These quarrels between children are beneath this young master. My opponents should be those at the Skysoar Realm and beyond, Xiang Shaoyun ultimately told himself.

After leaving the Land of Soul Springs, it would be time for him to depart from the Cloud Margin Pavilion. Otherwise, he would risk being discovered by his enemies. He planned to look for a place to cultivate and reach the Skysoar Realm first. After that, he would seek Devouring Ghost's advice on how to grow even faster. That was his current priority.

His intuition was telling him that those traitors were getting near. If they were still not here after searching for him for so long, they would all turn into the Ziling Sect's greatest source of embarrassment.

After half a day of recuperating, Liang Zhuangmin was brimming with vitality again. He had only sustained some external injuries in the first place and a few internal injuries. After some bandaging and rest, he had mostly recovered.

The others had not recovered as quickly, but they had still recovered enough to regain mobility. They all gathered and waited for the command to leave. The ones here were the ones who had stayed loyal and remained in face of danger and overwhelming odds, and they were decent comrades to have.

Liang Zhuangmin told the few Free Society members left to leave and return to the outside world. Out there, with Cloud Margin Pavilion elders watching over them, they would be safe. As for the Red House members, they all waited for Hua Honglou to wake up before making a decision.

However, Hua Honglou seemed to be in bad shape. Her aura was weakening, and a shade of black covered her face. It was obvious she had failed to push out the poison within her and had even allowed the poison to spread. Xiang Shaoyun and Liang Zhuangmin became anxious when they saw her condition.

"She does not seem to be doing well," said Liang Zhuangmin.

Xiang Shaoyun frowned. "Big brother, can you stand guard for us? I will help her expel the poison."

After saying that, he walked over and lifted Hua Honglou as he said, "Honglou, hang on. I'll help you expel the poison."

Hua Honglou opened her eyes and blinked weakly in response. Xiang Shaoyun then brought her to a concealed spot and helped her sit down in the lotus position before doing so himself. He then studied Hua Honglou's injuries and found that the wound was near her heart. The moment the poison spread to her heart, she would die.

"Your flame power is not enough to expel the poison. Let me transfer a strand of millennium earthcore fire to you. Refine it and expel the poison," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Hua Honglou nodded weakly. Xiang Shaoyun then placed his hand on the wound.


Hua Honglou groaned with an expression of pain on her face. Inwardly however, she was feeling extremely bashful. The spot where Xiang Shaoyun had placed his hand was too sensitive, and with his large hand, he had cupped the entirety of a certain spot on her chest.

That spot felt extremely nice to touch. It was a handful, and coupled with Hua Honglou's groan, Xiang Shaoyun felt his blood stirring. Fortunately, he knew his current priority. He quickly cleared his mind of all distracting thoughts before sending a strand of Yun Flame's energy toward the wound. He controlled the strand of energy carefully, as the strand must travel slowly and bit by bit. Otherwise, he would burn Hua Honglou's heart before expelling the poison.

With the strand of energy from Yun Flame, a large portion of the poison was instantly cleared. The poison was pushed away from her heart, but it started spreading to other parts of her body instead.

Xiang Shaoyun focused on protecting Hua Honglou's heart with the flame energy, not allowing the poison to continue damaging her heart. His other hand gripped Hua Honglou's hand as he sent a tiny strand of Yun Flame's energy there. "Immediately refine this strand of millennium earthcore fire and use it to fight the poison."

Hua Honglou did not delay and quickly circulated her cultivation method. The strand of energy caused her pain, but she still drew it into her stars and started refining it. Expression of pain appeared on her face, but the pain was still bearable for her.

After all, this strand of flame was sent over by Xiang Shaoyun, and it was relatively mild. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible for her to tame and refine it.

Hua Honglou had always been a genius cultivator. She was able to quickly refine the flame energy, and she started circulating it around her body to combat the poison. However, she did not have enough flame energy and so she requested more from Xiang Shaoyun.

At the request, Xiang Shaoyun sent a bigger strand of Yun Flame's energy over. Borrowing her previous experience, Hua Honglou was able to quickly refine this strand of energy. The flame power within her strengthened, and more of the poison was cleared from her body.

This continued for a few times until finally, Hua Honglou regained a rosy complexion. Evidently, she had fully expelled the poison in her body. Her aura seemed to have grown as well, and it seemed like she was going to enter the Skysoar Realm soon. She finally opened her eyes, looking at the face right in front of her, etching that handsome face in her mind.

"How are you?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"I'm fine now," said Hua Honglou.

"Do you want to double check? You can't be careless. This poison does not fear ordinary flames, so it is obvious how strong it is," advised Xiang Shaoyun seriously.

"Um, I know. I have already checked a few times. I think I'm good," Hua Honglou said.

"Good. It's good that you're fine. Otherwise, I would have lost a bed warming maid just like that!" lamented Xiang Shaoyun.

"I'm fine, so can you move your hand now?" Hua Honglou asked as she looked straight at Xiang Shaoyun.

"Uhm...oh...I was worried that there might still be some poison left in you. I'll remove my hand now," said Xiang Shaoyun.

He then grudgingly removed his hand from Hua Honglou's chest.

But after he removed the hand, Hua Honglou said, "In truth, if you want to continue putting your hand there, I won't blame you."

Xiang Shaoyun had the urge to put his hand back on her chest, but it was too bad she had already stood up and walked away.

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