Chapter 310: Changing Weathers

I Am Overlord

"Not bad at all, Xiang Shaoyun. Try taking this move!" Wu Longfei grew increasingly excited as he fought. With a shout, he unleashed the first serious attack since the start of their fight.

Sword energy surged out and formed a sword tornado of several dozen meters tall that tore ahead toward Xiang Shaoyun. The rocks and pebbles in the way were all turned into powder, showcasing the attack's dreadfulness. 

There was not much difference between this attack and a natural disaster. Even the crowd started retreating. None dared to get near the battlefield, and fear filled the eyes of each of them. Finally, they bore witness to the true might of Wu Longfei.

Xiang Shaoyun's eyes flared with an intense battle intent as he roared with laughter, "Haha, interesting! Interesting!"

He leaped into the air and lifted his Purple Lightning Saber. It shone brightly with a raging innate purple lightning, and he slashed the saber down, releasing a saber energy that looked like a bolt of lightning.

Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky!

The rumbling lightning shot down with a might capable of destroying mountains. The two attacks collided, giving rise to a series of explosions. The world shook as the deafening explosions rumbled, shocking all the onlookers.

In the eyes of many people there, these two attacks were powerful enough to be considered ultimate trump cards. But in the eyes of the two combatants, it was merely the start of their fight.

The saber attack destroyed Wu Longfei's sword tornado, but the scattered sword energies suddenly turned around and homed in toward Xiang Shaoyung. They seemed to be completely under Wu Longfei's control. It was a control only achievable through deep comprehension of sword intent.

At that moment, it was as if the entire world was filled with sword energies. Each sword energy was powerful enough to kill second-stage Skysoar Realm experts, and with a few hundred of them here, not even third-stage Skysoar Realm experts could survive this attack.

"What a terrifying sword intent," Liang Zhuangmin couldn't help crying out in surprise.

He had a feeling that even with his full power, he wouldn't be able to defend against the sword energies.

"Will Shaoyun be able to survive that attack?" Hua Honglou was worried.

Meanwhile, Devil Fairy had a solemn expression on her face as she watched the battle, as if she was trying to think of a way to defeat the sword attack. 

Completely surrounded by the sword energies, a purple and gold barrier covered Xiang Shaoyun's body. At the same time, he released his presence of dragon and tiger and wrapped it around himself, bolstering his defense. Only then did he start madly swinging his saber at the incoming sword energies.

He was able to destroy most of them, but he still missed some. They directly pierced through his defenses and stabbed into his flesh. A terrifying wound was left on his shoulder, causing him to hiss in pain. Not only was that wound painful, it also gave Xiang Shaoyun the feeling that he had been defeated in a clash of intents.

This is the energy steering stage! That can only mean that he is very close to reaching the weapon steering stage. If he can do that, then I, Xiang Shaoyun, can definitely do the same! Xiang Shaoyun told himself. He fully activated his Nether Soul Domain, imprinting all the sword energies in his mind as he tried comprehending how Wu Longfei was exercising his control over the sword energies.

Xiang Shaoyun was one who had comprehended saber intent. After observing how Wu Longfei was steering his sword, he started gaining comprehension. He was able to sense clearly that the sword energies all originated from Wu Longfei's Flying Celestial Sword, and Wu Longfei had long become one with the Flying Celestial Sword, greatly simplifying the process of controlling the energies.

Equipped with a vague understanding of how it worked, Xiang Shaoyun tried controlling the saber energy released from the Purple Lightning Saber only to find himself failing. Meanwhile, the sword energies kept barraging him, reducing his clothes to strips and leaving numerous bloody cuts on his body.

"Haha, Xiang Shaoyun, I thought you were amazing? So amazing you were challenging both our eldest senior brother and Devil Fairy at the same time? Haha, you overestimate yourself. Just die already!"

"Yeah, you think you're really unrivaled? Our eldest senior brother is the one who is unrivaled. Where his sword intent reaches, who dares to cause strife?"

"The Flying Celestial Sword is really powerful. He has already reached the energy steering stage. When he reaches the Skysoar Realm, he will definitely reach the sword steering stage. At that time, nobody can hope to be his match!"

"Xiang Shaoyun is doing well lasting this long. Too bad he had been too cocky earlier."


The onlookers started discussing among themselves. In their eyes, Xiang Shaoyun was as good as defeated.

"Time for you to lose," said Wu Longfei. He stamped his foot on the ground and shot forth like a bullet. He stabbed his Flying Celestial Sword repeatedly, aiming at Xiang Shaoyun's vitals.

Wu Longfei was extremely fast and arrived before Xiang Shaoyun in a flash. There, all the sword energies in the surroundings converged on his sword before he sent a majestic sword energy shooting forward.

The sword energy glided through the air, leaving a deep cut on the ground wherever it passed. After facing the rain of sword energies, Xiang Shaoyun was immediately faced with such a dreadful attack. He could feel all the hairs on his body stand up.

That attack was enough to kill even third-stage Skysoar Realm experts. And it was at this moment that Xiang Shaoyun finally erupted with his real strength. Purple lightning surged out of him as he drew all the lightning energy in his first star before slashing his Purple Lightning Saber at the incoming sword.

Second stance of the Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique: Changing Weathers!

The moment the attack was launched, the entire world seemed to lose its luster, turning into a silent, black-and-white world. In this black-and-white world, the only sound and color was the rumbling, raging lightning energy.

Xiang Shaoyun had only been able to use the first stance, Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky, all this while. With his recent breakthrough, he was finally able to use the second stance.

Each stance of the Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique was more powerful than the stance before. Each slash contained a world-shaking might, and although Xiang Shaoyun was unable to unleash the technique's true prowess, just a tiny bit of its true prowess was enough to awe countless people.

Rumble! Rumble!

The saber and the sword clashed repeatedly, the shockwaves of the collisions spreading everywhere, forcing the onlookers to move farther away from the battlefield. Ultimately, the purple saber energy prevailed over the majestic sword energy. The sword energy started shattering inch by inch as the saber energy continued on toward Wu Longfei.

Shock covered Wu Longfei's face. He wanted to retreat, but it was too late. Wu Longfei's sword intent was powerful, but he still wasn't confident he could block this dreadful saber. During this moment of crisis, a black figure suddenly appeared, sending two black beams shooting toward the saber energy.

Bang! Bang!

The saber energy had already weakened considerably from the collision with the sword energy. Thus, it shattered after it was hit by the black energy, resolving Wu Longfei's crisis.

"Devil Fairy, why did you interfere?" Wu Longfei bellowed resentfully.

"But he had challenged both of us. What's wrong with me attacking then?" Devil Fairy gave a short reply and proceeded to attack Xiang Shaoyun.

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