Chapter 68: Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill

I Am Overlord

"Zi Changhe, what bullshit are you spouting? I've just returned from outside. When did I kidnap Xiang Shaoyun?" Li Xuemeng replied with no sign of nervousness. Even if he was the culprit, he would definitely not admit it.

"Stop trying to deny it. Shaoyun has gone missing while his pet is with you. You are surely the culprit. Say it! What did you do to Shaoyun? If anything happens to him, I won't spare you!" Zi Changhe bellowed at Li Xuemeng.

"This beast must have followed me while I was on my way back. I have no idea what you're talking about. Elder Zhen Peng, please show me justice!" Li Xuemeng replied.

But before Elder Zhen Peng could say anything, Little White meowed again and ran off, waving his paw repeatedly as if trying to get Zi Changhe to go with him.

"This beast is an intelligent one. He definitely knows where Shaoyun is at," Zi Changhe said before chasing after Little White.

As for Elder Zhen Peng, he snorted coldly at Li Xuemeng and said, "Before we figure out the truth, you are not allowed to leave the Martial Hall Palace. Otherwise, I will hunt you down no matter where you go."

After that, Elder Zhen Peng also ran after Little White. Once the two left, Li Xuemeng's face paled. He had taken everything into consideration before carrying out his plan, but he had missed the cub. He despaired at the thought of what was waiting for him.

"Father, this...this has nothing to do with you, right?" Li Tianba asked cautiously.

Li Xuemeng did not give him an answer. He shut his eyes and thought to himself, Wu Fuxiang, you better move fast. If they find him, I'm dead!

Behind the Wu Estate was an abandoned residence. This area was still the turf of Wu Clan, but it was an abandoned area. Currently, Xiang Shaoyun was there, still unconscious within the sack. Suddenly, a certain hidden wall moved before opening to reveal a tunnel. A person appeared from the tunnel.

The newcomer quickly lifted Xiang Shaoyun and entered the tunnel. After they entered, the opening closed again, and the wall returned to normal. This was a man-made tunnel that connected directly to a hidden room below the Wu Estate. The hidden room was spacious, and Wu Fuxiang was currently standing there waiting anxiously.

Before him was a massive cauldron. This was a rectangular cauldron with a simple and crude design. On the cauldron were numerous complicated markings, making the cauldron seem out of the ordinary.

A raging flame was burning under the cauldron, while atop the cauldron, steam could be seen billowing out. Numerous valuable medicinal herbs were around the cauldron, a large amount of spirit medicines among them. The medicinal herbs filled the room with a medicinal smell. The person carrying Xiang Shaoyun appeared, and he dumped Xiang Shaoyun on the ground.

"Alright. All of you stand guard outside. Don't come in without my command," Wu Fuxiang ordered. With his command, the people hidden throughout the room scattered and left.

"Haha, I have finally gotten my hands on this five-star physique! Now, I can start refining my Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill!" Wu Fuxiang howled with laughter. The Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill was a pill capable of increasing one's life span and improving one's physique.

Wu Fuxiang did not have much of his life span left and would probably be dead in a few years. He could not accept that. But if he wanted to keep on living, he had to reach the King Realm. Unfortunately, he no longer had sufficient vitality to reach the King Realm. Thus, he had to seek an alternative.

The Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill was the best alternative. However, the Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill required someone with a five-star physique to be the main ingredient. That was why he had tried everything he could to kidnap Xiang Shaoyun.

Wu Fuxiang did not wish to keep dragging this on. Thus, he removed the sack around Xiang Shaoyun. He then removed Xiang Shaoyun’s clothing, leaving him naked. If someone else saw this scene, they might have thought that this old man was an old pervert. Wu Fuxiang proceeded to toss Xiang Shaoyun into the boiling water within the cauldron.


The unconscious Xiang Shaoyun was immediately awakened by the scalding pain. Unfortunately, his screams did not matter as the lid of the cauldron was lowered immediately after he was tossed inside.

"I'll first boil you until you're cooked before slowly adding the other herbs. I reckon the pill will be done in three days and three nights," Wu Fuxiang muttered.

Within the cauldron, Xiang Shaoyun was no longer unconscious. However, after the initial scream, he sank into silence. He was not dead. Rather, he was accustomed to such temperatures.

"Damn it. Who's trying to cook me? Good thing I basically grew up in a cauldron. Otherwise, I would've been cooked by now," Xiang Shaoyun cursed. The slap he received earlier had given him quite a serious injury. Even the scalding hot water almost couldn’t wake him up. He had been soaked in boiling medicine since young. Thus, his physique was something nobody could compare with.

Even so, if this continued, he would suffocate to death before he was cooked. He started circulating the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual and started to slowly heal his injury. At the same time, he borrowed the heat in the cauldron to further squeeze out the potential hidden within his body.

The temperature in the cauldron was excessively high—to the point Xiang Shaoyun's skin turned completely red. But because of the excessive temperature, the potential hidden within him was unearthed at an astonishing speed.

This speed even surpassed the speed Xiang Shaoyun had awakened his potential when he was in the limit rooms. As he awakened the hidden power within him, his injury healed at a terrifyingly quick pace. Apart from that, his strength also grew. But instead of advancing his cultivation, Xiang Shaoyun pushed the newly gained energy to his astral cosmos sea.

"This time, I have to increase the size by at least one fold," Xiang Shaoyun vowed.

Compared to strength, he longed to increase the space within his astral cosmos sea. After all, for him, increasing strength wasn't hard, but expanding his astral cosmos sea was. If he expanded his astral cosmos sea, he would be able to store even more stuff within. That was the function he needed most for now.

Meanwhile, Little White had arrived at the abandoned building behind Wu Estate with Zi Changhe and Elder Zhen Peng. Unfortunately, they couldn't find Xiang Shaoyun here at all. Because of that, both Elder Zhen Peng and Zi Changhe started wondering if Little White had brought them to the wrong place.

"Nobody? How can there be nobody here? Have they destroyed even his corpse to remove all evidence?" Zi Changhe said with indignation.

Elder Zhen Peng scanned his surroundings and said, "They might have moved him somewhere else instead. I think someone was here just earlier."


Little White meowed before he started searching for Xiang Shaoyun's smell. Unfortunately, a different strange odor lingered in the air, masking all other smells. Because of that, Little White’s search was fruitless.

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