Chapter 74: Sister Chang'e

I Am Overlord

The person calling out to Xiang Shaoyun was none other than Gong Qinyin, who he had met during his excursion at the Hundred Beast Mountain Range. That single meeting had left both of them with a deep impression of each other. And because of that, neither of them could forget that encounter.

At this moment, Gong Qinyin's cold eyes were opened wide with fury, as if she was about to eat someone. She was mounted on a demonic lion, an adolescent snow lion that had just reached the Intermediate Demon realm. The moment she saw Xiang Shaoyun running, she was certain he was the enemy she hadn't been able to forget.

"You won't be able to escape me in the Martial Hall Palace!" Gong Qinyin yelled before shooting an arrow at Xiang Shaoyun.


This arrow seemed even more destructive than the arrow she had shot during their previous encounter. It headed straight for Xiang Shaoyun's back.

"Holy shit, you don't have to attack to kill the moment we meet, right?" Xiang Shaoyun yelled when he sensed the incoming arrow and quickly dodged it. Gong Qinyin had indeed grown stronger, but her growth was incomparable to Xiang Shaoyun's. In fact, the two were now at the same cultivation level. Thus, it wouldn't be easy for Gong Qinyin to do anything to Xiang Shaoyun. She shot a few more arrows but still failed to hit Xiang Shaoyun. 

When she saw an overseer coming toward them, she quickly said, "Revered overseer, please arrest this pervert for me!"

Gong Qinyin was the personal disciple of the palace master, Yang Gaochuan, and she occupied a high status in the palace. Therefore, her words still carried some weight. Unfortunately, when the enforcers got a good look at who she was trying to catch, they all stopped.

"Miss Qinyin, h-he is Xiang Shaoyun! W-we can't arrest him," the overseer said with a bitter smile.

"What do you mean?" Gong Qinyin asked, confused. She had been away for three months, so she was naturally unaware of the recent changes in the palace.

The overseer replied, "He is the junior brother of Elder Zi Changhe, also a possessor of a five-star physique just like you. He has only joined for two months, and even the palace master looks highly upon him. All the resources of the Martial Hall Palace have been made available for him. None of us have the authority to arrest him."

A look of realization surfaced on Gong Qinyin's face, but she soon sneered, "Very well. Since this is the Martial Hall Palace, you won't be able to escape me no matter what."

After hearing the overseer's words, she was no longer in a rush to teach Xiang Shaoyun a lesson, so she instead stopped and headed toward the palace master's residence on her mount. When Xiang Shaoyun found that Gong Qinyin was no longer chasing him, he headed straight toward the eleventh elder's place.

That fierce girl is also a Martial Hall Palace member. Looks like there will be a lot of trouble in the future, Xiang Shaoyun sighed inwardly. He shook his head and threw the issue to the back of his mind. He called out to the residence before him, "Is the eleventh elder here? Xiang Shaoyun requests an audience."

A leisurely figure strolled out of the residence. This person was a rarely seen beauty, her face as beautiful as a blooming flower, her skin as fair as the fairest white jade, and a youthful vigor surrounded her. She was dressed in an elegant silk outfit that perfectly showcased her hourglass figure. She was a young woman of around 18 years old, possessing an air of maturity that set her apart from many of the younger girls in the palace.

When the young woman saw Xiang Shaoyun, she smiled gently and said, "So you're my junior sister's crush, Xiang Shaoyun? Not bad, you look decent."

"You have good taste, big sister. You look decent too," Xiang Shaoyun praised the woman as well.

"Decent? What do you mean by decent? Am I not as pretty as my Junior Sister Lu?" the young woman grumbled resentfully.

"Hehe, you both are beautiful in your own ways. She is pure and innocent, while you are enchanting and alluring!" Xiang Shaoyun gave his evaluation.

"Ohhh, you sure have your way with words. No wonder my Junior Sister Lu is dreaming of you even when she’s sleeping," teased the young woman.

"Is that so? Can I see her?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"No," the young woman said, a crafty look covering her face.

"Why so? Are her injuries that bad?" Xiang Shaoyun asked anxiously.

"She is fine, but if you want to see her, you have to first satisfy my requirement," said the young woman.

"I see. What is your requirement, then?" Xiang Shaoyun asked, amused.

"Simple. Praise me. If I'm happy with your praise, I'll let you in," said the young woman in excitement.

"Is that proper? You are already so beautiful, if I continue praising you, even Lady Chang'e on the moon will pale in comparison. For the sake of the moon, I think we should forget it," Xiang Shaoyun said with a reluctant look on his face.

"'re amusing. How can I compare with Chang'e?" A wide smile bloomed on the young woman's face when she heard those words.

"How can you not? If you ask me, I say Lady Chang'e is not even half as pretty as you. I must've exhausted eight lifetimes' worth of good fortune to be able to meet you today," Xiang Shaoyun continued. One ought to admit that Xiang Shaoyun's mouth was truly much more powerful than his hands. With a few short sentences, the young woman could no longer stop laughing.

"Little Xin, what are you doing? Invite Shaoyun in," eleventh elder's voice rang out from inside the building. The young woman immediately stopped laughing and whispered to Xiang Shaoyun, "Alright, pass. Go on in. Remember, this big sister's name is Chen Xin."

"You got it wrong. It's Big Sister Chang'e," Xiang Shaoyun said.

"No wonder my Junior Sister Lu is completely smitten by you. I can't allow this. I have to warn her to stay far away from you. You are too much of a sweet talker!" Chen Xi said, seemingly praising and admonishing him at the same time before rushing into the building.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled before stepping in too. When he entered the yard, He Yinghua was walking out of the building too. When she saw Xiang Shaoyun, she smiled and said, "Come in and have a seat, Shaoyun."

Ordinary disciples would definitely not be greeted by an elder when they visit. This was a treatment only accorded to Xiang Shaoyun.

"Greetings, Elder He," Xiang Shaoyun greeted politely.

"You're too polite. I am of the same generation as your senior brother. If you don't look down on me, just call me senior sister," He Yinghua said enthusiastically. When Chen Xin heard that, she staggered and nearly planted her face on the ground. That caused He Yinghua to send her a dissatisfied glance. "Why are you so clumsy?"

"N-nothing, m-master. I-I forgot to watch my step," Chen Xin quickly explained herself. She shouted inwardly, Since he is calling master senior sister, wouldn't the seniority be completely messed up when he marries Junior Sister Lu in the future? Oh my heavens!

One ought to admit that Chen Xi had quite an active imagination.

"Thank you for the favor you have shown me, El—Senior Sister He. How is Lu Xiaoqing?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"She's fine. You can see her inside," He Yinghua said before telling Chen Xin to bring Xiang Shaoyun to Lu Xiaoqing. Little did Xiang Shaoyun know that this meeting with Lu Xiaoqing would put him in a predicament.

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