Chapter 69: Purple Bone

I Am Overlord

Wu Fuxiang had taken into consideration everything he could in his plan. He first got Li Xuemeng to kidnap and deliver Xiang Shaoyun to the abandoned building. Then, he had someone deliver Xiang Shaoyun to him through the hidden tunnel. And to avoid having any beasts detecting the hidden tunnel, he scattered some items capable of messing with a beast’s sense of smell to cover everything up.

Because of that, even after Little White brought Elder Zhen Peng and Zi Changhe to the abandoned building, they couldn't find Xiang Shaoyun. 

Soon, half a day passed. 

Wu Fuxiang felt that Xiang Shaoyun was definitely dead by now. Thus, he lifted the lid slightly to reveal a tiny opening before tossing a bunch of old medicines and three stalks of spirit medicine into the cauldron.

"I'll first turn everything into a medicinal liquid before gradually adding all the other ingredients. With that, the Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill will be completed." Wu Fuxiang became more excited the more he thought about it.

Inside the cauldron, when Xiang Shaoyun heard Wu Fuxiang, he held his breath and made no sound. He was sure that the moment he made any sound, he would be killed.

Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill? So that's what this old bastard is up to! Xiang Shaoyun cursed inwardly. Although he had no idea who this old man was, it was clear this old man was treating him as a medicinal ingredient. That was truly hateful.

After the medicines were added into the cauldron, they were dissolved by the heat within the cauldron. Xiang Shaoyun moved quickly and grabbed at a spirit medicine that had yet to be completely dissolved. A gleeful look surfaced on his face when he caught it. A low-grade spirit medicine, nervebone vine!

The nervebone vine was a spirit medicine capable of strengthening one's nerves and bones. It was an excellent medicine to strengthen one's body. With no hesitation, Xiang Shaoyun swallowed the nervebone vine.

Want to refine a Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill? Dream on! This young master will eat all your medicine! Xiang Shaoyun cursed inwardly.

After swallowing the nervebone vine, Xiang Shaoyun refined it as quickly as he could. The nervebone vine had a powerful medicinal efficacy and had a great effect on Astral Realm cultivators. Strains of energy streamed through his body and started strengthening his nerves and bones.

Suddenly, his lower backbone started glowing with an odd purple radiance, and as the purple radiance rippled through his body, his backbone absorbed all the medicinal energy of the nervebone vine. It absorbed everything, leaving nothing behind.

After the backbone absorbed the medicinal energy of the nervebone vine, its purple radiance brightened, filling Xiang Shaoyun's body with a purple aura. The purple aura also slowly spread to the surroundings of Xiang Shaoyun's body.

Swish! Swish!

Strains of purple qi leaked from the lid of the cauldron, and accompanying the purple qi was the fragrance of the dissolved medicines, filling the hidden room with an alluring fragrance.

Wu Fuxiang was in the midst of meditation when he took in a deep breath. He opened his eyes joyfully and said, "Nice. A five-star physique is indeed a terrific medicinal ingredient. I've just started the refining process, and purple qi is already leaking. Looks like when the Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill is finally done, I will be able to directly enter the King Realm."

With no hesitation, Wu Fuxiang started adding even more medicinal herbs into the cauldron. This time, before the medicinal herbs could even land in the boiling water, Xiang Shaoyun caught three of them. The three were spirit medicines with the strongest medicinal efficacy among this batch of herbs. He stuffed them all into his astral cosmos sea.

Since Xiang Shaoyun’s astral cosmos sea had been growing lately, stuffing a few stalks of spirit medicine inside was no problem for him. As for the other old medicines, he merely stuffed them all into his mouth.

Eat! Eat! Xiang Shaoyun chewed without stop. He did not even care if they were old medicines or something else, as an intense hunger had suddenly assaulted him as if his body greatly lacked the nourishment of energy.

And thus, apart from the old medicines, Xiang Shaoyun also started drinking the medicinal liquid in the cauldron. His backbone seemed to have an odd power that incessantly absorbed the medicinal energy. Because of that, even his nine stars weren't able to absorb much of the medicinal energy.

Xiang Shaoyun was unaware of this phenomenon. The only sensation he had currently was an extreme hunger for energy.

Break! Xiang Shaoyun even proceeded to refine the three stalks of spirit medicine in his astral cosmos sea. The massive amount of medicinal energy spread out from his astral cosmos sea, and his astral cosmos sea grew again. Now, the astral cosmos sea was already half a meter wide.

The nine stars shone brightly, covering the astral cosmos sea in their radiance. In the middle of everything was the backbone that kept glowing with a purple radiance. The purple qi spread everywhere and slowly connected with the stars and the astral cosmos sea, seemingly trying to form a new universe within his body.

Xiang Shaoyun's strength grew, and he directly reached late-phase, second-stage Astral Realm. It did not take long for him to advance straight into the third stage of the Astral Realm. With the breakthrough, the energy within his body became extremely dense, and the purple qi kept overflowing from him and from the cauldron, to the point the cauldron started shaking.

Joy covered Wu Fuxiang's face when he saw what was happening. "Haha, this is the elephant facing the heaven phenomenon, a phenomenon that will only appear during the early formation of a spirit pill. Looks like this kid's physique is even better than expected. Otherwise, this won't happen. It's time to add the final ingredients."

Thus, with no hesitation, he tossed in all his remaining ingredients. There were a few spirit medicines among them, and each stalk of these spirit medicines contained extremely rich energy.

Xiang Shaoyun spared none of the medicine. Since his astral cosmos sea had grown, he could store even more stuff inside. Thus, he stored all the medicine. After storing all of them, he started refining some. The extreme hunger he was feeling caused him to panic.

Every single spirit medicine contained extremely rich energy, and for an ordinary person, eating a single spirit medicine would sustain them without food for half a month. Yet even after Xiang Shaoyun refined three spirit medicines and some old medicines, the intense hunger still assailed him.

But in the midst of this intense hunger, his strength was somehow still growing. His astral cosmos sea was also expanding, and an unknown change was happening within his body. All this was due to the odd power contained within his backbone. His backbone had absorbed most of the medicinal power and started to slowly change. Half the backbone had already turned completely purple.

Purple bone!

This was definitely not an ordinary bone. Even weirder, there were strains of purple electrical bolts crackling around the bone, as if tiny dragons were dancing around it.

After refining yet another batch of medicinal herbs, the purple bone seemed to have finally reached some sort of saturation. The purple qi finally withdrew, leaving the nine stars and the astral cosmos sea to continue absorbing the leftover energy.

Xiang Shaoyun tried his very best to suppress the energy, but the energy was still rich enough to push him straight into the fourth stage. As for his astral cosmos sea, it now had the space of one square meter, finally reaching a somewhat respectable size.

One could say that he had transformed this disaster into profit. In the span of two days, he had advanced two stages and had obtained an astral cosmos sea with a decent space. As for the purple bone, he still had no idea what it was for now.

Outside the cauldron, Wu Fuxiang was able to sense the change within the cauldron. "Haha, the Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill is probably done!"

He impatiently lifted the lid.

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