Chapter 312: Trump Card Presentation

I Am Overlord

The battle between Chen Zilong and Wu Chi had ended. For the onlookers, it had been a satisfying battle to spectate.

"I had never expected that the Son of Qilin would be this strong. He was able to defeat even the Moha Cicada. Looks like the Cloud Margin Pavilion has gained yet another freakish genius."

"The Son of Qilin is not an exclusive member of the Cloud Margin Pavilion. To be precise, he is the descendant of the Chen Clan, the clan of an Emperor from the Cloud Margin City. He will only be staying in the Cloud Margin Pavilion to cultivate for a few years. In the future, he will be the pillar supporting the Chen Clan."

"Regardless, Chen Zilong will definitely grow to be an amazing individual."

"Look there, Xiang Shaoyun is even more impressive. He is fighting both Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy at the same time!"

"How is Xiang Shaoyun so strong that the two apex geniuses are actually willing to team up against him?"


Xiang Shaoyun was fighting two opponents by himself. He had fully unleashed the power of his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps as he danced about while swinging his Purple Lightning Saber madly. He had to fight Wu Longfei's sword energies as he dealt with Devil Fairy's black ribbons. To do that, he was forced to muster all the astral energy he had in his body.

It was an extremely fulfilling battle for him, and his focus was at the highest it had ever been. Although Wu Longfei had been beaten back by Xiang Shaoyun before this, he did not acknowledge it as an actual defeat. 

Facing Xiang Shaoyun again, he attacked with numerous sword energies that bombarded Xiang Shaoyun like a torrential hail. Anyone else would have been riddled with holes after being surrounded by so many sword energies. Just being able to survive was enough to demonstrate Xiang Shaoyun's prowess.

Devil Fairy was also showcasing her extraordinary talent. Her bright eyes were capable of dazzling all who looked at them, and the two black ribbons were like extensions of her body. She whipped them about relentlessly, attacking with both speed and strength.

The black ribbons only needed to slightly touch a stone to reduce it to powder. If a human was hit, that human would most likely be reduced into a pile of mincemeat. Devil Fairy was using a pair of black ribbons as weapons because she cultivated an extremely rare technique called the Chaotic Devil Dance.

The Chaotic Devil Dance was a battle technique exclusive to female cultivators where strips of clothes served as weapons. A person using this technique could create a scene akin to a dance of devils, hence the name. Not only did this technique look impressive, it was also capable of sowing confusion in others and possessed an extremely destructive might.

She did manage to land a few hits on Xiang Shaoyun, and if it wasn't for the armor he was wearing, he would have suffered grave injuries. Under the relentless barrage of attacks from Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy, the armor was showing signs of breaking as cracks were starting to appear on it.

Although the armor was of a high grade, Wu Longfei's Flying Celestial Sword and Devil Fairy's ribbons weren't ordinary weapons either. They had a quality comparable to the armor, and with such intense battle, it was understandable why the armor would start breaking down.

"They are so powerful. All these freaks!" cursed Lin Zihan who was watching at a certain corner.

He had been confident that his strength was among the top of his peers. But upon witnessing the battle of Xiang Shaoyun, Wu Longfei, and Devil Fairy, he suddenly had a feeling that his strength was far from enough.

"Senior brother, don't forget yourself! You are stronger than all of them!" said a smitten young woman beside Lin Zihan.

Lin Zihan smiled helplessly and said, "I can last a hundred moves against them. Beyond that, I will definitely be the one to lose."

"Hmph. Xiang Shaoyun is going to suffer now that he's facing two of them together," said Yan Yan with a scathing tone.

"Xiang Shaoyun, I thought you could defeat both of us together? But if this continues, you will be the one defeated," said Wu Longfei.

"I don't think he stands any chance," said Devil Fairy as she whipped her black ribbons repeatedly. The entire sky was filled with black ribbons, sealing all of Xiang Shaoyun's escape routes. She was clearly intending to keep the pressure up and defeat Xiang Shaoyun once and for all.

On top of that, Wu Longfei's sword energies were encircling and attacking Xiang Shaoyun relentlessly from all directions in a way that was extremely hard to defend against. Even a third-stage Skysoar Realm expert would suffer defeat when these two geniuses teamed up. In the eyes of everyone present, Xiang Shaoyun was merely struggling hopelessly. If he insisted to keep fighting, death would be his only fate.

"I can't watch anymore. I'm going to help!" Hua Honglou was about to do something as she couldn't stand watching as Xiang Shaoyun was killed.

Liang Zhuangmin quickly stopped her and said, "Calm down, sister. Brother Yun has yet to use his full power."

"What do you mean he's not using his full power? He is nearly dead already!" rebuked Hua Honglou.

"Just keep watching. Those two will be the ones to lose," said Liang Zhuangmin confidently.

It was at this moment that Xiang Shaoyun suddenly spoke, "Hahaha, if this is all you got, there is no point in continuing this ruse."

He circulated his energy, gathered his breath, and roared.


A terrifying roar reverberated through the area. The dreadful sound wave blasted both Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy, greatly impacting them. They were able to retreat in time, but they still felt their blood roiling inside them.

Then, White Tiger Wings sprouted out of Xiang Shaoyun’s back, and his Purple Lightning Saber was replaced by the Overlord Skyslaying Saber. He soared to the sky, and not even the wounds all over his body could hide how impressive he looked. 

All the onlookers were shocked.

"H-how is he flying? Is he a half-beast?"

"Idiot. Open your eyes wide. He is using a pair of energy wings, not real wings. So is that his trump card?"

"How did he do that? Does he have a unique flying battle technique? If that is the case, his victory is more or less guaranteed against Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy."

"No wonder he has such confidence. So it turns out he has a trump card like this. With something like this up his sleeve, what can his opponents do?"

"Sure, flying is good and all. But don't forget that Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy have both killed true Skysoar Realm cultivators before. I doubt Xiang Shaoyun will be able to stay in the air for long. The moment the duration ends, won't he still suffer defeat?"


"What a surprise," lamented Wu Longfei.

"You scared?" Devil Fairy sneered.

"Scared? Me? If he dares to come, I will immediately cut his wings off. I'll see how he can fly then," declared Wu Longfei overbearingly.

"Yes, we shall kill him then. I am very interested in that flying technique," said Devil Fairy.

Once again, the two attacked Xiang Shaoyun.

"Bring it on. I won't take advantage of you guys by abusing my ability to fly. This will be a defeat both of you will accept wholeheartedly," said Xiang Shaoyun resolutely.

He took a deep breath and shut his eyes, fully connecting himself with the Overlord Skyslaying Saber. He had already figured out why he hadn't been able to reach a deeper phase of human weapon unity with the Purple Lightning Saber.

It was because the Purple Lightning Saber was not his fate weapon. As for the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, because he had personally reforged the saber and had nourished the saber for a long time in his astral cosmos sea, his aura had fused with it, and a direct connection had long been established between him and the saber. Because of that, he was confident he could achieve the energy steering stage with the Overlord Skyslaying Saber.

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