Chapter 32 - Dungeon, Evolution and Success (6)

I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 32 - Dungeon, Evolution and Success (6)

In truth, Artpe wanted to purchase all the close combat Skill Books and Spell Books affiliated with the magician Class.

If he did that, he would basically reveal to everyone that Artpe and Maetel were heroes.  Moreover, he didn’t have enough money to purchase all of them.  Currently, this was the best Artpe could do.

“Ooh-wah.  You are doing something only a noble family would do.”

Yet it was enough to make Mycenae feel overwhelmed.  She searched through her cargo to bring out all the Skill Books and Spell Books she possessed.  She couldn’t hold back her bitter laughter. Artpe appraised each one of them, and he explained to Maetel on the use of these books.

“This is one of the psychotic things that monsters, beings from other races and humans fight each other for.  It is something they do in an attempt to live a little bit longer. This is the most legal and safe form of doping.  It is one of the very few cheat keys allowed in this world.  There is only one thing we have to give up in return.”

Artpe grinned as gold coins poured out of the pouch held out by Mycenae.


“If one’s ability is lacking, this strategy won’t work.  A sloppily-learned skill would only lead to tears later…  Well, I’m pretty sure you guys will be fine.”

Mycenae hadn’t seen them fight, but she had a decent idea on how talented they were.  They had the luck of finding great rewards in any Dungeon they went to.  Even if one put aside their luck, they were unperturbed after doing a full clear of the Dungeon.  Just this fact was very telling.

“Still, haven’t  you learned most of the basic Skills?  This means your Stats will go up slightly.  You won’t benefit much from them.”

“This allows one to buy one’s life with money…….”

“Yes.  Yes.  The fact that you treasure your life is a very admirable trait.”

The Skill Books were expensive.  The most basic and useless ones were worth several dozen silvers.  A basic Skill Book was around 1 gold, so one could only imagine how expensive a Skill Book would be if it was useful in battle.  Maetel counted the Skill Books as they were handed over to Artpe.

“Only 14…..   Moreover, I’ve already learned 8 of them!  So how much are these, Artpe?”

“It’s 619 gold. Of course, there are some that are only worth couple golds, but there are also ones that are worth several dozen golds. Normally a Skill Book jumps several dozen times in value if it becomes known that it is a bit useful.”

“A book costs several dozen gold!”

“Didn’t you just hear that Mana Control was worth 350 gold?”

Maetel really didn’t like the fact that she would have to learn a Skill Book when she already knew the Skill.  She would be doing such an act in an attempt to marginally grow her Stats. However, Artpe had provided all of this with her in thought, so she couldn’t just spurn the gesture.  She had no choice, but to learn it all.


“As expected, you aren’t an ordinary talent.  You were able to learn and get used to the Skills in an instant….”

“For the love of god, you are using those expensive Skill Books in one sitting!”

“That’s the part that surprises you, Leseti?”

There was an upside in learning all the Skills at once.  Each of Maetel’s stamina, agility and strength rose by 10.  Normally, one’s Stat rose by three in total when a warrior leveled up.  This meant she had gained Stats equivalent to increasing 10 levels.

Of course, a level up didn’t only give Stats, so it was impossible to do a one on one comparison.  Still, if one was in a situation where one’s death was assured, a difference in 30 Stat points might be enough to allow one to survive the situation. Moreover, if it was Maetel, she would be much more efficient in using the increase in Stats.

“So this is how adventurers arm themselves.”

“I told you it isn’t like that.  There aren’t that many adventurers, who are blessed with such an environment!”

“Koohk.  If I had that much support, I would be stronger…....”

“Leseti, it must have been hard on you······.”

Anyways, the purchase of the Skill Books ended without any hitch.

The problem was the Spell Books.

“There are only 9 Spell Books!? Artpe, this is a scam!”

“All of them combined are worth 608 gold?  Still, you were able to prepare quite a lot of them for me.”

“As expected, you know your stuff!”

The Skill Book prices looked inflated, but the pricing was weak compared to the Spell Books.   There were only a very small number of magic type Classes in existence.  Naturally, the number of spell books were proportionately low in number.  There weren’t a lot of them out there.

This was why it wasn’t easy to purchase a spell he wanted.  The limitation of the supply was hard to overcome.  It was as Artpe had said.  It was almost a miracle that Mycenae possesed so many Spell Books.

“You should feel fortunate in the fact that you were able to meet me.  Even most magician towers don’t release this amount of material.”

“Half of these magic are for everyday chores, so stop trying to stump for yourself.”

Artpe snorted as he learned the Spells at once.  These were spells useful for everyday life, and it was considered to be on the lower rung in terms of difficulty.  Still, it normally took several tries to learn it.  However, Artpe was the possessor of the Read All Creation ability.  He could learn the Spell Books just by holding it in his hand.

“Ho-ooh.  It rose around 23 magical energy…..?  That’s not too bad.”

The value highlighted the fact that Hyper Rubbing was a high rank magic spell.  When Artpe learned Hyper Rubbing, his magical energy went up by 20.  He had learned nine magic spells, yet his magic energy rose by 23!

“You are understating it by saying it wasn’t too bad! Do you realize how monstrous of a feat you just accomplished!?”

“Hoong.  If I didn’t have the ability to back it up, why would I ask for all your Spell Books?”

Artpe finished the task as if it was nothing, but Mycenae, who was watching the sight, couldn’t hide her shock.  When one learned many magic spells at one, the theory behind the magic spells clashed, and there was a chance one might become a vegetable!  So how was he able to do so!

This wasn’t something that could be done, because one was good at controlling Mana.  One needed an incredible amount of memorization and computation skills to achieve what he had accomplished!


Mycenae extended her hands.  They moved like lightning as she grabbed one of Artpe’s hand.  Her eyes shone.  Maetel growled from behind, but Mycenae didn’t pay attention to her.  She spoke with sincerity as she tried to convince him.

“Do you have any desire to use your talent in the marketplace!?”



After Artpe firmly rebuffed Mycenae’s entreaty, he put his mind into motion.  He had spent around 1,200 gold in purchasing the Skills and Spells.  In truth, he had prepared himself to spend up to 2,000 gold, so he had a good amount of money left.  

He thought about purchasing more potions, yet they still had plenty of consumables.  Next, he thought about equipment, but they didn’t really need a particular piece of equipment right now.

“Mmm…..  Ughh.”

Artpe thought a little bit more on it.  Then he asked a question to Mycenae with a slightly lowered voice.

“Do you have artifacts that can hinder perception?  If possible, I want you to give me a good one.”


Mycenae’s expression turned sly.  She didn't ask any further questions.  She just took out two rings.  They weren’t fancy.  The two rings looked to be made out of discolored gold.  She held the rings out in her hand, and she had a triumphant expression on her face.

“As it happen, I have two highest quality artifacts left!  It is in the form of a ring so it is easy to hide, and its outward appearance can go through minor changes.  Moreover, these were made by a high rank magician, so there’s no way you’ll be detected by anyone under level 250…..”

“All right.  I’ll buy it for 500 gold each.  What do you say to 1,000 gold?”

“You aren’t allowing me the opportunity to barter.”

Artpe put one of the rings worth 500 gold on his finger.  He gave the other one to Maetel.

“I'll tell you how to use the artifact later.  Just put it on for now.”

“F...five hundred gold…  For 500 gold….  How many cows is that?  I don’t know!”

Maetel was in a deep state of turmoil, but in the end, she put on the ring.  She wrapped her hand around the finger with the ring on it as if it was something to be treasured.  Her cheeks had turned red.  It was clear that she had mistook the gesture for something else.  However, nothing bad would come from her treasuring the ring.  Artpe smirked as he turned his head….

“I want two artifacts that hinder the perception of others!  Give it to me!”

Even if he threw away his rank as the crown prince, he couldn’t lose his face.  Silpennon clung to Mycenae as if he had found a road to his salvation.

As expected, the guy was pretty smart.  Silpennon was in the same situation as Artpe and Maetel where he had to hide his existence by using the item to avoid detection.

“But, your highnes…..   No, that isn’t right.  Silpennon-nim, the woman clearly said that those were her last two…..”

“I don’t care if doesn’t perform as well!  You must have others!”

“Uh, oh my!   Come to think of it, I have exactly two more left!”


The party members stared at her with cold gazes.  Mycenae acted shameless by whistling under their cold gazes.  This was called iron face in the vocabulary of the merchants.  It was clear that she was a master of this highest rank technique  As expected of a veteran merchant!

“Hoo.  Just give it to me.”

If that was how merchants had to act, he never wanted to become a merchant.  Silpennon took out a thousand gold.  The money he brought out from the palace wasn’t unlimited.  Still, he couldn’t skimp on money when it came to preserving his own life.

“You won't regret this trade!”

“Do you perhaps have 11 of the same item still left in your possession?”

“The part about its efficacy was real.  You can trust me on that part.  Ooh-cha.”

Artpe let out a sigh as he got up.

He sold what he had to sell, and he bought what he had purchase.  The trade was done.

However, there was still a deal to be made for the others.

“Ajumma, I have work where you’ll have to travel.”

“Oh my.  Are you asking me out on a date?  In truth, it isn’t as if I don’t like you, but you should make the request after growing up for five years, at the very least.”

“As part of your job as a merchant, don’t you offer a service to teach beginner adventurers?  I want  you to teach them about the basic common sense of being an adventurer.”

Silpennon and Leseti had been divvying up the rings amongst themselves, and they hadn’t expected the spark to fly towards them.  They blinked their eyes.   A lesson for beginner adventurers?  Such a thing existed?

“You completely ignored my words!  Kook….  All right.  I’ll do it!”

Mycenae acted as if she had been humiliated, but she quickly transitioned into her business mode.  In such a situation, her battle capability and bargaining power increased by 20%!  She patted her ample breast as she boasted about herself.

“You already know this, right?  I’m a veteran trader.  Normally, I don’t take on such simple jobs. This should be obvious, but my pay is pretty high.”

“However, you will apply a proper 30% discount there, right?”


She knew she couldn’t win against him, yet she stalled for time.  She had a personality befitting the weakest amongst the Four Heavenly Kings.  Artpe thought Mycenae would have done well as one of the Four Heavenly Kings instead of being a merchant.  

Artpe spoke to Silpennon.

“Since I’ve helped you up to this point, the rest is up to you now.  Originally, I brought you guys to the Dungeon with the intention of letting you guys meet the Dungeon Merchant.  It is good for beginner adventurers like you guys to have a good rapport with the Dungeon Merchants.”

“If we go by age, you guys could be considered beginner adventurers…...”

Silpennon was dismayed, so he mumbled those words to himself.  Still, he intended to take full advantage of the stage provided by Artpe.  Since Artpe insisted on this, he’ll acquire all the information he could from the Dungeon Merchant!

“Ughh.  The price changes depending on time.  However, if a 30% discount is applied again…..”

“It is time for us to go.”



Silepennon and Leseti were on their best behavior as they were about to get ready for the lesson.  They turned to look at Artpe in surprise.

“Are you going to abandon us?!”

“It is as I’ve promised.  We finished the Dungeon together.  I increased your level and skills.  I’ve even arranged for you to receive an education as an adventurer.  What more do you want?”


Silpennon and Lesti stared at Artpe.  Both their eyes shook.  They looked at him as if he was a lover that was leaving them, and in truth, he did feel a little bit bad about this.

“I want to repay my debts, yet I won’t have any way to find you in the future.”

“When S...Silpennon-nim passes away, I planned on putting myself in your care!  Are you trying to make me a wandering knight?”

“What the hell?  Who’s going to pass away?”

The man and woman fought as if their relationship as master and servant would end soon.  Mycenae stared at Artpe as she spoke in a small voice.

“You must love it since you are so popular, customer.”

“You are being noisy.  Shut up.  Just sell me the communication device.”

“You really provided everything for them even as you gripe.  You are so cute that I can’t help myself! Fifty eight gol······.”

“If we apply the 30% discount, it will be 40 gold, right?”


One’s intentions didn’t matter.  It was also the fate of the hero to be blindly loved by the people around him.  Artpe was still unaware of this fact.

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