Chapter 73: I Will Be Fully Devoted!

I Am Overlord

The very first gift Elder Zhen Peng and Zi Changhe got from Xiang Shaoyun were king weapons, and Xiang Shaoyun even claimed that these were merely ordinary weapons. His action shocked both of them greatly. For them, king weapons were items that were extremely rare, and they had never imagined they would get one so easily. The entire thing felt like a dream.

"Young master, where did you get these weapons?" Elder Zhen Peng asked, swallowing. When he first met Xiang Shaoyun in the sixth limit room, he merely felt that Xiang Shaoyun had an outstanding potential with an extremely bright future ahead of him. That was why he had decided to become Xiang Shaoyun's follower. He had never thought about Xiang Shaoyun's origin and background. But now, he couldn't resist asking.

To the side, Zi Changhe opened his ears wide, waiting for the answer. He was also filled with questions.

"Don't worry about the origin of these weapons. They come from me," Xiang Shaoyun hesitated slightly before replying. He assumed a solemn expression and continued, "There is no need for you to know who I am for now. Just know that any random pursuer sent by my enemies will be enough to give the Martial Hall Palace endless trouble. Therefore, Elder Peng, think it through again if you want to continue following me."

Both Elder Zhen Peng and Zi Changhe inhaled deeply in shock when they heard those words. Any random person could bring the Martial Hall Palace endless troubles? How terrifying were his enemies? They finally had an idea of how extraordinary Xiang Shaoyun's background was.

Both Elder Zhen Peng and Zi Changhe were left speechless. They had never faced organizations of that level; thus, they did not know what to do in this situation. After a long while, Elder Zhen Peng recovered from his thoughts. He bowed and said, "Zhen Peng is willing to forever stay by young master's side!"

Risk and reward came in pairs. Perhaps following Xiang Shaoyun would bring him endless troubles, but he was also sure he stood to gain a lot as well. Thus, after some considerations, he made this choice.

"Good, since you can make up your mind, I, Xiang Shaoyun, will not treat you unfairly," Xiang Shaoyun said with satisfaction. At present, he was still running from his enemies. With a King Realm expert by his side, he would be able to put more focus on growing stronger instead of worrying about everything personally.

Next, he looked at Zi Changhe and said, "Senior brother, don't worry. It won't be long before I leave the Martial Hall Palace. I won't bring the Martial Hall Palace any trouble."

Xiang Shaoyun had already come to a decision. In a year, regardless of whether he was already at the Transformation Realm, he would leave the Martial Hall Palace.

"I'm all alone with no family members, so I don't really care. But I only hope that the Martial Hall Palace won't get dragged into it," Zi Changhe said with a bitter expression. He had never imagined that the disciple he had brought into the Martial Hall Palace was actually a time bomb. The moment this bomb exploded, the Martial Hall Palace would be destroyed. He would be the ultimate sinner if that were to happen.

Xiang Shaoyun understood Zi Changhe's feelings. He did not know what to say as well. Back then, he only wanted to look for a place where he could peacefully cultivate. But now, he was starting to feel guilty.

"Since you have such powerful enemies, I trust you have some ways of dealing with them, right? I hope you can kill them all before they find the Martial Hall Palace," Zi Changhe said.

"Um, I will." Xiang Shaoyun nodded his head heavily.

"Ok, I'll be taking this king weapon, then." Zi Changhe no longer hesitated and kept the weapon away. That was his way of indicating that he would also stand by Xiang Shaoyun's side without regret.

"Even with king weapons, it does not mean you will be undefeated. In fact, your confidence from having the king weapon might be the cause of your fall. Let me teach you some high-leveled cultivation methods and battle techniques. After all, the King Realm is not the strongest. It is merely a new starting point for a martial cultivator," Xiang Shaoyun said.

Before this, Elder Zhen Peng and Zi Changhe would definitely snort with disdain if they had heard Xiang Shaoyun say something like this. But now, everything changed. Their impression of Xiang Shaoyun was of a young master from some powerful organization. Thus, they also believed that anything Xiang Shaoyun would take out would be of great quality.

Since young, Xiang Shaoyun had been an avid reader. The books he had read included the manuals of numerous cultivation methods and battle techniques. One could say that Xiang Shaoyun himself was a huge treasure trove. He could easily take out cultivation methods and battle techniques of king grade and above.

After asking Elder Zhen Peng and Zi Changhe some questions, Xiang Shaoyun passed them the cultivation methods and battle techniques suitable for them. 

After Elder Zhen Peng and Zi Changhe received the cultivation methods and battle techniques, the shock in their hearts intensified. What he gave them were definitely the best among tier-4 cultivation methods and battle techniques, also known as king-grade cultivation methods and battle techniques. These were something that they had yearned to get for a very long time.

Even if the Martial Hall Palace had something like them, they would be the exclusive treasures of the palace and would not be easily taken out. Moreover, what the palace had were only ordinary tier-4 cultivation methods and battle techniques, unlike the top quality ones that Xiang Shaoyun had taken out.

"Young master, I will be fully devoted to you in the future," Elder Zhen Peng declared solemnly.

Zi Changhe said, "Shaoyun, I don't really know how I can repay you for this."

"Don't worry about it. These were nothing too valuable. When you grow stronger in the future, I have even better stuff for you guys. We'll see." Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand. He continued, "But of course, don't let the palace master and the others know about this. It will invite unnecessary trouble."

The two nodded repeatedly. They continued chatting for a bit before Zi Changhe left. As for Elder Zhen Peng, he settled down at Xiang Shaoyun's place. Since he had decided to follow Xiang Shaoyun, he would dedicate his heart and soul to protect Xiang Shaoyun from now on.

Previously, Elder Zhen Peng was only following his instinct when he decided to become Xiang Shaoyun's follower. He still held a certain amount of doubt, but now, he couldn't be more sure in his decision to follow Xiang Shaoyun. In the distant future, this choice would be the choice he was most proud of.

Peace returned, and Xiang Shaoyun decided to pay Lu Xiaoqing a visit. No matter what, she had been injured for his sake, and he had already acknowledged her as a friend. 

Lu Xiaoqing stayed at eleventh elder’s, He Yinghua's, place. Thus, he had to go there if he wanted to visit her. He strolled there casually while enjoying the serene environment. The sudden growth of his strength caused him to feel rather relaxed at the moment.

"I hope my arrival will not be the ruin of this place’s peace," Xiang Shaoyun lamented to himself. He was fearful that the Martial Hall Palace would one day face destruction because of him.

"Stand right there!" a crisp voice suddenly rang out behind him.

"Huh? There's killing intent!" Xiang Shaoyun had a bad feeling, and without turning, the graceful figure he saw at the Hundred Beast Mountain Range surfaced in his mind. When he thought of that person, instead of standing, he sped up.

"Why are you running? Stop! Do you hear me?" the voice rang out again, and it was getting closer to him.

"Uhm, I need to answer nature's call. We're not that close anyway, see you," Xiang Shaoyun gave a random reply and fled.

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