Chapter 71: I Hate This Bone!

I Am Overlord

The old drunkard couldn't say no to Xiang Shaoyun's request. He knew Xiang Shaoyun still wanted to grow without his protection, and he couldn't find an excuse to reject Xiang Shaoyun's request.

"Don't worry, old drunkard. I have gotten myself a King Realm expert to act as my temporary guard. Here, no ordinary person can harm me. Even this incident is merely an accident. In any case, I am a person of great fortune. I won't die that easily," Xiang Shaoyun said. He was trying to placate the old drunkard as he understood that the old drunkard was worried about him.

"Maybe I should go catch a few more of those tiny King Realm cultivators here. How is one enough to protect your precious self?" the old drunkard offered. If others heard these words, they would definitely be immeasurably shocked. The grand and magnificent King Realm had turned into a "tiny King Realm cultivator" in his mouth.

"No, we have to keep a low profile for now. Before you head over to my sister, leave some trails to mislead them. Perhaps that will buy me more time." Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand.

The two further discussed for a bit before Xiang Shaoyun asked for two king weapons, two king armors, and some spirit stones. As for Wu Fuxiang who had been rendered unconscious by the sound wave attack, Xiang Shaoyun personally killed him. He also found out from the old drunkard that this Wu Fuxiang was the patriarch of the Wu Clan. Hence, from now on, the Wu Clan would officially be his enemy. 

The old drunkard wanted to exterminate the Wu Clan before leaving, but Xiang Shaoyun stopped him. Xiang Shaoyun wanted to personally exterminate the Wu Clan. It would be a waste to use the old drunkard against a mere Wu Clan anyway.

After he dealt with Wu Fuxiang, Xiang Shaoyun took the cauldron for himself. He also swept the hidden room clean. This room was in fact Wu Fuxiang's cultivation chamber. Quite a number of treasures had been hoarded here, such as some low-grade spirit stones, spirit medicines, and weapons.

"Huh? This is a lightning stone!" Xiang Shaoyun muttered in astonishment when he found a purple stone in the corner of the room while cleaning the room of its treasures. Apart from the color, the stone looked completely normal. But when he tried touching it, electrical sparks would appear around it, rendering even Transformation Realm experts to not dare to casually touch it.

This was a stone containing the power of lightning. It was considered a king-grade stone, a great material for forging king weapons. It was quite a waste that Wu Fuxiang had left a lightning stone so valuable to gather dust. 

"Young master, let me seal this lightning stone for you first. You will have a need for it in the future," the old drunkard offered.

"It's fine. I'll use it right now." Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and reached out for the stone.

The old drunkard wanted to stop him, but after a slight hesitation, he decided to do nothing. The moment Xiang Shaoyun gripped the lightning stone, it started releasing electrical currents of terrifying might. But when the electrical currents touched his flesh, an absorption force appeared from the purple bone within him and directly pulled the electrical energy into his body.


Xiang Shaoyun frowned when that happened. The electrical energy was giving him a numb sensation yet it had not harmed him. Rather, he could feel his strength growing.

"Again!" Xiang Shaoyun muttered before he tightened his grip on the stone.

This time, he triggered even more electrical energy from the stone, causing bolts of electrical current to curl around his hand.

Pa! Pa!

This much electrical energy was sufficient to destroy everything, let alone mere flesh. But at this moment, something odd happened. Xiang Shaoyun's body seemed to have turned into a natural electrical gatherer as all the electrical energy was instantly absorbed into his body.

After all the electrical energy was absorbed, the lightning stone dimmed. The old drunkard bore witness to everything. His eyes were filled with astonishment. Even Xiang Shaoyun himself was confused.

"Has something within me awakened?" Xiang Shaoyun muttered to himself.

"Y-young master, y-you might have awakened the lightning bone unique to the Xiang Clan!" the old drunkard cried out, his voice shivering.

"Xiang Clan's lightning bone? Yes, that's possible." Xiang Shaoyun nodded.

When the old drunkard saw how indifferent Xiang Shaoyun was, he couldn't help but say, "Young master, are you not happy? Even sect master himself has lived a life of regret for not being able to awaken his lightning bone. Now that you have awakened yours, he would be gratified to find out!" 

"Should I even feel happy? My father is after all an abandoned child of that clan. I hate that clan, and I hate this bone!" Xiang Shaoyun said, fury covering his face.

"Ohh...young master, forget about them. In any case, awakening this lightning bone will be a great help in increasing your combat power. It will also make your future revenge much easier," the old drunkard said.

"Um," Xiang Shaoyun merely groaned in response. He then said, "Let's go. Bring all these things to my place, and you can leave after that. In about 8 or 10 years, we will return to the sect!"

"Yes, young master!" replied the old drunkard, a yearning look on his face. In the past, he felt that his young master was too young and innocent, wasting his talent away by refusing to cultivate. But now, he was looking at his young master in a completely new light.

Xiang Shaoyun and the old drunkard left the hidden room and arrived at the abandoned building.


As soon as Xiang Shaoyun appeared, a cry rang out, and a white flash pounced on him. Little White then appeared in his arms. Xiang Shaoyun petted Little White and said, "Little guy, I've caused you to be anxious."

Little White rubbed his head against Xiang Shaoyun's palm and licked the palm intimately, filling Xiang Shaoyun's heart with warmth.

"Here, you can have this stalk of old medicine," said Xiang Shaoyun as he fed Little White a stalk of old medicine. Little White did not bother holding back and immediately swallowed the old medicine.


After swallowing the stalk, Little White meowed for more.

"Haha, you're such a glutton. Fine, you can eat your fill today!" Xiang Shaoyun laughed and proceeded to feed Little White a few more stalks of old medicine. Only after eating all of them was Little White satisfied.

The old drunkard said, "Young master, this striped tiger cub is most likely a king species, but it's not suited to be your mount, right?"

"It's fine. Since he is now with me, I will make him strong. A day will come when he is the strongest demonic tiger in existence!" Xiang Shaoyun declared confidently.

And when Little White heard Xiang Shaoyun's declaration, he howled to echo the same sentiment.

"Alright, let's go. It's time to repay them for this favor," Xiang Shaoyun said.

Thus, they headed back to the Martial Hall Palace. This time, the old drunkard with one hand carried Xiang Shaoyun, and they moved at an incredibly fast speed. An ordinary person couldn’t even see them. In the span of a few breaths, Xiang Shaoyun was already back at his residence.

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