Chapter 311: Fury of the Qilin

I Am Overlord

"Haha, good! Bring it on!" Xiang Shaoyun roared with laughter and swung his saber at Devil Fairy.

Although unleashing the attack earlier had exhausted about half of his energy, his battle intent was surging, and he was having too much fun to stop. Using the Overlord's Nine Nether Steps, he danced about the two black ribbons sent by Devil Fairy while swinging his saber repeatedly, trying to sever them.

However, the black ribbons were made of silk produced by Demon King dark silkworms. Thus, they were extremely durable, and coupled with Devil Fairy's energy fused into them, they could attack with great power and were able to contend against Xiang Shaoyun's saber attacks.

As the number one genius of the Devil Blood Society, Devil Fairy had an impressive combat prowess comparable to Wu Longfei's. Xiang Shaoyun battled her, failing to immediately defeat her. They appeared evenly matched, presenting the sight of an intense battle to the onlookers.

Meanwhile, Wu Longfei was standing to the side, his expressions changing constantly as resentment filled his heart. Xiang Shaoyun had yet to fully defeat him, but with Devil Fairy's sudden interruption, it would now seem that he had lost the fight. In fact, quite a number of people were whispering among themselves about that. He heard everything clearly, and his heart was filled with indignation.

"Since you want to fight against two opponents alone, I shall grant your wish," said Wu Longfei as he charged toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"Xiang Shaoyun, show whatever trump card you have left or you will die now!" Wu Longfei roared and sent numerous sword energies toward Xiang Shaoyun. He attacked with full power immediately, not giving Devil Fairy any chance to take the credit for defeating Xiang Shaoyun.

At this time, Hua Honglou asked Liang Zhuangmin anxiously, "Do we help?"

"No, this is Brother Yun's battle for glory. Nobody can get involved in it," said Liang Zhuangmin. "In any case, I really want to see how strong Brother Yun is. I believe he will be the final victor."

Xiang Shaoyun had been like a deep pond with endless secrets ever since they had met. At the ghostrune territory, Xiang Shaoyun had helped him get the earthstone heart. He then went on to enter and leave the ghostrune territory alone, defeated Lightning Kid and the Four Divinity Swords, and now, he had even achieved the feat of standing his ground against Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy. In fact, he seemed even stronger than Wu Longfei.

What would he do next? Would he defeat both Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy? Liang Zhuangmin really wanted to know the answer.

Meanwhile, the other battle was still progressing even though not many people were paying attention to it. Both Chen Zilong and Wu Chi were using their full strength. The battle was intense, and they were equally matched. Both of them had suffered injuries, and it did not look like a victor would emerge anytime soon.

Chen Zilong was only a late ninth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator, slightly lacking in comparison with Wu Chi who was a peak Transformation Realm cultivator. If the fight dragged on, Wu Chi would hold the advantage. Dragging it on wouldn't be beneficial for Chen Zilong. Thus, he decided to end the battle with one final clash.

"Wu Chi, if you can survive this attack, I will admit defeat," Chen Zilong said. An apparition of a qilin appeared behind him while his arms started shining with a red radiance. Finally, dreadful scales started growing on his arms.

That was the true form of the Qilin Arms. Wu Chi could see that Chen Zilong was about to use his trump card. He started chanting a scripture, causing the golden barrier around him to grow thicker and stronger. At the same time, his palms shone with a resplendent gold as a Buddhist symbol formed.

Fury of the Qilin!

Chen Zilong slammed his arms forward, sending a thick tongue of qilin flame out. The flame proceeded to take the form of a fire qilin before charging toward Wu Chi. Hissing sounds filled the area due to the sheer temperature of the flame that was comparable to even the millennium earthcore fire. It was a flame powerful enough to turn even king weapons to slag. At the same time, Wu Chi unleashed his attack as well.

Buddha's Paradise!

He slammed his palms forward, and as he did so, the apparition of a Buddha appeared behind him. The Buddha slammed his massive palms forward as well, sending a bright gold Buddhist symbol toward the fire qilin.

Rumble! Rumble!

The two attacks clashed, creating a massive shockwave. Both attacks were shockingly destructive. Initially, the two attacks were evenly matched. But gradually, the apparition of the Buddha started dimming. On the other hand, the fire qilin still looked as vigorous as ever with an intense flame raging around it.


Like he had been possessed by a qilin, Chen Zilong's eyes turned red. He looked like a terrifying madman that had lost his mind and was about to murder Wu Chi. In truth, Wu Chi had been able to slightly suppress Chen Zilong at the beginning of the clash. But Chen Zilong had activated his qilin blood, causing his strength to instantly soar, forcing Wu Chi to retreat more than 10 steps backward while coughing blood.

Even with Wu Chi’s retreat, Chen Zilong continued advancing. Wu Chi could no longer muster any strength to stop his opponent, and death was likely to be his fate.

"Senior brother!" Zhi Yong cried out in alarm. He wanted to help, but a middle-aged monk beside him stopped him, "Zhi Yong, you can't go. That person has turned mad. If you go, you will die."

"But I can't let senior brother die!" Zhi Yong was anxious.

"Wu Chi won't die," said the middle-aged monk confidently.

By the time Chen Zilong's fist arrived, Wu Chi's eyes were shut, and his palms were joined in front of his chest as if he was waiting for his death to arrive. Suddenly, Chen Zilong stopped, his fists pausing right in front of Wu Chi, sparing his opponent from the fate of death.

"Hu!" Chen Zilong withdrew his fists and released a long breath. His eyes slowly turned back to normal, so did his arms.

"Amitabha, thank you benefactor for letting me off leniently. It is my defeat," said Wu Chi forthrightly.

Chen Zilong nodded. "It was a good fight."

After he said that, he staggered and coughed a mouthful of blood. Instantly, his aura dropped. Wu Chi wasn't any better off. Although he stood with his back perfectly straight, blood was also dripping out of his mouth, evidence that his injuries weren't light either.

One could say that Chen Zilong had won at a great cost. If someone else attacked him right now, he would be completely helpless. Seeing that, Li Yaxuan quickly rushed over and stood guard over him.

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