Chapter 33 - Come to Think of It, I'm a Hero (1)

I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 33 - Come to Think of It, I'm a Hero (1)

Artpe and Maetel left the three people behind as they exited the Dungeon.  Of course, he wasn’t able to completely shed his worry about Silpennon’s future.  However, if Silpennon died after he did this much for him, it was just fate!

“So, Artpe, where are we headed now?”

“Originally, I wanted us to go into some decent Dungeons to grow our levels, but…..”

They had entered the Dungeon to grow Silpennon to a respectable level.  However, a Huge Slime had appeared, and it allowed Artpe to become level 163.  Maetel had grown to level 174. He hadn’t intended for this, yet their levels had increased explosively.  They didn’t really intend for this to happen, yet they had experienced a tempest of growth.   They really didn’t need to go searching for a different Dungeon as of now.  As expected, the power of a hero was amazing!

Somehow, Maetel looked wistful at his words.

“So we aren’t going to any more Dungeons?  I thought the Dungeons were really fun.  I love becoming stronger!”

Even if she wasn’t a hero, he surmised she would have become the strongest in the world no matter what her Class was.  While he had this distant thought, he soon let out a bitter laugh as he consoled her.

“There will come a day when you’ll have to basically live inside Dungeons even if you don’t want to.  That is why you should be patient for now.  At the very least, we won’t be pushed around at this level.”

In the demon world, it was hard for beings under level 200 to strut around in the Demon world, but they were in the human world.  The grand master of this kingdom had barely exceeded level 200, yet the world praised his name.  No one will be able to restrain them in such a world.

On top of that, they possessed the Record Link, and Maetel’s various skills had grown significantly.  If the specialness of being a hero was added, he wondered if any being under level 200 would be able to face her.

In a world where level was the absolute indicator of one’s strength, the fact that she could jump over this demarcation was an amazing talent.

“However, if we meet anyone above that level, we have to run away.  The high rank Class over level 200 differ in quality.”

“Wasn’t the Slime we just caught over level 200?”

“That one is an exception.  It is like the weakest amongst the four Heavenly Kings.  He is frequently excluded from being listed amongst the ranks of the strongest beings.”

It didn’t matter how far it had evolved.  In the end, the Slime suffered an ignominious death even after it ate all the Mana in its vicinity to become huge.

This was the reason why Artpe had been relaxed even as the Slime ate an entire Dungeon.  It wouldn’t have mattered if it evolved using 10 or 100 floors.  He would have left it alone.  He would have considered it a great opportunity to completely refine the Demite’s Gemstone.

“As expected, Artpe is amazing?”

“You always come to that conclusion.”


It looked as if Maetel was very happy that she was alone with Artpe again.

Artpe was slowly getting used to her endless affection and skinship.  However, he worried she would get sick of him some day.  A person’s feeling was one of the most powerful motivators, but emotions were temporary and fickle.  It wasn’t something that was easy to deal with.

‘It isn’t as if I want to detain the hero.  However, if she stops following my directions before we kill the Demon King, it’ll be a problem.  Maybe, I can use Charm magic….  No, that plan is impossible if her resistance to Mana is put into consideration….  Tsk. Yes, I have to admit it to myself.  I wouldn’t like myself if I did that to her.’

He tried hard to think like the bad guy, but in the end, he let out a sigh.  Yes, he really hated messing with another being’s free will.  From the time he was enslaved by the Demon King, he had suffered under the same treatment.  He knew how shitty something like that was.

What if he did that to a hero?  Even if god could forgive him, Artpe wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

‘Moreover, if I am to be a little bit more honest with myself, I…..’

Artpe had been trying very hard not to have these thoughts until now, yet he attempted to confront his inner feelings….  His face suddenly turned red, and he stopped that train of thought.

When he stopped the thought process, the scene from his past life flashed through his mind.  It was the sight of the dependable and pure hero’s face, who had faced him in front of the Demon King’s castle.

“······Artpe, what’s wrong?  Are you in pain?”

“Nope.  It’s nothing.  Hey, your face is too close.  Move it.  Hey.”

“I don’t want to!  I want to hold your hand!”

Her timing was uncanny as she pushed her face towards Artpe.  Artpe was startled, so he tried to push her away.  However, there was no way Artpe could win in terms of strength.

In the end, Artpe had to do what Maetel wanted.  She gained ownership of Artpe’s arm.  She energetically swung their arms as if they were little children going on a picnic.

“I really love the fact that we are walking together!   Just the two of us!”

“You'll be sick of it soon.”

“I’ll never be sick of it.  Not even in a thousand years!”

“The scale you think in is like that of a dragon's”

In the end, Artpe had to laugh at Maetel’s innocent reply.

Then he spoke to her in a kind voice.

“Let's go recruit a new member for the hero’s party.”


As soon as she expressed her pleasure at being alone with him, Artpe immediately declared his intention of adding a new member!  This savagery was an aspect that was befitting one of Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King’s army!

In his past life, the Diaz Kingdom had been held together quite easily.  It wasn’t as if there wasn’t a rebellion caused by the Archduke, but the hero was able to suppress it easily.

Diaz had been peaceful thanks to the hero, and they were able to prosper.  This was all before the full-out war with the Demon King’s army had started.

‘However, it isn’t like that anymore.’

Artpe sighed when they arrived at the first town, since they had left the Slime Dungeon.  The town was quite dreary.  Maetel, who had expected a bustle of people, was taken aback at the frozen atmosphere of the town.

“What’s wrong with this place, Artpe?”

“It is said that when a ruler clears his throat, the citizens would suffer.  With that in mind, the country just went through a change in ownership  Of course, the whole country will be in tumult.”

In some ways, this was the biggest change that had occurred, because of Artpe.  If Artpe hadn’t run away with the hero, this rebellion would have never occurred.

If the agitated Maetel, who was next to Artpe, was still inside the castle, the humans that sought to satisfy their own selfish interests and desires wouldn’t have been able to take control.

Still, it was as Silpennon had said.  This occurred because of the internal politics of the kingdom.  This wasn’t Maetel’s fault. Of course, Artpe wasn’t at fault either.  This was why they didn’t need to feel any guilt.

‘Still, this does annoy me a little bit.’

Artpe let out a sigh as he looked at Maetel, who looked a bit sad.  He placed a hand atop her head.

“We shouldn’t worry ourselves over all of this.  We just have to do what is within our power, and we have to defeat our final foe, the Demon King.”

“Will everyone become happy when we defeat the Demon King?”

In the old tales, the world became peaceful when the hero defeated the Demon King.  Of course, these were only old tales. Artpe’s view was grounded in reality.

“No.  However, if the Demon world loses its leader, people will rush towards the Demon world to conquer it.  For a brief time, there would be a need for manpower, and even civilians with no abilities would have a chance to get their hands on a good amount of loot.  Of course, it also depends on the ability of humans to defend their newly found peace.”

“The Demon world…...?  What about the Demons in the Demon world?”

She was astute in the questions she asked.  For an instant, Artpe thought about his previous life where the Demon King had subjugated their entire Demon race.  He thought about himself…..   In the end, he shook his head from side to side.

“You don’t have to worry about the Demon race.  We just have to kill them all.”

“Everyone said that Demons are bad, but…..  There are bad people amongst humans, so wouldn’t there also be kind Demons in the Demon race?”


Artpe shut his mouth at the unexpected question.  Her eyes did not falter.  She stared at Artpe with sincere eyes.  This was why he was hesitant to give her a rash answer.


In the human world, everyone grew up being educated that ‘Humans are good and the Demons are bad.’

The power of indoctrination was scary.  Even those that were learned and experienced in the world held absolute hostility towards the Demon race.

‘However, she came to hate the humans first.’

To be precise, the humans that tried to kill Artpe, and it was apt to say that her faucet was turned the wrong way.  Afterwards, Maetel was able to willingly swing her sword against humans.

In truth, Artpe had worried a lot about this fact.  He worried her nature would move closer to being that of a Berserker.

However, he just learned that he was the standard she was using to determine what was good and what was bad.  This was why he decided not to interfere in determining what was right and wrong for her.  He wouldn’t do so even if the topic was about humans and the Demons.

‘I wonder if she’ll start to hesitate when killing monsters in the future.’

In the end, Artpe let out a bitter laugh as he lightly patted her head.

She was still only 13 years old.  This was a question where even Artpe hadn’t been able to come up with an answer.  Nothing good will come from her worrying over such a question.

“I already told you the standard of judgement you should use.  You do what you think is right.  That is all there is to it.  Don’t try to take on too big of a problem.  You should deal with what is immediately in front of you, and it will all work out in the future”

“······yes, all right.  For now, I want to do what you want to do.”

Artpe’s answer was a non-answer.  However, she didn’t want to admit to herself that Artpe was lacking in any aspect.  This was why she decided to accept what Artpe said as an absolute truth.

She decided to pretend that it was enough.

“But… But what if Artpe…...”

However, there was one question remaining that she needed answered.

“What happens if the Demon King is one the the good demons?”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Fortunately, this was a question where he could give a definite answer.  Artpe’s eyes narrowed as he spoke in a firm manner.

“If the Demon king is considered to be kind, that would mean no evil would exist in this world.”

“I understand.  I’ll trust you, Artpe!”

This was how the Q&A session between the two heroes ended.   He was sure a day would come when he would come across this question again, but this was enough for now.

The two had a serious conversation that was unbefitting of young kids as they entered the town.  Sure enough, the town was being searched by soldiers sent by the palace.

“Have you seen him before!  He’s a youth with red hair!  Red hair!”

“We are looking for a black haired brat, and a blonde haired girl.  Are you perhaps hiding them in your home?  Huh?”

Rough looking soldiers were searching each house.  There was a reason why the town wasn’t lively at all.

The soldiers weren’t just searching for the crown prince.  They were also trying to find the missing heroes from a year ago.  When she realized this fact, Maetel was a bit frightened.  She stuck close to Artpe, but he was completely relaxed.

“The artifact that obstruct recognition is working perfectly, so we’ll be fine.”

“Still, I’m worried…...”

The two of them were using artifacts that obstructed recognition, so it looked as if they possessed brown hair and dark brown eyes.  These were the most common color amongst the population, and they looked very average.  If they were still detained even though they weren’t heroes, they could just kill that person on the grounds that he was a pedophile.

“Hey, you guys over there!  Come here and show me your faces!”

“Of course, there are occasionally bastards like him…..”

There were people, who became violent, when they were placed in a position of power.  It wasn’t just about one’s voice becoming louder.  This was especially true when faced with young children, who looked weak.

“What did you say?”

Of course, the solution was simple.  He just had to put them in their place.


Artpe took off his robe to reveal his changed brown hair, then he floated two fireballs into the air.  The overbearing soldier, who had been shouting towards them, froze in place.

“You are being too noisy.  I don’t care who you are looking for.  Shut up.  You should go on about quietly.  All right?”

“A m...mage…...!”

The soldier couldn’t reply properly.  His gaze was firmly planted on the fireballs, which were moving around freely based on the gesture of Artpe’s hand.  The nearby soldiers had already retreated.

“Hey.  Aren’t you going to answer me?”

When Artpe glared as he moved the fireballs, the soldier finally bowed his head in surprise.

“I....I’m sorry, mage!”

“If you feel that way then get the hell out of my sight.  From this moment on, if I see any of you, you won’t need a hearth to feel warm ever again.”

“Yes.  Yes, sir!”

The one that gave the answer as well as the demoralized soldiers exited the town at once.  It was as if there was a flash flood.  Artpe gave a light laugh as he turned to look at Maetel.

“You just have to simply show them your power against idiots like them.  This is the easiest way to resolve the problem for both sides, so you should remember this.”

“Oooh.  Artpe is too cool…..!”

There were stars in Maetel’s eyes.  

Mmm.  It seemed Artpe’s message hadn’t taken hold at all.

“What’s so cool about such a cheap threat?”

“I said Artpe looked cool, because you looked cool.  I just said what I thought!”

“Yes.  Yes.  I was the foolish one.”

Artpe let out a sigh as he turned around.  Since he chased the annoying flies away, he had to acquire a place to stay for the night.

Artpe only realized afterwards that he had made a mistake in his calculations.

“Heek ”


“Should we run away?”

“P... please spare me!”


It seemed the townspeople had become frightened alongside the soldiers.  No one wanted to open their doors to the party with the scary magician.


It took them 30 minutes.  Artpe was barely able to book a room at the inn.  As he was served soup, he decided not to use magic in front of the civilians if he could help it.

“We’ll be on a tight schedule starting tomorrow.  We won’t be resting until we get to our destination, so you should be prepared for it.”

“When you say a comrade, who are you trying to find?”

“That is…....”

The hero from his past life had undergone countless trial and error to find her companions.  She started off with a thief, then she joined forces with a warrior, archer and a priestess…..

However, there was a problem with the party’s firepower.  Aside from the priestess, all the members of the hero’s party were powerful beings that had the power of hundred to a thousand men. Yet they weren’t talented enough to turn the tide of a battle by themselves.  They were only deployed in situations where a small elite force was effective.

However, the situation had completely changed when a magician joined the hero’s party.  The magician possessed such brilliant talent that she was considered second only to the hero!  The magician’s ability was so great that the achievement of the hero’s party was separated depending on what happened before and after the magician joined the party.

Since Artpe had the knowledge about his previous life, his choice was obvious.

“We are going to find a mage”

Artpe didn’t care if their positions overlapped.  Not, this was actually better!  If a magician joined the party early, he could develop her.  If he did a good job, maybe he could end all of this, while not having to enter the battlefield!

“I just need Artpe…..”

Maetel grumbled as if she still didn’t like the idea, but he ignored her.

At this point in time, he already knew where he could find the magician.  

They just have to go see her now!

At that moment, someone knocked on the door to their room.

“E...excuse me.  May I bother you for a brief moment….?”

A thin and high voice of a girl was heard.  Maetel answered yes, and she didn’t hesitate to answer the door.  When the door was opened, a very plain looking girl was standing there.  She looked like the Village Girl A that could be found in any town.

“Uh…..  Ah…..”

When Artpe caught sight of her, he immediately activate his Read All Creation ability.

At that moment, Artpe finally realized something.

The job as a hero had just started.

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