Chapter 313: Final Clash

I Am Overlord

Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy no longer held anything back. They knew that flight had granted Xiang Shaoyun a great advantage over them. They were going to make good use of this chance when Xiang Shaoyun was still not intending to defeat them by staying airborne.

Eight Directions Sword!

Wu Longfei became one with the Flying Celestial Sword and thrusted it forward eight times in a row. Eight sword energies of about 100 meters long were created, each shooting at Xiang Shaoyun from a different direction with an incredible might.

Devil Dances Over the World!

Devil Fairy started dancing like a black fairy, her black ribbons flying everywhere as they tossed and turned like a pair of demonic dragons trying to devour the world. The sword energies worked with the demonic dragons and surrounded Xiang Shaoyun, trying to tear him apart.

The onlookers were watching in suspense. They were clear that if placed in Xiang Shaoyun's current position, none of them could survive. They did not believe Xiang Shaoyun could survive either.

Hua Honglou was gripping her fists so hard her nails were digging into her flesh and causing her to bleed. It was obvious how anxious she was right now. Liang Zhuangmin was similarly nervous as he tightened his grip on his axe, prepared to charge out and help Xiang Shaoyun at any time.

As for the injured Chen Zilong, he couldn’t be bothered to heal up. Rather, he was standing with Li Yaxuan's support as he focused on the battle, awaiting the final result. In the midst of the intense barrage of attacks, Xiang Shaoyun's eyes remained shut, as if he was trying to sense something.

His White Tiger Wings flapped repeatedly, creating ripples of vicious gold energy that protected him against the attacks of Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy. Xiang Shaoyun had tempered these wings many times, and now, they possessed astonishing defensive prowess. At the same time, they were also extremely nimble.

Nearly half of the sword energies were destroyed by the wings. Even the sword energies that survived and reached Xiang Shaoyun's energy barrier had been greatly weakened and were unable to deal him much damage.

As for the Devil Fairy, although her black ribbons were powerful, the force from the flapping wings were able to distort their trajectory. At the same time, the vicious gold energy the wings released was sharp enough to damage the black ribbons.

That brought Xiang Shaoyun some time which he utilized to comprehend Wu Longfei's energy steering stage. He kept scanning the trajectories of the sword energies, trying to understand how the sword energies were being controlled. While doing so, he also wrapped his senses around his saber, entering the human weapon unity stage, trying to understand the connection between him and his saber.

The sword energies were sent out from the sword, but in truth, they originated from the sword's wielder. Therefore, one could say that the sword energies were a part of the person as well and that the sword merely acted as a medium to enhance their might.

At that realization, Xiang Shaoyun finally started sending his energy into the Overlord Skyslaying Saber. The reforging of the Overlord Skyslaying Saber had been completed with both purple and gold energies. Thus, it was completely capable of accepting the power of lightning and gold into it, becoming a dual elemental weapon.

Innate purple lightning and vicious gold energy blended together in the saber while the presence of dragon and tiger surged to a terrifying level. Just as Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy approached Xiang Shaoyun for the kill, his eyes finally opened. At that moment, it was as if two sharp sabers were shooting out of his eyes.

"Time for my counterattack!" Xiang Shaoyun roared and swung his saber.

The slash instantly gave birth to a howling purple dragon and a roaring white tiger. The two beasts charged forward along with the destructive saber energy, destroying Wu Longfei's sword energies and cutting Devil Fairy's black ribbons into shreds.

Rumble! Rumble!

A series of deafening explosions rumbled on while a thick presence of dragon and tiger covered the area. The ferocious and valiant aura was incredibly shocking, making everyone feel like a true King had arrived to look down upon them all—a King none dared to disobey.

The onlookers all gasped in shock.

"I-is that Xiang Shaoyun's attack? W-why is it so scary? That dragon and tiger feel like they are real! What an overbearing attack!" 

"Has he been suppressing his strength all along just for this one moment of counterattack? I doubt even a third-stage King could survive."

"That's right. This attack is too scary. Look, my saber is vibrating without my control. Is this happening because of how powerful his saber intent is?"

"Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy won't be defeated just like this, right? It will be way too shocking if that's the case."

"Since when has the Cloud Margin Pavilion gotten such a genius? He sure has been hiding himself well all this while."


"I knew Brother Yun wouldn't lose. What kind of strength is that? It's so scary!" Liang Zhuangmin cried out in excitement.

He could sense very clearly that not even his strongest defense could survive that attack. Hua Honglou was also smiling with excitement, her eyes looking like the eyes of a young girl in love right now.

Beside Lin Zihan, Yan Yan paled as she muttered, "T-this Xiang Shaoyun is so scary!"

She had offended Xiang Shaoyun previously. If he decided to kill her, not even the Thousand Forest Academy would be able to take revenge on her behalf.

"Now you know? We can only make friends with someone like this. Never make him an enemy," said Lin Zihan with a sigh. He was still feeling somewhat indignant, but he had no way of ignoring the strength Xiang Shaoyun had just displayed.

Inwardly, he told himself, Looks like I need to enter the Skysoar Realm as soon as possible. Only by breaking through before them will I have a chance to pull ahead.

Meanwhile, Wu Longfei and Devil Fairy were panicking. They were already using their full strength, yet Xiang Shaoyun had suddenly erupted with his own energy steering stage, greatly increasing the might of his saber intent. It instantly destroyed their attacks, causing them to be incapable of stopping his advance.

Wu Longfei's sword energies were completely suppressed, and he was instead being attacked by saber energies. He couldn't stop the incoming attacks, causing numerous cuts to be left on him as he was sent flying and coughing blood.

Devil Fairy wasn't doing much better either. Her black ribbons had been shredded, her energy black dragons destroyed. She wrapped layers of black ribbon around her in an attempt to block the incoming saber energies, but her defenses crumbled apart under the assault.

Numerous wounds were left on her, her armor destroyed, and even the black veil on her face had fallen, revealing an incredibly alluring face. She was indeed a remarkable beauty that was even prettier than Hua Honglou.

Her eyes seemed capable of pulling anyone into a trance. Everything about her, from her rosy complexion to her lovely lips and swaying black hair, radiated endless charm. She was a beauty through and through.

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