Chapter 309: Saber and Sword, Fighting for Glory

I Am Overlord

"Stop arguing. Both of you can come at me together," suggested Devil Fairy calmly with the same pleasant voice.

Inwardly however, she wasn't as calm. She had challenged Wu Longfei only to be ignored, and when she challenged Xiang Shaoyun, he showed her utter contempt. She had decided to use Xiang Shaoyun to vent her anger.

"Alright. Stand back for now," Xiang Shaoyun said seriously before pushing Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou to the side and stepping forth himself.

He shot Devil Fairy a glance before shouting at Wu Longfei, "Both of you can come together!"

The moment he uttered those words, a seemingly unrivaled presence surged out of him. Apparitions of a dragon and a tiger appeared around him as the aura of a Super War King roiled out.

"Roar! Roar!"

The roars of the dragon and tiger reverberated throughout the area, shocking everyone there. They could clearly sense Xiang Shaoyun's combat prowess. It felt like a true Skysoar Realm expert had appeared instead of a War King.

Like Liang Zhuangmin, Xiang Shaoyun had begun itching for a fight after witnessing the battle between Chen Zilong and Wu Chi. With Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy challenging him one after another, he could no longer suppress his battle intent.

"I have long known that Brother Yun is an outstanding cultivator, but I have never expected him to be so strong. I am feeling pressured now, being the big brother of such a person," said Liang Zhuangmin with a look of praise on his face.

Hua Honglou's eyes rippled with emotions as she said, "Yeah. He is very strong. No wonder Lightning Kid and the others are not his match."

Previously, she only had a good opinion of Xiang Shaoyun. But now, one could say that Xiang Shaoyun had conquered half her heart. Which woman wouldn't like a man so heroic and outstanding?

"You are still not worthy enough to face two of us at the same time," said Devil Fairy. She then attacked. Like a fairy, she moved with nimble steps as her clothes drifted about in the air. Her hands reached forward and two strips of black cloth shot out of her sleeves toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two strips of cloth shot out like two black dragons, arriving before Xiang Shaoyun in the blink of an eye. But when the clothes were about to wrap around him, everyone found that the Xiang Shaoyun standing there was an afterimage and that his real body was nowhere to be seen.

"I thought you challenged me? Come! By herself, she is not my match. She won't be able to make me use my full strength," Xiang Shaoyun shouted at Wu Longfei as he slashed his Purple Lightning Saber at Wu Longfei.

Saber intent!

The saber energy glided through the air with an astonishing speed and arrived before Wu Longfei instantly.

Wu Longfei leaped to the sky and dodged the slash. He howled with laughter and said, "Haha, I was right! You have indeed comprehended saber intent!" He then begged Devil Fairy, "Devil Fairy, let me fight him first. I will fight you after defeating him."

Wu Longfei had always been a prideful person. Although he wanted to fight Xiang Shaoyun badly, it was beneath him to team up with someone.

"No, both of you have to attack together. Otherwise, this will be a boring fight," declared Xiang Shaoyun boastfully.

Devil Fairy glanced at the two before she giggled and said, "Hehe, you two can fight it out. I'm fine just watching."

She then walked away. A helpless look appeared on Xiang Shaoyun's face as there was nothing he could do about it.

"Xiang Shaoyun, you are an arrogant person. I hope you have the strength to back it up," said Wu Longfei.

"Cut the nonsense. Come. I'm a busy person," said Xiang Shaoyun as he beckoned provocatively at Wu Longfei.

"Sure, pay attention," said Wu Longfei. Instantly, his entire presence shifted like a sword leaving its sheath. Strands of sword energy swirled around him, kicking up a cloud of dust. Similar to Xiang Shaoyun, a clear aura of a War King surged out from him, powerful enough to shock everyone there.

When Xiang Shaoyun sensed that Wu Longfei seemed to be even stronger than he had expected, he grew excited. Looks like his comprehension of sword intent is beyond my comprehension of saber intent, thought Xiang Shaoyun inwardly.

Wu Longfei was a sword genius and had comprehended the sword intent a few years ago. After a few years of further cultivation, he could no longer find a match among his peers. As a sign of respect to a rare worthy opponent like Wu Longfei, Xiang Shaoyun raised his saber in front of him. He became one with the saber, turning the saber into an extension of his body as a majestic saber intent surged out of him.

Xiang Shaoyun and Wu Longfei stood facing each other. Rather than two humans, they looked like an exceptional saber and an outstanding sword facing each other. The sabers and swords of the observers started stirring, as if some sort of resonance had formed with the saber and sword standing there.

"Both of them have reached the human weapon unity phase. Wu Longfei has been in this phase for a while now, but it is quite surprising that this Xiang Shaoyun, who had appeared out of nowhere, has also comprehended saber intent. No wonder he is so arrogant."

"Looks like our eldest senior brother had known about Xiang Shaoyun's saber intent since long ago. That was why he was determined to fight Xiang Shaoyun. He has always been seeking a worthy opponent."

"Yeah. Eldest senior brother won't easily make a move at all. He would usually fight only those at the Skysoar Realm, and since this Xiang Shaoyun knows saber intent, he is also worthy of battling our eldest senior brother. Even so, he is definitely not our eldest senior brother's match."

"Being able to witness the fight between two individuals who have comprehended human weapon unity makes this trip worth it."


Most of the people were focusing on Xiang Shaoyun and Wu Longfei, and it felt like the battle between Chen Zilong and Wu Chi was being ignored. Both Xiang Shaoyun and Wu Longfei attacked at the same time.

Xiang Shaoyun swung his Purple Lightning Saber, sending a saber energy formed of purple lightning through the air. Wu Longfei instantly drew his sword and sent a gray sword energy flying forward.


The saber and sword energies clashed loudly; the impact of the collision sent rocks and soil flying everywhere. Both of them were only attacking casually, yet their attacks were already incomparably dreadful. Ordinary Transformation Realm cultivators wouldn't be a match for them at all.

Xiang Shaoyun and Wu Longfei dashed into each other, their saber and sword meeting each other repeatedly.

Cling! Clank!

A series of sparks were created midair, saber and sword energies rippling all over the area like blooming fireworks, the entire battle a stunning sight.

Xiang Shaoyun was one with the Purple Lightning Saber; each swing of his saber was smooth and forceful. With the power of lightning suffused within his saber, his slashes were extremely ferocious and destructive.

Wu Longfei was also displaying a prowess worthy of his title as the Flying Celestial Sword. His sword was extremely nimble and lithe, each slash was almost undetectable, always stabbing at his opponent from the most tricky angle.

Both of them held a different superiority over the other, and they appeared evenly matched. As the battle raged on, Wu Longfei was the first to find a chance to unleash the might of his sword. He was worthy of being someone who had comprehended sword intent for many years.

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