Chapter 72: I Am Unhappy!

I Am Overlord

After sending Xiang Shaoyun back to his residence, the old drunkard was made to leave reluctantly. Gazing at the departing old drunkard, Xiang Shaoyun sighed inwardly, Don't worry, old drunkard. This young master will live well. I will not spare a single one of those traitors.

As of this moment, Xiang Shaoyun greatly longed to have his strength skyrocket instantaneously, but he was also aware that something like that would not happen.

Not enough, still far from enough. I need to grow as quickly as possible! Xiang Shaoyun vowed inwardly. After changing into a new set of clothes, he walked out of his residence.

The moment Xiang Shaoyun walked out, someone noticed him. The overseer cried out in alarm, "I-it’s X-Xiang...Y-Young Master Xiang is back."

The overseer was about to call out Xiang Shaoyun's full name, but he was able to change it to "young master" instead. The new term of address was both respectful and denoted familiarity between them.

Xiang Shaoyun's disappearance had created a large ruckus in the entire Martial Hall Palace. Elder Zhen Peng and the palace master had both personally gotten involved in the incident. How would an overseer dare to show Xiang Shaoyun disrespect? And with the overseer's shout, the news of Xiang Shaoyun's return spread throughout the Martial Hall Palace.

Soon, Elder Zhen Peng, Yang Gaochuan, Qing Xiuhe, Zi Changhe, and the other higher ups of Martial Hall Palace gathered there. Even Li Xuemeng was no exception. When Li Xuemeng saw that Xiang Shaoyun was perfectly fine, his heart thumped madly. How is this possible? Had Wu Fuxiang released him? Shit, I'm f*cked!

"Young master, are you alright?" Elder Zhen Peng stepped forward and asked.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "I'm fine. My apologies for the trouble I have caused."

"Shaoyun, can you tell us what happened during the past two days? Elder Zhen Peng and everyone else have been worried sick about you," Zi Changhe asked.

"Hold on, young master, you've reached the fourth stage?" Elder Zhen Peng suddenly cried out in alarm.

"Haha, I got lucky. Nothing happened to me. Thank you for the trouble. I will treat everyone to a feast to thank you all when I get the chance," Xiang Shaoyun said with a cheerful laugh.

Xiang Shaoyun had no intention to tell them the truth. It's not like any of them would believe him if he told them the truth anyway. Since that was the case, he couldn't be bothered to tell them anything more.

Everyone was shocked by his rapid growth of strength, but that was still something they could accept. They merely assumed that Xiang Shaoyun must have eaten some spirit medicine to grow that fast. When they saw that Xiang Shaoyun was fine, they dispersed. Those still outside searching for Xiang Shaoyun were called back as well.

"Thirteenth elder, please wait a moment," Xiang Shaoyun suddenly called out to Li Xuemeng.

Li Xuemeng trembled before turning. "Y-yes?"

He tried his best to calm himself, but he still couldn't avoid feeling fear. The current Xiang Shaoyun was still no threat to him. But with Elder Zhen Peng around, he had to feel fear. If a King Realm expert was angered, their entire Li Clan would be exterminated.

"Please pass your son a message. I'll see him at the arena tomorrow," Xiang Shaoyun said solemnly. When Li Xuemeng heard that, he heaved a sigh of relief. So long as it wasn't about the kidnap, he did not care about anything else.

"Y-Young Master Xiang, there is no need for that, right? I concede on my son's behalf. I'll also tell my children to get out of your way whenever they see you," Li Xuemeng said, lowering himself. He swore that so long as the kidnap remained a secret, he would no longer provoke this kid.

"No. He was too cocky the other day. I am very unhappy. I'll see him in the arena tomorrow. If I don't see him, I will be even more unhappy, and all of you won't have an easy time if that is the case," Xiang Shaoyun rejected the surrender.

"Just do as told," Elder Zhen Peng said.

"Yes, yes. I will tell my son to go and let Young Master Xiang vent his anger," Li Xuemeng quickly promised.

"No need for that. Just tell him to fight me with his full strength. I won't regret it even if I get killed tomorrow. Elder Peng and my senior brother will not do anything if I am killed in the arena tomorrow. Don't worry about it," Xiang Shaoyun promised.

Li Xuemeng did not know from where Xiang Shaoyun got his confidence. He merely nodded and left. Once Li Xuemeng left, Little White growled on Xiang Shaoyun’s shoulder with a vicious expression.

"Was it him?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Meow!" Little White replied.

At this time, Zi Changhe spoke. "When you went missing, he came out from thirteenth elder's carriage. He also brought us to an abandoned building behind the Wu Estate. Unfortunately, we failed to find you."

"That's right, then." Xiang Shaoyun instantly understood everything. Li Xuemeng was the kidnapper who had handed him to Wu Fuxiang at the abandoned building. One could say that the two were the culprits.

"Young master, do you want me to...," Elder Zhen Peng asked as a ruthless glint surfaced in his eyes.

Xiang Shaoyun shook his head. "No, I will personally deal with these trashes one by one."

He regarded both the Wu Clan or Li Xuemeng as nothing more than his stepping stones. Xiang Shaoyun then asked them about Lu Xiaoqing. When he found that Lu Xiaoqing was safe, he was relieved.

"Elder Zhen Peng, senior brother, please come with me. I have something for you guys," Xiang Shaoyun said before entering his residence. The two were clueless about what he was up to, but they still followed him inside.

Soon, Xiang Shaoyun came out from his room with two items. Both items were covered by black cloth, but from the outlines, it was clear they were weapons. He handed them both items and said, "Take it, I believe they will be useful for you guys."

Elder Zhen Peng was the first to accept the gift. He removed the black cloth, revealing the sword beneath. Without thinking, he drew out the sword.


As the blade left the sheath, a bright radiance shot up into the sky, as if a fiery roc was soaring through the sky.

"T-this is a king weapon!" Elder Zhen Peng cried out, his voice shivering.

"Calm down, Old Peng. Keep it away first to avoid unnecessary troubles," Xiang Shaoyun said indifferently.

"Oh, right, yes. I got too excited." Elder Zhen Peng quickly kept the sword back in its sheath.

"King weapon? Did I get the same as well?" Zi Changhe cried out in surprise before he removed the black cloth from his gift as well. Similarly, a dazzling radiance shot up into the sky, yet this time, the color of the radiance was different. It was purple.

"T-this is the real Purple Lightning Spear!" Zi Changhe cried out joyfully.

"That's right. One Fire Roc Sword and one Purple Lightning Spear, both are common king weapons, but I suppose they are good enough for now," Xiang Shaoyun said. 

"They aren't ordinary king weapons, right? They are at least mid-tier king weapons! They are high-quality treasures!" Elder Zhen Peng was still rather knowledgeable, after all.

"Yeah, they are too valuable. We can't accept them!" Zi Changhe said.

"Just take them. We can get as many of these ordinary things as we want," Xiang Shaoyun said indifferently.

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