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I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 84 - A Wrong Encounter (1)

[Master, you are the one that told me to keep to my oath.]

[I don’t remember giving such orders.  My personal assistant did it.]

[Master, you don’t have a personal assistant.  I’ll become master’s personal assistant!]

His party had completely erased the dark cloud hanging of the the mermaid kingdom of Anaid.  On top of that, they had caught two Krakens.  They even gained Achievement he hadn’t wanted to accomplish.

He was about to shrug everything off as his party left for Aedia.  However, there was one obstacle left.  After all the disturbance subsided, Sherryl Anaid had received the support of all the merfolk to be queen.  She was the Genesis Mermaid Queen.

[The favor I received from master was indescribably large.  You hadn’t just saved my life.  You revived the glory of the merfolk, which had been long forgotten.  You guided me…...  That is why I am going to throw everything away.  It is my turn to follow you, master!]

[What about the merfolk? You did your best to turn over a new leaf for your people.]

Sherryl’s Innate ability and the demonic energy of the Kraken were used splendidly to create more Genesis Mermaids and Mermen.  He gestured towards the new elite troops as he spoke.

[You don’t have to worry about them.]

Sherryl pounded her chest as if that would be of no problem.  Her breasts jiggled so much that Artpe was getting distracted.  He wanted to ask her to stop, but if he spoke those words, he had no idea what kind of punishment he would receive from Maetel.

[They were reborn as primal merfolk.  They can rule supreme in this ocean, and they will be able to improve. I will stay by master’s side, and I will assist you.  It doesn't matter if it is day or night.  I will give my body and mind all to you!]

[I don’t need your mind, and I really don’t need your body….]

At Artpe’s rejection, tears started to fall from her large eyes.  Purple light flashed from her forehead gem, and at the same time, she yelled out.

[In truth, I need you, master!]

[Damn it.]

He had noticed this when he guided Sienna to become the Evil Reflector.  In the process of becoming a new race, Sienna and Sherryl seemed to have developed a sense of loyalty and awe towards him.

The proof was seen in the merfolk.  Sherryl clung to Artpe, and in a similar manner, the merfolk were clinging to their queen!

[You can’t, my queen!  Please stay with us and lead us!]

[We cannot lose your highness!]

[That human······ I am fully aware that our kingdom has found peace through the work of this human, but we cannot let you go with him!]

[I’m sorry, but this has to do with the oath of a mermaid.  It can’t be helped.]

Sherryl was holding onto Artpe, and the merfolk were holding onto Sherryl.  The situation was the highest manifestation of chaos.

Maetel’s expression indicated that she really didn't like Sherryl.  However, the mermaid was powerful, and she was insisting on following them. She couldn’t reject Sherryl in front of her face.  Maetel struggled with her feelings.  Sienna had been in a similar position as Sherryl in the past, and she was pretty fond of Sherryl.  That was why she had a big smile on her face.  Roa was too busy eating the demonic energy she had been given permission to eat.

[Hoo-ooh······  Not a chance, Sherryl.  You will attract more attention than us.  Moreover, you are very strong, but you are still too lacking to travel with us.]

[How can this be······.]

Sherryl despaired.  

Good.  It was effective!  Artpe pushed forward.

[Sienna is level 247, and she has the lowest level amongst us.  She is higher than you by over 100 levels.]

[B…but master…. Thanks to master’s blessing I was able to evolve, and I awakened to a power that transcends my level!]

[Yes.  However, your ability is specialized.  It allows you to control the merfolk.  It isn’t particularly useful when facing a monster.  Are you confident that you will be able to kill a level 200 monster by yourself?]

Artpe’s merciless comment brought tears to Sherryl’s eyes.  However, truth was always cruel.  Artpe let out a bitter laugh as he continued to speak.

[That is why you should do tasks you are most suited for.  You’ve already given me plenty of help in the process of killing the Kraken.  The only thing left is to assign me someone that can guide me to Aedia.  We are humans, and you are a mermaid.  Our paths diverges here, so let’s cleanly part ways.]

[Master, you are cruel······. The fact that I can’t refute your words makes me more upset.]

Sherryl’s head fell when she was continuously attacked with the truth. Artpe let out a bitter laugh as he watched her.  He suddenly had an idea, so he spoke to her.

[Let’s do this.]

[What is it?]

Sherryl immediately raised her head.  Her reaction was so fast that he wondered if she had been waiting for this.

[This isn’t just about the merfolk of this ocean.  Whether it is this continent or a different one, I want you to rule all the merfolk of this world.  I’ve already killed all the Krakens here, and I’ve eliminated all the demonic energy in this region. Is there a reason why you have to cling to this place?  That is why I want you to go on a crusade.]


[It isn’t just about the merfolk.  I want you to kill any monsters of the ocean that refuses to listen to you.  If the monster is strong, I want you to swarm and kill it.  If they agree to listen to your words, you can bring them under your command.  I want you to snatch up everyone within the ocean.   In other words, I want you to become the empress of the ocean.  When you achieve this, you’ll have nothing left to do in this ocean, right?]

[That will take a very long time to accomplish, but you are right…...]

[Your level will have increased by then.]

[You are talking about something that is absurdly far-off, but you are correct again.]

Artpe let out the smile that was peculiar to a swindler.  He spoke to her.

[At that time, I’ll allow you to join my party]

[······you want me to absorb all the merfolk of the ocean into my kingdom.  On top of that, you want me to become the ruler of the ocean’s monsters.  Is this what you are saying?]


At that point, Artpe had another thought.  Normally when he made such a request, his opponents spouted words like, ‘How can I do that!  It is an unfair deal!  Let’s terminate the contract!’  However, his opponent was the mermaid Sherryl.  She had already sworn her life to him.  If it’s her, maybe…...


As expected, Sherryl let out a relaxed smile as she nodded her head!

[All right.  I’ll do it.  I thought you were going to ask me to go kill the Demon King.  If that’s all you want me to do, I can do it.  I’ll even raise my level higher than master’s level.  When I come looking for you, you shouldn’t be mean to me.]

[I guess it is great that you are full of confidence…...]

Genesis Mermaid.  It was a truly frightening race.

Artpe let out a bitter laugh as he turned around.  A black cat was stuck close to the corpse of the enormous Kraken, and she was sucking out the enormous amount of demonic energy residing within the dead Kraken.  Her tail was swooshing back and forth.  He lightly flicked her tail with his finger.  She turned around with a scrunched up face.  It was as if she was telling him not to interfere while she was eating.


“Roa, are you satisfied by what you ate?”

[Nyaa nyaa nyaa-ah!]

“You are still hungry?  You’ve already used this ploy on me before.”


After she endured through the wait, she had been enjoying her buffet time.  However, he was trying to restrict her meal again!  Roa pulled back with a sullen expression on her face.

Artpe took out a regular empty potion flask, and he Reinforced it three times.  In a flash, he created a magic reagent storage bottle. He pushed it towards Sherryl.

[You’ll probably have a use for this in the future.  You can harvest it.]

[I’m honored.]

Sherryl took the flask, and she approached the enormous corpse of the Ancient Kraken.  She pull out all its demonic energy, and she stored it within the flask.

She refined the demonic energy as she extracted it from the Kraken.  By the time the flask was full, there wasn’t a single drop of demonic energy left within the corpse.  Artpe mumbled to himself,  He had a satisfied expression on his face.

“It is safe for us to eat it now.”

“What is the best way to eat an octopus·····?”

“Unni, I heard that it is tasty stuffed within a bread.”

[Nyaa nyaa-ah.  Nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa.]

Artpe let his party members get into another debate about how they should cook the octopus.  While they were debating, he meticulously looked over the Ancient Kraken’s corpse.

In the end, he took the hooks that were nestled within the suction cups, and he took all its ink.  He confirmed that there was nothing left that were of any worth.  The remaining parts could only be used as food ingredients.  He confidently butchered the corpse.  He left 90% of the corpse in place, and he put away the rest into his Dimensional Pouch.

He only took 10%, but there was enough to eat for 10 years.

[Since your kingdom went through a war, you are probably short on food.  Since you took out the poisonous energy, you can be at ease.  You can feed your people with this.]

[Master······ I don’t know how I will be able to repay all of your kindness.]

He acted as if he didn’t care about her at all, yet at the most crucial moment, he showed her his benevolence!  At his words, Sherryl became deeply moved.  In truth, Artpe wasn’t confident his party could eat all of it, so he was leaving it behind.  However, he just let her think whatever she wanted.

“I’ve done everything I can do here.  Let’s go.”


“We are going to go meet our new party member?”


[Let’s go.]

[No way.]

They had finally come to an agreement, yet Sherryl nonchalantly tried to bury herself within Artpe’s party.  Artpe violently kicked Sherryl out.  However, a genuine smile formed on her face as she retorted.  When he first met her, he would have never imagined seeing such an expression on her face.

[You have told me to conquer the ocean.  As soon as I heard those words, I gave orders to the merfolk.  Of course, some of those under my rule will be swept up by the Lunatic Wave.  However, those that aren’t influenced by the Lunatic Wave will outnumber those that are influenced.  Basically, my elite force has already started their conquest of this ocean.]


[The overall task might take a good amount of time, but it won’t take too long to conquer this side of the ocean.  As you probably know, the monsters near Diaz is….  They are very weak.]

This fact could be confirmed just by seeing the merfolk residing here.  They were a race that had established a kingdom, yet the strongest one amongst them was Sherryl at level 139!  She was only at that level after going through much growth.

In such an environment, the hero’s party had somehow come across Krakens and other strange monsters.  They were very unlucky!

[So what?]

[I have nothing to do here.  If I’m near my people, their morale will rise, but these are monsters they can defeat without me.  That is why I have time to guide you myself.]


He wanted to refute her words, but he couldn’t open his mouth to denounce her when he saw her twinkling eyes.

[I just want to serve you a little bit longer…  May I not?]


It had always been like this even his past life.  He was weak when a woman truly spoke from the bottom of her heart.  It was the main reason he had died in vain as one of the Four Heavenly Kings. He always wanted to fix this trait, yet it was easier said than done.  If he could have fixed it, he wouldn’t have become the weakest amongst the Four Heavenly Kings.


In the end, he let out a sigh.  He nodded his head.

[All right.  The ocean road isn't that long.  Let’s go together.]

[Thank you, master! I will serve you to the best of my abilities!  I’ll get you to your destination faster than anyone else can!]

[Your monologue makes me a bit nervous.  I’m guessing I can’t just pay you off with money…...]

He had already accepted Sherryl joining the party.  When he turned around, Maetel was waiting for him.  She was glowering at him.  Artpe put on a small smile as he shook his head. Maetel spoke.


Artpe completely ignored her words.  He yelled out in a refreshing manner.

“Well, let’s go!”

“Punishment.  I’ll carry it out when Artpe is sleeping. ······it’ll be as I’ve always done.”

“Hey, wait a moment.  What did you just say?  Hey.  Hey!”

Maetel no longer said anything.  Artpe wonder if he should set alarm spells and trap spells before he slept in the future.  As he seriously thought about it, he stepped onto the Road of Mermaids.  Sienna and Roa followed next.  Sherryl followed from the rear of the party.  Countless merfolk wailed as they saw their queen go out for an excursion.

Two months passed.

“I kinda expected this, but why the hell would an underwater Dungeon suddenly appear here!”

[This is quite strange.  This is a Dungeon that had never been found before!]

“Artpe, this Dungeon is fun!  The space here is upside down!”

“Oppa, there is another staircase here.”


Their path always seemed to be derailed.  Another three months passed as they faced more trial and tribulation.  They were barely able to arrive at Aedia’s port town called Belata.

It was late winter, and the party members felt the biting cold wind on their skin.  It was the winter when Artpe and Maetel turned 15 years old.

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